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Many of us are familiar with the season of the mustache referred to as ‘Movember’, when we may find our friends and family growing out their facial hair during November. This is all in support of the Movember Foundation which is a leading charity working to change the face of men’s health around the world. 

What Does the Movember Foundation Support?

With their funding, the foundation support Men’s Health in the following ways: 

  •  Mental Health Improving overall mental health and helping men build stronger social connections can reduce the risk of suicide.
  • Prostate Cancer In addition to funding critical biomedical research, Movember works with our global men’s health partners to break new ground.
  • Testicular Cancer From medical research to easy-to-use digital resources, Movember is making leaps and bounds in testicular cancer support.

Through innovative research and support programs that tackle these driving factors of the Men’s Health Crisis, the foundation enables men to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. 

Men who have fought, or know someone who has fought, one more more of these health issues have partnered with the foundation to share their stories. Below, brave men like Will, Hal, and Fraser share inspiring words on how they persevere and work to make a difference. Read more stories from the Movember Foundation

Will's Story: There Were No Bruises

"Give him a safe space to talk through everything. You never know how much you can change someone's life by double-checking that they’re okay."

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Hal Stern: Make Your Own Luck

"Faced with prostate cancer, David again made his own luck in treatment, attitude, and a refusal to accept limits." 

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Fraser's Story: Trust Your Gut

"By starting conversations and taking ownership of your health, you’re setting a powerful example for other men out there who may be going through struggles of their own."

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How to Support Men's Health This Movember:

While mustaches may be hidden under masks this year, supporters all over the world are participating in Movember to raise awareness and funds for the Movember Foundation. If you're interested in taking action, you can support Men's Health through the Movember Foundation by donating, fundraising, or educating yourself on how to spot someone in need of help.

Donate through Sender One: 

Limited edition stickers are available for purchase on-site at all three Sender One locations! 100% of net proceeds will be donated to the Movember Foundation.

Spot the Signs:  

Helping a friend or family member becomes easier when you know how. Follow four steps using ‘A.L.E.C’ to let the conversation flow:  Ask, Listen, Encourage Action, and Check-In.

Learn more on using these steps from the Movember Foundation

Fundraise Independently: 

The Movember Foundation has a multitude of ways you can raise funds, or you can donate directly! Here’s just a few ways you can get involved: 

Grow a Mo Patchy, lopsided, itchy or epic – whatever Mo you grow this Movember, your face will raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

Move for Movember Commit to running or walking 60 miles over the month, at your own pace. That’s 60 miles for the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour across the world.

Host a Mo-moment Rally a crew and do something fun and easy. 

Learn more about getting involved with the Movember Foundation in their Support Us page. 

Ready to Get Started on Your Mo'? 

Here’s some tips to make Movember more manageable:

Be prepared: Aim for a style that will grace your face, but embrace the mustache that nature gives you, because whatever you grow will save a bro.

Be brave: The first few days, even weeks, can be uncomfortable as your Mo takes shape. Ride it out to encourage donations.

Ignore the itching: Remind yourself of the strong men facing these health issues. Try and push through the face tickle.

Shape your mustache: Get across all the proper grooming techniques. A great Mo comes down to great grooming.

Nurture it and keep it clean: Look after your Mo, and your Mo will look after you.

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