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We have been a little quiet on the blog since the holidays, but we are SO excited to break that silence with a celebration!  With everyday that has passed since we first opened back in 2013, we have enjoyed the countless smiles and conversations we have had with all of our guests and members in both Santa Ana, and Los Angeles.  One thing we can count, however, is the number of people that come through our door, and we are super excited to say that we have just hit our...

1 Millionth Check In!!!


Sender One was visited for the 1 millionth time by the one and only, Charles Landis!  We are really excited to share this milestone with him, as he has been a long standing member of the Sender One Community, and was kind enough to tell us a bit about why he keeps coming back to Sender One -- 1,224 times (and counting) so far!

Charles Landis, Sender One's 1 Millionth Visitor!

How has climbing impacted your life? 

Climbing has reconnected me with the passion I had in my earlier days. 

When did you first start climbing at Sender One?

It was 6 months after the gym opened.  I don't recall what year that was, but I started climbing in December of that year. (December 2013!) 

Why do you climb at Sender One? 

I climb at Sender One because of the people.  It is a great atmosphere and a wonderful community, but it is not just the climbing, it is also the yoga and fitness.  I really like the yoga classes.  They are real yoga and not the corporate routines that have become so prevalent these days.  It also doesn't hurt Sender One has the best climbing walls in SoCal!

What is your favorite thing about the Sender One Community?

The community and the people are the best thing about Sender One.  It is such and open and fun place.  Everyone is really committed to what they are doing and they seem to be having fun.  I cannot think of a place I would rather be!  

While Charles was our 1 millionth check in, we clearly could not have reached that without our amazing members, the guests they bring in, the kid crushers who celebrate their birthdays with us, or are a part of our youth programs, and all of our amazing yoga goers and fitness fanatics!  You are what makes Sender One so special, and we cannot wait to continue to be your favorite Southern California climbing gym!


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