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Long-awaited climbing gym Sender One opens, first of its kind in Westwood.  Located on Lindbrook Drive, between Westwood Boulevard and Glendon Avenue, the indoor rock climbing gym was once the site of the Mann Festival Theater.

Sender One Finishes New LA Bouldering Gym in Former Theater

Retrofitted to the former Mann Festival Theatre in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, the new bouldering gym—a pre-COVID project that was first announced in 2019—is situated near the UCLA campus as well as multiple restaurants, cafes, and entertainment services.

Rock Stars: A Day of Climbing with 'Free Solo' Star Alex Honnold and Jared Leto

[Jared Leto & Alex Honnold] warming up on a few moderately easy routes that snack up alongside Sender One's imposing overhang...

INC. 5000 Company Profile (NO. 2745)

Sender One Climbing: Owns and operates Los Angeles and Orange County's largest indoor rock climbing gyms.

SBA Loan Programs Keep Indoor Climbing Company Open and Connected with the Community

...Kao leads a diverse workforce, with many of Sender One's leadership positions help by women. Volunteer and community involvement are also intertwined in Sender One's culture.

SBA Success Story: Sender One Climbing Ascends Through Adversity

...with the assistance of the SBA's [PPP] and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, Kao was able to retain and bring back many staff... Kao and Sender One continue to inspire the surrounding communities with their hopeful outlook.

At the Olympics, Sport Climbing Reaches New Heights

Alice Kao, Sender One CEO, joins John Burgman and Meagan Martin on NPR's 1A Podcast to discuss climbing's debut in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Highs and Lows: 2020 IFSC Pan-American Championships

After a full week of narrowing down the men's and women's fields day-by-day in the Olympics-style combined format at Sender One LAX, two more names were added to the ever-growing list of climbers who will take part in this summer's Olympic Games.

Distance Learning Meets Climbing: Sender One's COOL Camp

With their LAX facility still temporarily closed in California's new tiered system, Sender One shifted its business model to put the facility to good use.

Playa Vista direct: reaching new heights

Sender One is Southern California's only world-class indoor rock climbing, yoga, and fitness facility that offers an opportunity for self-discovery and connecting with others.

Large Number of Gym Owners Face Challenges as the Sport Braces for the Olympics

But by early March, CA was the last start that has not allowed its climbing gyms to reopen. That has caused Kao to launch a colation of gym owners in the state who have been lobbying state officials to exempt gyms and allow people to climb again.

The Project with the heaviest regulations - Sender One in California

Sender One is a very successful gym hosting national competitions. For us, it is not only a recognition of the quality of our porducts, but also a proud showcase of our calling wall design skills.

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Sender One is amazing! I've been a member here for about 4 years. The staff is amazing and takes effort to get to know members - creating a community rather than just a gym. The climbing is amazing, new routes are up weekly. I've participated in many activities the gym puts on, such as Bouldering League and meetups. They are great, the energy is amazing! I highly recommend a visit 😊

Tracey K.


This place was pretty fun for the whole fam. The friendly and helpful staff is expected at a place like this. I liked the variety of walls to climb in the kids' area, and also the openness of the adults climbing area. They are great about safety here, and the cushioning provided is a nice touch to keeping things safe for everyone. I'd definitely consider coming back sometime, maybe just for the fun of it! Our experience was a good one, and I can only review off of that!

They also had some things for purchase at the entrance, like snacks and drinks, climbing accessories, and gear. The place is well air-conditioned and pretty cool inside, just in case you get cold easily bring something to keep yourself warm. Located near Manhattan Beach, this place is in a quiet and sort of secluded area of LA.

Moran L.


Our family really loves (Sender City) at Sender One. The walls are all decorated in a really fun way for the family. They have a good assortment so that everyone will find something they like. The tall tower of foam blocks in super fun to climb up to the top and then just jump off. We all like to climb and come together (2 adults and 2 kids, ages 8 and 10). The employees that work there are great! They are all super patient and helpful and all extremely kind.

Casey M.


We signed up for the intro course, as this is our first-time rock climbing and Steven was a great instructor teaching everything we needed to know to be confident in doing it on our own. We ended up loving it that we actually purchased the 5-day pass. Great customer service, the location in Santa Ana is very clean, and the staff is super friendly. Highly recommend it!
Roxana R.


A really nice climbing gym. The facility is clean, top notch and the staff is really helpful. It is an excellent place to learn to climb the classes are well run and there is a separate area for belay lessons.

The kids stuff is really well run. They maintain a high staff to kids ratio. The kids are well watched. Sender City is awesome. It has its own room away from the climbing gym. The kids are harnessed, auto-belayed and get to climb on fun stuff. The after school program is well coached, the kids really have fun and become really good climbers.

Yoga has a separate studio. They have classes throughout the day. Everyone seems to enjoy them. I’m not qualified to say anything about yoga other than to say its fun.

If you already are a climber, you will love climbing here. They have bouldering, top-roping and lead climbing. The routes are changed frequently and the setting is excellent. The gym is first class, and has state of the art cardio equipment, weights, weight machines, TRX, adjustable rings (my favorite), campus board (with half rung spacing), hangboards (including my faves, Moon & Beastmakers), Walltopia Adjustable System Board and a bunch of other to make you stronger. Sender One is an excellent place to train for your climbing adventures.

Ron T.


Talk about the ultimate playground. I’ve been to several indoor climbing gyms before but none like this. Truly a playground for the enthusiast or a beginner who has the slightest idea about climbing. Came here with a friend one evening and let me tell you, a good workout is around the corner. I happen to run into a friend who is an experienced climber. He gave us the run down on top roping and belaying techniques which was cool. This gym is spacious and has plenty of challenges for every level. They also have yoga classes as well as a traditional gym. Not sure if its around the clock but its there. There’s also an area designated for kids… and adults, too. 😛

What is really cool is that everyone is friendly and courteous on the floor. Safety is everyone’s responsibility here. A few strangers offered me chalk before my climb which was pretty awesome. Had it been candy, its a different story. Stranger danger kicks in. As for chalk, meh… should be good. *high five.

Great time at Sender One! We’ll be back

Andy P.

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