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Comp N' Chomp:
Battle of the Send Tights


This past Friday, our second round of Comp N' Chomp was underway and the competition was fierce!
Many times, the idea of being in a climbing competition for new climbers can be pretty intimidating, but this bouldering series is anything but that.
Being that it is a self-scored comp for both youth and adults, it is more like a huge family get-together (well, the type of family that you would actually want to get together with).
New and experienced climbers get a chance to hang out, climb together, and eat together.


We hold off on revealing the actual grades on the routes so that you can have a chance to try the problems without telling yourself that you aren't at that level yet.
Some of you may be surprised at how well you can climb if the grades are hidden! The grades will be revealed later in the week.


This was the second round of a three-part series. The third and final round will be on Friday, October 3.

Since this will be the last round and final event for this series, expect it to go out with a bang!
We will be having the best prizes to giveaway for the comp and the overall series!

Check out the photos and mark your calendars for Comp N' Chomp round 3: Superheros!


We hope your weekend was as much of a blast as ours! We also hope to see you out here for Round 3!


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