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Welcome to Sender One's Sendemic Series!

Every person is experiencing something different during this unexpected time in our lives. We want to share your perspectives by featuring stories, essays, art, small businesses, and more from our very own community.
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To kick off our Sendemic Series, here are two artists and a creative plant lover!


Mark Paras sent us this sweet, simple project he did at home.
These are called Kokedama Planters - which ironically can be planter-less! They don't require pots and the moss used helps retain moisture.

Find out how to make your own here: "How to Make a Hanging Kokedama String Garden"

Dog Portraits

Many of us have replaced our morning commutes and coworker coffee breaks with a stay-in-your-pajamas-all-day-because-I-work-from-home routine. Yes, this adjustment has been strange. Our little fur friends are probably thinking, "This isn't normal. Why are mom and dad home all the time, now? Wait, this is actually amazing. Endless belly rubs! Mid-day walks! More staring contests! Wooooof! (or meow!)."

We must admit that one of the perks of being at home so much is the extra love we get from our cats and dogs.
Valerie Nunez helps portray some canine sweetness in these perfect pieces of art:


In her own words, Valerie describes how she is dealing with isolation through dog portraits.

Why dogs? Well Jabba the mutt... my pup has been so precious during this uneasy time. She is so oblivious to the situation that we are facing, yet she is so comforting and watchful. She sits at the door looking out then does a double take at me and my fiancé almost as if to ensure we really are still staying home together. She’s happy and sees this shelter in place as nothing more than a chance for more snuggles, belly rubs, extra long walks and maybe even a few extra treats. I look to her as my beacon of hope and inspiration in all of this. She looks back at me on our walks almost as if to say “See mom the worlds not scary!! Look at these plants!!! ... squirrel!!!”. And in that split second I feel safe from coronavirus... safe from the anxiety that has come with it... my dog, our dogs. Keeping me/us sane.

All the dogs I’ve drawn are dogs of people I have met at Sender One, a pup community within a climber community.

Follow Valerie (@valerie.e.nunez) for more dog goodness!


With climbing gyms closed and an order in place for us to stay home, many climbers are getting creative with how they can stay active at home. If you haven't checked out all the trending at-home climbing shenanigans on social media, you should. Let's just say, us climbers really miss climbing...

Sender One member and ultra talented photographer and artist, Erica Robinson (@ericarocks.jpg) shared with us a painting she did of climber Elena Beccegato (@ellyinthewild) utilizing her dining table to aid in some at-home climbing.

Thank you for tuning in to Sender One's Sendemic Series!

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