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Sender One creates unique spaces where we discover ourselves and connect with others through climbing.


"Jared Leto & Alex Honnold warming up on a few moderately easy routes that snake up alongside Sender One's imposing overhang..."

-Hollywood Insider, 2019

"...Sender One in Los Angeles, California has been selected to host the 2020 Pan-American Continental Championships."

-USA Climbing, 2018

“…Owns and operates Los Angeles and Orange County’s largest indoor rock climbing gyms. Ranked at #2790 in 2018 and #3059 in 2019”

-Inc. 5000, 2019

"Spans more than 35,000 square feet, with walls up to 60 feet tall."

-USA Today, 2017

"SoCal’s premier climbing facility, with fitness studios, a dedicated kids area, and a 50-foot high blue wall designed by pro climber Chris Sharma."

-Men's Journal, 2017

"...Sender One is one of the most iconic and recognizable gyms in America"

-Climbing Magazine, 2013

New Heights For Climbing Gym"

- Orange County Business Journal, 2018

"Sender One Climbing offers the most comprehensive introductory class to lead climbing. "

-CBS Los Angeles, 2016


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Sender One Los Angeles

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Sender One Los Angeles


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Hands down 5 stars, this place was so fun. My sis had a groupon so we came in on a Sunday afternoon to rock climb. It was both of our first times and the class you take to learn how to tie the ropes and how to depend on your partner is really helpful. Our instructor was very nice and had lots of patients. After you get that down, you’re free to climb the walls. We climbed but since we were beginners we didn’t get that far up on the levels. The ones we did do, we made it to the top. Super fun activity for you and your family. People of all ages were in there. I would totally come back.

Raquel R.


This review is for the (Sender City) part of the gym.

We came here on vacation, and I’m sorry we don’t live close enough to buy an annual membership. Both the equipment and the personnel were exceptional.

We made a reservation online the night before, which is strongly recommended. While we were waiting for our session to begin, more than one family popped in to find that the day was sold out. We filled out the waivers online too, which made it all easy.

My kids are ages 6 and 10, and it was a good fit for both of them.

Our session started right on time and lasted for the full 60 minutes. The climbing gym has at least seven different walls with colorful, different climbs. Signs posted next to each wall give hints for making the climb harder if you want to challenge yourself. All of the walls have an auto belay system to keep the climbers safe. Parents have an opportunity at the start of the session to get qualified to clip kids in and out. I did it because I didn’t want my children having to wait around a lot, but frankly, I had to push the staff out of the way to be able to be of service. There were more than enough employees there to take care of all of the kids. I don’t think anyone waited even 30 seconds.

The staff were friendly enough to make it clear they wanted people to have a good time, while keeping the “We are serious about enforcing the rules here-no funny business!” attitude you’d expect in a place where not following the rules could have big consequences. This shows both my age and level of skepticism, but I was really surprised that the staff was so on point, given that they all seemed to be in their late teens or early twenties. No chatting or flirting, lots of paying close attention to all the kids. They didn’t give any climbing instruction, this room is mostly about just having fun.

We purchased the extras, and I felt they were worth the additional $5.

Jennifer S.


Our family really loves (Sender City) at Sender One. The walls are all decorated in a really fun way for the family. They have a good assortment so that everyone will find something they like. The tall tower of foam blocks in super fun to climb up to the top and then just jump off. We all like to climb and come together (2 adults and 2 kids, ages 8 and 10). The employees that work there are great! They are all super patient and helpful and all extremely kind.

Casey M.


Sender One is one of the best climbing gyms that I have visited! I got a Groupon for the intro class for my bf and me. It came with the rentals and the day pass for us. It was easy to book our reservation online. We arrived about 10 minutes before our class and had a quick orientation about the gym.

Since we’ve climbed before, the intro class was good for refreshing our belaying skills. I like that the class only had 6 people in it so we received a lot of attention. I really like that all the top rope courses have a Grigri already attached to the rope so there is no need to rent a belay device.

The gym is huge so it never felt crowded and we always found open ropes. The bouldering area is large too! There are good problems for beginners and more advanced climbers.

Kimberly B.


A really nice climbing gym. The facility is clean, top notch and the staff is really helpful. It is an excellent place to learn to climb the classes are well run and there is a separate area for belay lessons.

The kids stuff is really well run. They maintain a high staff to kids ratio. The kids are well watched. Sender City is awesome. It has its own room away from the climbing gym. The kids are harnessed, auto-belayed and get to climb on fun stuff. The after school program is well coached, the kids really have fun and become really good climbers.

Yoga has a separate studio. They have classes throughout the day. Everyone seems to enjoy them. I’m not qualified to say anything about yoga other than to say its fun.

If you already are a climber, you will love climbing here. They have bouldering, top-roping and lead climbing. The routes are changed frequently and the setting is excellent. The gym is first class, and has state of the art cardio equipment, weights, weight machines, TRX, adjustable rings (my favorite), campus board (with half rung spacing), hangboards (including my faves, Moon & Beastmakers), Walltopia Adjustable System Board and a bunch of other to make you stronger. Sender One is an excellent place to train for your climbing adventures.

Ron T.


Talk about the ultimate playground. I’ve been to several indoor climbing gyms before but none like this. Truly a playground for the enthusiast or a beginner who has the slightest idea about climbing. Came here with a friend one evening and let me tell you, a good workout is around the corner. I happen to run into a friend who is an experienced climber. He gave us the run down on top roping and belaying techniques which was cool. This gym is spacious and has plenty of challenges for every level. They also have yoga classes as well as a traditional gym. Not sure if its around the clock but its there. There’s also an area designated for kids… and adults, too. 😛

What is really cool is that everyone is friendly and courteous on the floor. Safety is everyone’s responsibility here. A few strangers offered me chalk before my climb which was pretty awesome. Had it been candy, its a different story. Stranger danger kicks in. As for chalk, meh… should be good. *high five.

Great time at Sender One! We’ll be back

Andy P.

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