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Sender One in Santa Ana has the best indoor bouldering walls & routes for climbers of all skill levels. Learn more about our bouldering opportunities here!
If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art bouldering facility in the Orange County and Santa Ana areas, look no further! The Sender One Climbing Santa Ana location has bouldering routes available for climbers of all experience levels. Learn more about our bouldering walls below.

What is Bouldering?

Unlike top rope climbing which requires a rope and harness, bouldering is climbing stripped down to the essentials. At Sender One, all you’ll need is a pair of climbing shoes and chalk if desired. Our boulder routes are designed for climbers at every skill level with short, challenging problems. Additionally, safety mats are placed beneath all of our bouldering walls to help keep climbers safe.

Bouldering Guidelines

When bouldering at Sender One, please keep these tips in mind for a fun, safe bouldering practice:

  • Use balance, technique, strength and your brain when bouldering
  • Plan ahead as you climb
  • Be mindful of those climbing around you
  • Warm up and cool down on routes that are below your skill level
  • Challenge yourself
Vertical walls require more technique and balance to complete a climb. When climbing these walls look for footwork and creative beta to get to the top.
Unlike overhung terrain, slab is more like climbing a ladder, but don't let that fool you thinking you'll have huge rungs to grab your way to the top. With almost no power needed, slab requires the upmost balance and precise footwork a climber can do to get their way up.
Overhang is the terrain that unlike balance, requires all the power and strength they have to hold their body weight up. Keep in mind, technique is still necessary for these particular climbs.


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