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This weekend, watch out for flying monkeys--or rather, crazy climbing kids--at the 2017 USA Climbing: Bouldering Youth Divisional Championships happening all around the country. And here at home, Sender One’s own Silas Chang, a member of SNA’s Youth Climbing Team, is headed to Mesa Rim in San Diego to represent our region! As he prepares his final crush toward Nationals, we took a moment to chat with Silas about this awesome accomplishment.

Name: Silas Chang

Age: 11

Homebase: Sender One SNA, member of Youth Climbing Team

Accomplishment: Qualifying for the 2017 USA Climbing: Bouldering Youth Divisional Championships (January 14-15)!

How long have you been climbing? How’d you get started?
Almost three years. My dad took me to Funtopia. Later he took me to the bouldering side with some of his friends. I liked it. It was fun.

What’s your favorite aspect of climbing (fun, challenging, different kind of sport, etc.)?
I like it because it's fun and it requires a lot of thinking along with strength. I like how the "playing field" changes all the time.

What are your favorite types of bouldering problems to tackle?
I like overhanging routes that involve technique and dynamic power moves.

What’s your climbing superpower (not afraid of heights, good balance, don’t get phased)?

How do you work your way through a challenging problem, especially in a comp setting?
I look at the beta and find ways that I think it'll work. Then I try it. If I fall, I assess what I did wrong, and I try to fix that problem.

How did you feel when you learned you were going to Divisionals?
I was really excited because I love bouldering and this means my bouldering season is longer. Plus I was really relieved because making divisionals for bouldering was one of my goals for the year!

What are you most looking forward to at Divisionals?
Looking forward to the comp style climbing which is much different than gym climbing. There are more volumes. It's super technical. And fun!

What are your climbing goals for this year?
One was to make bouldering divisionals, yeehaw! It'd be nice to make sport divisionals, too!

Any advice for kids interested in doing climbing comps (or just starting climbing)?
Work hard. Have fun. 😛

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