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After an intense climbing session at Sender One LAX, there’s nothing that hits the spot more than finding that perfectly satisfying post-climb snack. We’re not talking fast food here.  You need to find something that won’t give you that greasy, heavy feeling, but instead something that’s nutritious, so your body can be healthy and you can get some good energy back for that next climbing session. Here’s a quick list of some local eateries close by our gym that we love, so you can go check them out after a good climbing session.


Just down the street from our climbing gym you can find Bowlology, an amazing place that specializes in creating healthy, nutritious, and delicious food packed right into a bowl.  Whether it’s acai and pitaya bowls, poke bowls, super smoothies and fresh-pressed juices, you’ll be sure to find something that will leave you feeling satisfied in the health and flavor departments. It’s fast, simple, healthy, and delicious!


If you’re looking for that quick snack that you can grab and be on your way, while also getting something healthy and filling, try checking out EveryTable in Los Angeles. Their passion is making healthy food, and making it available to everyone by pricing fairly for what it costs them to make the food.  You can even see their pricing model on their website. Price aside, the food is made fresh every day, and it’s healthy, filling, and tasty. Everything a growing climber needs!

True Food Kitchen

While more of a sit down restaurant as opposed to the grab-and-go options above, True Food Kitchen is an eatery that prides itself on being health-driven by using nutrient rich ingredients in their cooking, without sacrificing on flavor of course.  In their own words, they make “honest food that tastes really good”.  If you stop there for lunch or dinner, you’re sure to not be disappointed.  

Mendocino Farms

Good ol’ Mendos. If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy sandwich, you can never really go wrong with Mendocino Farms.  Located in El Segundo at The Point, which is just a short drive from Sender One, you’ll not only get some amazing food, but a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.  With fresh ingredients and a wide range of options for the health conscious, it makes for the perfect stop for a meal after a climb.

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