Staff Highlight: Aerial Figure Sketching with Rose - Sender One Climbing

One of our staff members, Rose Ochoa (they, them, their) is stationed at Sender One Santa Ana (SNA), home of the Aerial Silks! Aerial Silks at Sender One is an awesome form of yoga that involves, you guessed it!: aerial silks (tissu), along with hoops (Lyra), aerial hammock (sling) and youth aerial! Rose is one of the instructors for our Aerial Yoga classes and they have something very special to add on to the world of Aerial Yoga... Aerial Figure Sketching! Rose has creative space for yogis called the Drop Shop, which offers yoga, aerial yoga, silks and hammock classes, and a place to practice, teach, and collaborate. They also love to host photo shoots and figure drawing. 

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A little background on Rose:

10 years ago, Rose broke their back in an off road accident. The accident revealed aspects of Rose’s life that were lacking. Physical therapy was not helpful, family was not understanding, and their career was unfulfilling. One day, a friend introduced them to yoga. Since their first yoga class, the words of their teacher stuck: yoga is for longevity of life, it is your own practice, your choice. Those words motivated Rose to learn more about yoga, which lead Rose to rock climbing and aerial. Yoga, rock climbing, and aerial all complimented each other. They were mentally and physically challenging, and the strength and grace of the practice inspired creativity and curiosity.

2 years ago, Rose committed themselves to training and building their own practice. They have completed a 30 hour Aerial Yoga teacher training in February 2018 and 200 hour Yoga teacher training in February 2019. Rose’s passion for yoga, rock climbing, and aerial is driven by the desire for freedom. Freedom of expression, challenging oneself, and finding creativity through flow. This drive lead Rose to compete in the West Coast Aerial Arts festival, where they won 1st place in Open Solo Amateur for their aerial hammock piece titled “Broken Mirrors”!

Rose loves the outdoors, seeking adventures wherever possible, helping others’ art flourish, and enjoying all aspects of life. One way that they do this is through sketches and drawings of their Aerial Silks class at Sender One Santa Ana (SNA). Rose loves to be in a collaborative space where people can be themselves and share their passions with one another.

Rose truly embodies Sender One's Core Values, specifically Share Your Passions. Rose loves what they do and they found that love from a life changing experience which brought them to where they are today! Next time you see them, make sure to give them a high five! Check out some of their work with members and instructors below.

Rose offers live model figure drawing with Aerialists every 2nd Sunday of the month from 4-7pm at Sender One Santa Ana (SNA).
The event includes series of 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, and 10 minute poses in aerial silks, hammock, and hoop. The models are Rose Ochoa and Samantha Mendoza. Both are aerial instructors and performers who are partners in The Drop Shop. Rose also teaches Intro to Aerial Sundays at 10:30am at Sender One Santa Ana (SNA).
All artists and levels are welcome. Bring your own medium and draw Aerialists in an uninstructed and fun setting for only $25!

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