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Private Instruction

Thanks to our team of educators, targeted private training is available beyond the curriculum of our regular class offerings. From anchor-building to developing fancy footwork, there's an instructor for you.

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To schedule an appointment for private instruction, please fill out the registration form. The information provided on this form will allow us to put you in contact with an instructor based on your needs.

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Kody Shutt

Kody Shutt

Started Climbing: 2005
Favorite climbing style: Jugs. They make climbing a lot easier.
Where do you like to climb? Sender One is pretty cool.
Favorite device to use for climbing: Rock climbing shoes
Scariest moment: When Brian almost crashed the boom lift.
Climbing pet peeve: Unwanted beta spray
Pet peeves (in general): Filling out questionnaires
Favorite guilty pleasure: Watching Kris fall off my boulders.
Hobby outside of climbing: Being outside.

Felix Mares

Felix Mares

Started climbing (year): 2011
Favorite climbing style: lead, balance based moves
Where do you like to climb? Joshua Tree
Favorite device to use for climbing: I have grown fond of a climbing rope when I lead
Scariest moment: seeing a compound fracture while bouldering
Climbing pet peeve: bad belayers
Pet peeves (in general): People who throw trash out of their car.
Favorite guilty pleasure: Hot Cheetos
Hobby outside of climbing: Besides napping? Motorcycles
Jerry Sea

Jerry Sea

Started climbing (year): 2010
Favorite climbing style: Every style of climbing... bouldering
Where do you like to climb? The Sierras
Favorite device to use for climbing: GriGri I
Scariest moment: That one time when Jason didn't belay me... man was it sketchy.
Climbing pet peeve: Grades
Pet peeves (in general): People who don't clean after themselves.
Favorite guilty pleasure: sour beer
Hobby outside of climbing: Listening and playing music.


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