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At Sender One, one of our core values is to share our passions with others.  Our biggest passion is (you guessed it!) rock climbing!  It is an activity that has impacted each of our lives in different and meaningful ways, and we are psyched every day to share our space and love for climbing with you all! 

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When thinking about all of the amazing people we share climbing experiences with, we recognize that we have an awesome opportunity to use our platform to highlight some of the best practices for when anyone takes their passions outdoors.  While hiking to your projects, sending your favorite climbs, photographing your adventures, and more, there are so many ways you can make sure you and your crew are leaving a minimal impact on the areas you visit.  This has always been an important topic, but is increasingly so as more people come to enjoy these outdoor spaces. 

From here on out, we are excited to be making information more accessible to all who walk through our doors, or follow our online platforms.  Here's what we are up to, and what to keep an eye out for:




Keep an eye out for our Gym to Crag Logo on blogs that cover information related to conservation and Leave No Trace principles.  Share these with your friends and family to help spread the word!


Partnerships and Crag Cleanups


As a member gym of the Access Fund, we are excited to be hosting the Access Fund's Conservation Team, as well as hosting local crag cleanups throughout the year! Keep an eye out for event announcements in our newsletters, and around the gym!


Athlete Clinics


We have some really exciting clinics in the works!  We'll be bringing in athletes to share tips and guidance on their craft, while also encouraging best practices outdoors! Stay tuned on our events calendar (LAX and SNA) and social media for dates and details!




Over the course of the year we have several fundraisers on deck to support organizations such as the Access Fund, and other local climbing conservation groups.

To say we are excited is an understatement!  Many of us are frequent outdoor travelers, and we often see the places we love not being taken care of as best as they could be.  We are excited to help spread awareness regarding outdoor best practices, and can't wait to share our stoke with you throughout the year!

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