Send With Pride: Climb As You Are - Sender One Climbing

Written by Hailey McFelia


At Sender One our mission is to connect with others through climbing. We achieve this by highlighting our community via our Cares Program initiatives. Since it’s the month of June you know what that means… PRIDE MONTH! 

Since it’s pride month we are highlighting our Send with Pride initiative today. Send with Pride is typically a monthly meetup hosted at every Sender One location, but for the month of June we like to make it special in order to celebrate. The meetup is designed to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ folx and allies to create community and meet new climbing partners. We offer that everyday, but we feel it’s important to bring awareness that this is a safe space despite gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. We want you to “Climb as you are”. Here’s some fun ways we plan to celebrate:

Sender One Playa Vista | Thursday, June 2nd
This event is FREE when you RSVP.
Show your pride while we climb! Nail polish, glitter, and temporary hair color will be available for use. Looks and sends will be captured by a photographer in the LGBTQ+ community. Keep an eye on PV’s Instagram to cast your vote for foods! 


Sender One SNA | Wednesday, June 19th 

Make new friends and exchange friendship bracelets along with some sweet treats!

Sender One LAX | Thursday, June 20th

Treat Yo’ Self to some sweet sends and tasty pride treats. The setting team has created a fun pride climb for y’all to enjoy. 


Sender One Westwood | Friday, June 28th

Last but certainly not least, Westwood is serving up homage to their movie theater roots. Did you know that the old theater, that is now our Westwood location, was actually the first theater to start the fun interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show events? So put on your fishnets and bright red lips and let’s do the time warp again! *
This event is recommended for ages 14+ 


Lakewood | TBD

We know you’re super eager to climb at Lakewood…So are we! While we do not have a concrete opening date (we’re getting so close though, just hang tight), we do have a Pride Climb set for you to climb! If we are able to, we will host a Send With Pride meetup. No promises, but stay tuned for any updates via Instagram!


You'll notice in the next few days, every gym will have our exclusive Pride T-Shirts on display! Every year we do a new, exclusive design and this year we went for a retro feel 🙂

We hope you join us for these events, but any day can be pride day/month at Sender One. We have something pretty rare here in the queer community. There are not a lot of third places that are wellness spaces, more specifically most 3rd spaces for the LQBTQ+ community are not alcohol free spaces. When most people think about pride celebrations they think of the parades and the bars. We offer something that’s difficult to find. We wouldn’t have that community without you! So thank you for making this space and this community so rare and special. 

Happy Pride Month y’all <3

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