Flow with Us: Yoga for Climbers - Sender One Climbing

Yoga and climbing go hand in hand. Did you also know that our yoga instructors teach different types of classes each day virtually via MindBody and Zoom? We even have a couple of classes taught in-person and outdoors! Check out our variety of classes suitable for all levels of yogis and climbers. We’re here to help you find the right classes to explore.

Benefits of yoga for climbers:

Teaches Mindfulness - Yoga calms the mind by bringing attention to the breath. The deliberate breathing taught in yoga can help calm climbers and strengthen their headspace while climbing.

Brings Body Awareness - Being spatially aware of how the body is positioned can help climbers better understand how to use their bodies while on the wall.

Strengthens Core - Yoga teaches stability through the centerline of your body, building strength through the entire torso which helps while keeping tension through climbing movements.

Increases Flexibility - Yoga provides deep stretches throughout the entire body. This increases flexibility with enough practice and consistency which may help when reaching for difficult holds, stemming, and higher steps.

Prevents Injury - A strong core and good flexibility aids in preventing injuries. Practicing yoga develops muscular balance by working the “push” muscles, not often used in climbing.