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Written by Kadisha Aburub & Edited by Alexandra Erdman


Just yesterday, it feels like January was here. And now … summer is slowly coming to its end. *sadness* 

Join us in saying farewell to summer with the ultimate competition! 

Our annual Summer Send-Off Competition combines traditional red-point bouldering plus camp activities (like the King Swing, Crate Stacking, Slackline, etc). This year, we’re stoked to announce we are having an OPEN ONSIGHT FINALS. *YEWWWWW*


If you’ve never been to an Onsight finals before, now is your chance. Watch climbers climb under pressure with a crowd. The energy is contagious, to say the least, and you will get PSYCHED.  

If you're not interested in competing but still would like to attend, please come down! There's plenty of room for spectators AND we are still looking for volunteers! (Hint: Volunteers will get a couple extra perks like free passes and snacks). You can sign up to volunteer here! If you're only looking to spectate, you can RSVP here! The cost is free for members and only $5 for non-members : )

If you’re interested in competing but you’ve never competed in a competition before, don’t sweat! We have three different competing categories: Recreational (generally V0 - V4), Advanced (generally V4 - V7), and Open (generally V7+).


“I’VE NEVER BEEN TO A COMPETITION BEFORE!!! What should I expect??” 

Not to worry! We’re going to break down what to expect and how to navigate being in a competition if it's your first time! 

First things first, sign up for the competition here! You’ll want to make sure you are hydrated and well rested the day before. On the day of competition, have snacks and plenty of water with you. Arrive 15 minutes before your category competing time so that you can attend the competitor meeting. Warm up! There won’t be any grades associated with any of the climbs. So, basically, just climb whatever seems interesting to you! Anytime you complete a climb you’ll have to make sure to record it on your scorecard and a witness will sign off on it. After you're done climbing or the competition is over, you must turn in your scorecard!! 

Don’t forget, this isn’t a regular competition. There are activities and pop-up challenges (like the King Swing or limbo) that, by participating, earns you points; which will get you closer to standing on the podium and winning some rad prizes 😉 

Check out these competitor guides (Red Point & OnSight) for more details!


Now, if that doesn’t already get you stoked, well we have some SWEET prizes coming at you. Here is a run down of the prizes for the each of the categories:

RECREATIONAL & ADVANCED (Men's & Women's Each)

1st Place: Crash Pad + First Place Trophy

2nd Place: MadRock Shoe Certificate + Silver Medal

3rd Place:  Cotopaxi Hielo Bag + Bronze Medal


OPEN (Men's & Women's Each)

1st Place: $1000 + First Place Trophy

2nd Place: $600 + Silver Medal

3rd Place: $400 + Bronze Medal

We’re so excited for this competition and for the energy y’all will bring. Whether it’s your first-time or you’re a well-oiled competitor, we know you’ll have a blast!! The fun happens August 26th! Sign up today 😀

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