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Written by Eric Ho | Edited by Alexandra Erdman


You might have heard about the Sender One Cares Program, but what does that entail? Well, you’re in luck, we’re going to break it down for you in an easy FAQ.


So what is this Cares Program?

It’s Sender One’s social responsibility program! There are two main focuses: Care for the Community and Care for the Crag.

Care for the Crag

In addition to caring for its indoor climbing community, Sender One also believes in keeping our outdoor spaces clean and safe. That’s where Care for the Crag comes in. We have rotating crag cleanups at 3 special local crags: Malibu Creek, Pirate’s Cove, and Stoney Point. Our next one is at Stoney Point this Sunday, April 28, 2024.


What’s Care for the Community?

One of Sender One’s Core Values is See From Other People's Perspectives. Care for the Community does just that. Sender One’s staff, members, and guests are all diverse in race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, religion, and socio-economic status. All are welcome, and we hold space for affinity groups that have partnered with us through four initiatives: Send with Color, Send with Pride, Send with Women, and Send Forward.


What’s Send with Color?

Sender One LAX and SNA are privileged to host monthly BIPOC meetups to celebrate culture and community in Asian Ascenders (LAX | SNA) and Send with Mi Gente (LAX | SNA), partnering with affinity groups Asian Climbing Collective and Escalemos to provide collaborative meetups. Sender One LAX also has a monthly Black Climbers Union meetup, collaborating with Black Girls Trekkin' biannually.


What’s Send with Pride?

All climbers are welcome, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The Send with Pride meetups (LAX | PV | SNA | WW) allow our queer climbers to foster community and climb together.


What’s Send with Women?

We empower women and non-binary climbers to come together and climb in a safe and supportive community at our our Ladies Climbing Coalition (LAX) and Send with Women meetups (PV | WW). LCC holds the honor of being Sender One’s longest running affinity group meetup.


So what’s Send Forward?

After diversity and inclusion, Sender One focuses its last initiative on equity. We collaborate with organizations to make climbing accessible to low income and underprivileged groups. Past partners include Outdoor Bound, REALM Creative Academy, ASL Climbers, and Hiller Therapy.


Wow, that’s so much to offer. How can I contribute?

Attend our crag cleanup this Sunday at Stoney Point, or join one of our many meetups listed above! Additionally, visit and support our partners at the bottom of our Cares Program page!

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