Bouldering League we go! - Sender One Climbing

Wow. Climbers at last night's bouldering league CRUSHED! We saw climbers like Aaron Chang and Astrid Dawson flashing their handicaps. With 21 teams competing, this is our largest League yet.  Right now, the Power Rangers are in 1st place. Last year's champions, Jordan Sinclair, are in 3rd so this could be anyone's game.

Here's a full list of the results:

  1. Power Rangers
  2. Neko Punchi
  3. Jordan Sinclair
  4. All We Need is Ariel
  5. The Ugly Girls
  6. Jugz Judy
  7. Small Jugs Need Love Too
  8. Puntin' on Fleek
  9. Team 'Topia
  10. Killabeez on the Swarm
  11. Rock Hard
  12. Agent Smith
  13. Llumbering Llamas
  14. What's Your Team Name?
  15. We Were Promised Jetpacks
  16. Beast Mode Badgers
  17. Super Simple Senders
  18. Pirates of the Carabiners
  19. Honnlovin' It!
  20. I Don't Know
  21. Lucky Sharms

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