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Vaccine mandate in effect 11/6/21. Masks are required at all times regardless of vaccine status.


Yoga & Fitness at Sender One SNA

We offer yoga for all skill levels and a fully equipped fitness area for all your cardio and strength-building needs!

Sender One SNA

Yoga, Fitness, & Aerial Center

In-person, in-studio classes are back!
Yoga classes are included with a membership and available through affordable drop-in rates for guests.

How to Access MindBody

All you need is a free MindBody account (you may already have one), then you are ready to start signing up for classes! Search for Sender One on the MindyBody App or via the direct link on the website. Sender One's location is listed for Santa Ana (we only use MindBody at our SNA location), so make sure you are searching by the city to get it to show up on the app.

ACTIVE MEMBERS: If you are new to MindBody, you will need to contact the Front Desk (by phone or [email protected]) and they will set up a MindBody Member account for you.

Yoga & Fitness

Check out a variety of yoga classes suited for new and experienced yogis.

The fitness area includes:

  • Multi-station rig with TRX, ab rungs, rings, pull up stations, & three hangboards
  • Free weights (dumbbells, plates, squat racks)
  • Cardio equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, AMTs, seated bicycles, upright bicycles, and row machines)
  • Additional strength training equipment (cable machine, leg press, assisted pull up, etc.)
Things to Know

Are masks required?
Masks are required for unvaccinated individuals taking a yoga class. Masks are optional but recommended for those who are fully vaccinated. Learn more: reopening updates.

What should I wear?
A shirt that’s a little bit fitted works best for yoga.  Any comfortable exercise pants or shorts will do.  No shoes or socks.

Do I need to bring a mat?
If you’re headed to your very first class, don’t worry about bringing a mat if you don’t have one — we offer free rental mats!  As you keep going to class, or if you’re practicing at home, you may want to invest in your own mat.

Do you have showers?
Yes, we do! We currently do not have a towel service so please bring a towel if you plan to use the showers.

Do I have to reserve a spot online?
‘Walk-ins’ are welcome although for classes during more popular times we recommend that you reserve a spot in advance. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early! 

Studio Etiquette & Late policy
  • Please silence cell phones or turn them off
  • Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class to allow time to check-in
  • If you arrive more than 7 minutes late to class, you will be asked to participate in a later class for your own safety
  • Please keep conversation low when another class is in session
  • Every student is required to check-in at the front desk or via the MINDBODY APP
  • Please remove shoes prior to entering the studio
  • Please wipe down mats at the end of class, but leave them out to dry
  • Please replace all props and blankets to their proper cubby
Cancellation Policy

All cancellations for yoga, mat pilates, and core conditioning must be made 4 hours prior to the start of a reserved class. Any cancellations made within 4 hours will be considered late cancellations. For specialty fitness classes with small class sizes such as HIIT, a 12-hour cancellation is required, otherwise, your account will be charged $10 or $15 respectively. 

Class Descriptions


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an evolving form of traditional Hatha yoga that focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. Through flowing sequences, students of our Vinyasa Flow classes enjoy a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, allowing them to reach new levels in their yogic practice. Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with the basic yoga postures, and appreciate a healthy sweat.

  • Vinyasa Flow 1 (Beginner)
  • Vinyasa Flow 1/2 (Beginner)
  • Vinyasa Flow 2 (Intermediate)
  • Vinyasa Flow 2&3 (Advanced)
Hatha Yoga (Intermediate)

Build strength and stamina in body and mind. Our Intermediate Hatha Yoga 2 class is a balance between flowing Vinyasa and longer holds of Hatha Yoga. Postures are linked with breath to facilitate the art of control and surrender. In this class, we alternate between pranayama and meditation techniques so that you have a really rounded yoga experience and enjoy the challenge and rewards that yoga has to offer. We invite you to have fun, honor your body, and practice at your own pace.

Deep Flow Yoga (Level 2)

This class instructs asana (physical postures) from a movement context. Students are taught diverse yoga styles such as but not limited to vinyasa flow, Hatha, and yin yoga. We integrate segments that may include meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and yoga philosophy. Each class offers individual practice and instruction time. The goal is to guide students in developing a Deeper Than Asana yoga practice. All levels are welcome.

Personal Training w/ Nicola Strother
Nicola Strother
Fitness Director/Personal Trainer
Email: [email protected]

Nicola Strother joined the Sender One Climbing team 6 years ago as the fitness director of their first state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot climbing, yoga, and fitness facility in Santa Ana, CA.

In 2016, she designed the fitness area for Sender One’s second facility in Los Angeles equipping the gym with a custom-made Sorinex training rig and all Precor multi-functional strength and cardiovascular equipment.

In 2018, Sender One SNA opened its’ own designated building for yoga and fitness. Nicola is currently the yoga and fitness director of this new facility which offers over 30 classes per week.

Current certifications:  Biomechanics Specialist, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach, and a Pat Etcheberry Certified Trainer. This certification focuses on speed, agility, quickness, and fitness for tennis players. She works with clients on strength and balance with a focus on rehabilitation exercises to prevent injuries. She has a B.A. from UCLA, a current CPR certification, and is also a Certified Nutrition Coach.

She offers one-on-one or group training that emphasizes strength, agility, speed, and balance. She can help you reach your goals while working in a fun and safe environment! Please contact Nicola for her rates and to set up your first session.


Aerial acrobatics is a great complement to your climbing practice, helping to develop grip, upper-body strength, endurance, and flexibility. We keep our aerial acrobatics classes small in our comfortable Santa Ana location, ensuring quality instruction for each participant.

These classes are capable of providing anyone with a perfectly-suited aerial experience, whether you are new or a seasoned aerialist wanting to develop your movement vocabulary. We offer classes in aerial silks (or tissu), aerial hammock (or sling), and aerial hoop (or Lyra)

Class Descriptions

Intro to Aerial

Intro to Aerial Silks provides you with the fundamentals for an aerial experience at Sender One. This class will cover the basics of climbing the fabric, inverting (going upside down), and foot locks, as well as drills for proper form. Aerial Silks is a great complement to your climbing practice, developing grip and upper body strength as well as flexibility. 

  • Prerequisites: none; ages 16+
  • Participants: 2 Minimum* – 4 Maximum

*Class will be canceled if only one participant signs up.

Aerial I

Aerial I builds upon the fundamental skills learned in the Intro Workshop and starts to explore the mechanics of moving on fabric with proper technique. This class will cover new ways to climb and descend the fabric, how to control your spin, foot locks in the air, and more inversions. We will also begin to build short choreographed sequences from foot locks and hipkey.

  • Prerequisites: has taken the Intro to Aerial Silks Workshop at Sender One OR has prior silks experience; Ages 16+
  • Participants: 2 Minimum* – 6 Maximum

*Class will be canceled if only one participant signs up

Aerial II

Intermediate students will expand their aerial vocabulary through longer and inverted sequences. This aerial class focuses on strengthening your overall vocabulary, tightening transitions between known moves, and beginning to learn the wraps for several drops.

  • Prerequisites: Prior silks experience and approval by the instructor, as well as the ability to invert in the air; Ages 16+
  • Participants: 2 Minimum* – 6 Maximum

*Class will be canceled if only one participant signs up

All Level Aerial

All Level Aerial is a mixed-level class centered on fabric theory, conditioning, and technique. We will focus on breaking down moves, workshopping any projects, and building strength, flexibility, and spatial awareness for longer or more complex sequences. Our All Level Aerial acrobatics class is perfect for anyone just starting aerial acrobatics or who wants to strengthen their fundamentals.

  • Prerequisites: none; Ages 16+
  • Participants: 2 Minimum* – 6 Maximum

*Class will be canceled if only one participant signs up

Youth Aerial

Youth Aerial is a fun and creative way to develop strength and flexibility while learning basic climbs, foot locks, inversions, and sequences on the fabric. Each class includes warm-up exercises, skill work, and conditioning drills that focus on improving balance, coordination, and body awareness. Our Youth Aerial acrobatics class is ideal for kids who are interested in pursuing aerial acrobatics or who just want a fun way to stay active.

  • Prerequisites: none; Ages 8-15
  • Participants: 2 Minimum* – 4 Maximum

*Class will be canceled if only one participant signs up

Lyra I

Come train and play in our newest aerial class edition! Our Lyra I classes cover fundamentals such as basic inversions, spins, ascensions and descension, transitions, and linking sequences. Emphasis will be placed on correct form and alignment, proper muscle engagement and evening out imbalances, injury prevention, strength building and endurance, and flexibility, as well as pressure and rotational tolerance (good news, dizziness can be untrained!). The focus will also be given to learning how to self-adapt and modify skills, tailoring them to our at-the-moment selves, and ensuring we’ll all still be in the air for years to come.

  • Prerequisites: none; ages 16+
  • Participants: 2 Minimum* – 4 Maximum

*Class will be canceled if only one participant signs up

Cancellation Policy

For aerial classes, a 5-hour cancellation is required. If you are a class series holder or a single class holder, you will have a class deducted from your account for a late cancellation. There are no refunds or credits given for a late cancellation.

Intro to Aerial Workshop (Silks & Lyra)

w/ Nick Bower

Intro to Aerial provides you with the fundamentals for an aerial experience at Sender One. This workshop will cover the basics of aerial silks and lyra (aerial hoop), with skills such as climbing the fabrics, inverting (going upside down), and foot locks, as well as drills for proper form. Aerial is a great complement to your climbing practice, developing grip and upper body strength as well as flexibility.

Workshops are offered once a month. Reserve your spot on MindBody!

What People Are Saying About Us

I really enjoy the new studio and workout areas! It's more spacious and allows for more room to work out, as well as more classes. I have taken Adrea Reed's Mat Pilates, Rebecca Fink's and Rohaya Esa's Yoga classes, and they have all been thoroughly and enjoyably challenging. I look forward to taking more classes at the yoga center 🙂

Love going here! There's a plethora of classes: Vinyasa, Acro Yoga, Move & Meditate, Yin Yang, Restorative, etc. and I've gone to all. They use Mindbody so it's convenient to see the schedule and reserve your spot. There's also a fitness center next door so it's convenient to get a workout in and then head to yoga to wind down 🙂 I'd check it out if you love to stay active to recalibrate!

Sender One has provided a space for my practice to grow tremendously over the last 3 years. Rebecca Fink's exemplary wisdom and sattvic lifestyle have been influential as I wander the yogic path. Finding balance by focusing in the breath was introduced in her classes. Great new studios with all the props one could need.

Meet the Instructors

Alisha Vasquez

Alisha fell in love with yoga at age 19 and started teaching soon afterward. She specializes in strong and athletic Vinyasa flow and hopes to empower her students through the practice of challenging postures (especially inversions)! With creative sequences and dance-like transitions, her classes invite students to challenge their self-limiting beliefs and explore their untapped potential. Alisha balances the fiery aspects of her classes with the centering practices of pranayama and meditation. You can practice with her in yoga studios throughout Orange County.

Rebecca Fink

Rebecca Fink, E-RYT500, has been teaching yoga to climbers since 2013 at Sender One Climbing, CA. She has enjoyed guiding and watching her yoga students grow in their asana practice, and always loves hearing their feedback about how yoga has improved their climbing skills. The enjoyment of fitness, the great outdoors, and the exploration of the union of breath and movement has inspired her to embark on a new journey of self discovery—through climbing. Now it all makes sense. Since beginning both a personal gym climbing practice and an exploration of natural rock climbing outdoors, she has first-hand discovered the innate connection between yoga and climbing. Many of the techniques used in yoga, such as personal body awareness and discipline of breath, are crucial in advancing climbing skills and avoiding injury. The mind and body connection can be accomplished on the wall, rock and mat, and in life. And, Rebecca is thrilled to be able to guide you on this path.

Laura Horvath

Having grown up in Huntington Beach, Laura has always been able to take advantage of outdoor as well as indoor activities. Sailing, ballet, gymnastics, backpacking, and surfing has kept her busy throughout her youth. In 2010 Laura began taking yoga classes beginning with Bikram Yoga. Then through a random Groupon was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga. The Vinyasa style of yoga offered a fluid flow along with the option to step-it-up with the more powerful strength moves. Besides improving the athletic aspects of life such as surfing (balance), sailing (strength) and backpacking (breath control /stamina), yoga provided an inner contentment, patience, and bliss. In 2012 she decided that she needed to share that joy with others and received her 200Hr. certification along with the extensions program, and level 2 teacher training. "Yoga can open up a whole new world in which patience, strength, and balance live in harmony." By teaching yoga Laura has been able to see that path open for others and watch that joy blossom within their lives.

Rohaya Esa

Rohaya has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry including competition with a variety of formal training and certifications under her belt. Yoga and health and fitness have come in and out of her life and did not become a permanent dedication until after 1996; culminating in formal classes and training at various cities throughout the world. Rohaya started teaching Yoga thereafter at a well-known health and fitness center in Asia Pacific. Rohaya has been teaching yoga and cycling since 2001. She has taught and donated her time and experience throughout the world, as she traveled at various established health and fitness centers, including facilities throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, and USA. She is certified in various programs which include: E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance, Yoga Anatomy thru Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank 2018, 200RYT YogaFit International since July 2009, 300 RYT YogaWorks teacher training with Master teacher Erika Burkhalter since 2011, 500RYT Yoga Alliance since 2011, AFFA Certified Fitness Group Instructor in yoga & cycling (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) from 2009 to 2014. She has also studied intensive immersion teaching technique primary series of Ashtanga yoga with Master teacher David Swenson, who is one of the world's foremost Ashtanga Yoga teacher in Hong Kong October 2008, and she became a lifetime MADDOG Athletic spinning certified instructor in April 2006. Coming from a very athletic background where she competed in equestrian, fitness competitions and a few full and half marathons, Rohaya brings a vinyasa-flow vigorous and fun style of yoga linking breath and moment, with an established nimble sequence of sun salutation and numerous poses that catered to all levels. Her passion for teaching gives her the feeling of fulfillment and purpose. She loves helping others strengthen their physical, mental, and spiritual body.

Jessica Gong

Jessica discovered yoga in 2015, and hasn’t stopped immersing herself in it since then. Yoga not only brought her physical health, but mental clarity (sattva) as well, so it was only natural that she wants to share her passion with others to help enrich individuals and the community. Jessica is RYT-500hr certified and has taught in a variety of settings, including yoga studios, corporate offices, gyms, personal development retreats, and assisted in 200-hr teacher training. She is currently studying to become a Yoga Therapist. Her hobbies include spending time outdoors going on hikes, backpacking/camping, and slacklining.

Molly Embrador

Molly Embrador was born and raised in Whittier, Calif. As a young girl, her parents put her through dance lessons, which she enjoyed, and continued dancing all throughout high school and college. After spending years of competing, she finally took a break and focused more on something new.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Purple Yoga in 2015, and has been teaching ever since! Her mission is to inspire and motivate students to help them connect with their inner self, find self-love, and explore their true potential through the Power of Yoga.

Molly is constantly on the hunt for new ways to be physically active. You will find her climbing rocks, snowboarding, or even in the water. When adventure calls, she always answers.

Margie Wang

Margie was inspired to become a yoga instructor after discovering the practice of physical yoga helped her with relieving tension, building strength and flexibility, and improving posture. She holds certifications in 200 hour Power Yoga and 200-hour SmartFlow Yoga. Margie believes yoga can be accessible to everybody. She teaches alignment-based flow yoga and encourages students to explore yoga poses that fit her students' individual bodies through the use of props and modifications.

Morgan Sander
Nicola Strother

In addition to training the HIIT class, Nicola Strother is the fitness director at Sender One Climbing. She has had a B.A. from UCLA, a current CPR certification and is also a Certified Nutrition Coach. As a teenager, she was a competitive gymnast training 6 days a week, 5 hours a day. Being in peak condition was critical. She has continued along the path of strength training and cardiovascular workouts and eventually parlayed her athleticism into a successful career as a stuntwoman in Los Angeles. Being in great shape, and knowing her muscle strengths and limitations helped her succeed in this competitive field. After moving to Orange County, she has transitioned from stunt work to training to help adults, kids and elite athletes attain their goals in all areas of fitness. Current fitness certifications: Biomechanics Specialist, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and a Pat Etcheberry Certified Trainer. This certification focuses on speed, agility, quickness, and fitness for tennis players. I work with my clients on strength and balance with a focus on rehabilitation exercises to prevent injuries.

Nick Bower

Nick's Aerial journey began back when she was 15 after taking her first dance class. Since then, she has trained and continues to train in a variety of dance styles. She is a firm believer that dance can help you learn anything. Feeling drawn to more athletic dancing, she began training under Diavolo company members and took Christopher Filkins's workshop on Zig. These more active dance styles lead to Nick's discovery and a lifelong passion for Acro of all sorts, and Aerial.

In 2012 Nick had the great pleasure of beginning her Aerial instructing career, teaching a wide assortment of "those crazy circus things" from Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, and Hammock, to Cube, Spanish Web, and other specialized apparatuses. Her classes focus on transitions, strength building, and breaking down skills and movement to their most basic elements. Having discovered her passion for teaching others, Nick enjoys instructing all ages, both young and young at heart, and looks forward to meeting you in class and watching you exceed your own expectations.

Where is the SNA Yoga & Fitness Center located?

Sender One Yoga Fitness, Orange County
1431 S. Village Way
Santa Ana, CA 92705

We're right next door to the main climbing facility, Sender One SNA! You can enjoy a workout or take a yoga class before or after your climbing session.

Get full access to climbing, yoga, & fitness with a Sender One Membership!

Online Waiver

Everyone who enters the facility must fill out an online waiver.
Complete the waiver ahead of time and save time at check-in.


Sender One Yoga Fitness, Orange County
1431 S. Village Way
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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