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June 7-9 Only

Routesetting at Sender One SNA

Our Commitment:

  • New routes and boulder problems every week, of wide-ranging difficulty
  • The average age of a climb is roughly 7-9 weeks before it is replaced with a new, imaginative challenge
  • Every set is unique and subject to the creativity of our routesetters

Latest Rope Climbs

Route LocationDate SetGrades# of RoutesBest in ShowComing Soon
Harmonized Wall & Arch2024-07-175.9 - 5.11b4Pink .10b set by SilasArch
Harmonized Wall2024-07-165.8 - 5.11c4Yellow .11c set by DerekHarmonized Wall/Arch Vert
Corners2024-07-105.8 - 5.11c6
Exit Wall2024-06-125.10a - 5.12a4Blue 11.a set by Eli
Darkside & Exit Wall2024-06-065.10a - 5.11c4White 11.c set by StevenExit Wall
Left of Cone2024-05-095.10a - 5.12a5Pink 11.c set by StevenIce Cream Cone
Tower of Power2024-05-065.6 - 5.12a6Green 10.d set by DerekDihedral Cathedral
Shorty Wall2024-05-015.7 - 5.11c8
Arch Steep, Shorty Wall2024-04-235.5 - 5.13.b8Yellow 13.b set by MarcusShorty Wall
Arch2024-04-225.7 - 5.12.b6Green 12.b set by StevenShorty Wall
Arch2024-04-175.8 - 5.12a6Orange .12a set by EliArch
Harmonized Wall/ Arch Vert2024-04-115.10a - 5.12c6Orange 12.c Set by JordanArch Steep
Harmonized Wall2024-04-105.9 - 5.11b4White 11b set by DLHarmonized Wall and Arch Vert
Left of Speed Wall2024-04-035.8 - 5.12b4Black 11c set by EliDihedrals right of Speed Wall
The Dark Side & Exit Wall2024-03-255.8 - 5.11c5Exit Wall & Crane Wall
Ice Cream Cone2024-03-215.10a - 5.13b4Yellow .13b set by MarcusDark Side
Ice Cream Cone2024-03-205.10b - 5.11d4Black .11d set by JonCone
Ice Cream Cone2024-03-145.12.a - 5.12.b2Pink 12.b Set by Marcus
Left of the Cone2024-03-075.9 - 5.11.d3Pink 12.c Set by DerekLeft of the Cone
Tower of Power, Dihedral Cathedral2024-03-065.8 - 5.11.d8Left of the Cone
Tower of Power2024-02-155.10b - 5.11d4Dihedral Cathedral
Learning Corner and Tower of Knowledge2024-02-085.6 - 5.11c8Green .10b set by MarcusSender Slab
Learning Corner2024-02-075.5 - 5.11a10Pink .9 set by JonTower of Knowledge
Arch2024-02-015.10d - 5.13a4Blue .13a set by JordanTop Ropes
Arch2024-01-295.7 - 5.12a6Pink .10c set by DerekArch
Arch Steep & Right Pillar2024-01-275.8 - 5.11.d5Yellow .11d Set By DerekArch Steep and Right Pillar
Left Leg of Arch2024-01-255.10.c - 5.11d2Arch Steep
Harmonized Wall & Arch2024-01-235.9 - 5.12a4Orange .12a set by StevenArch
Harmonized Wall2024-01-185.9 - 5.13b5White .13b set by MarcusHarmonized Wall/Arch
Harmonized Wall2024-01-175.9 - 5.12d6Yellow .11c set by StevenHarmonized Wall
Tall Slab & Corners (left)2024-01-155.9 - 5.13a6Black .13a set by StevenCorners
Tall Slab/Left of Speed Wall2024-01-115.8 - 5.11c3Orange 10.d Set by MarcusDihedral Left of Speed Wall
Crane Wall2024-01-105.8 - 5.12c7Green .11a set by StevenTall Slab
Exit Wall2024-01-045.10d - 5.12b5Orange .11d set by Marcus
Dark Side & Exit Wall2024-01-035.9 - 5.12a6Pink .11c set by Steven
Dark side & Tall slab2023-12-215.10d - 5.12a4Black 11.d set by PrezExit wall
Cone2023-12-185.11b - 13a4White 12.a set by DLDark side
Left Side Ice Cream Cone, Dihedral Cathedral2023-12-065.8-5.12a8Ice Cream Cone
Sender Slab & Tower of Power2023-11-295.8 - 5.12a9Blue .10a set by MarcusDihedral Cathedral
Tower of Knowledge2023-11-275.6 - 5.11a55.11a set by Prez
Tower of Knowledge2023-11-225.5 - 5.11d12Black 11c set by Prez
Vert Pillar, Arch2023-11-165.7 - 5.12b6Da Steep!!
Harmonized Wall & The Arch2023-11-135.9 - 5.12d6Orange .12d set by StevenThe Arch
Harmonized Wall2023-11-095.9 - 5.12a6Blue 11b set by DLArch
Left Speed Corner2023-11-025.10b - 5.12b5Green 12.b Set by DerekRight Speed Corner
Ice Cream Cone2023-10-185.11a-5.12.b4Yellow 11.d Set by Marcus
Right Side Ice Cream Cone2023-10-125.10b - 5.13a7Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone2023-10-115.11b - 5.133Ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone (Left)2023-10-055.7 - 5.12b5Black 12.B SVIce Cream Cone (Middle)
Dihedral Cathedral2023-09-285.6 - 5.13a8Pink .10a set by StevenIce Cream Cone (Left)
Sender Slab and Tower of Power and Arch2023-09-275.8 - 5.13b10Orange .11c set by DevanDihedral Cathedral
Learning Corner2023-09-195.5 - 5.11d11.11a set by JordanSender Slab
Arch2023-09-185.10a - 5.13a6Orange .13a set by StevenArch & Learning Corner
Arch2023-09-075.7 - 5.12a9Arch
Arch2023-09-065.10b - 5.12c7Black .12c set by StevenArch
Harmonized Wall2023-08-315.8 - 5.11c6Blue .11b set by JordanHarmonized Wall & Arch
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2023-08-105.10b - 5.12c6Yellow .11d by Derek/White .10d by StevenTall Slab
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2023-08-095.9 - 5.12a6White .11c set by DerekCrane Wall/Tall Slab
Exit Wall + Ice Cream Cone2023-08-085.10b - 5.13c5Black .11b set by StevenCrane Wall
Dark Side & Exit Wall2023-08-035.8 - 5.12a7Orange .12a set by DerekExit Wall & Crane Wall
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2023-08-025.10a - 5.13a6Green .12a set by StevenDark Side & Exit Wall
Tower of Knowledge2023-07-105.6 - 5.11c14Blue .11a set by JordanTower of Power
Arch2023-06-295.8 - 5.11d3Arch
Harmonized Wall2023-06-215.8 - 5.11b4Arch
Speed Wall Corners2023-06-145.8 - 5.12a7Harmonized Wall
Crane Wall2023-06-055.10b - 5.12c4Orange .11c set by JonCrane Wall
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2023-06-015.8 - 5.12b6
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2023-05-315.10a - 13a5
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2023-05-305.10c - 12b5Orange .11d set by Steven
Ice Cream Cone2023-05-235.10b - 5.12d7Pink .11c set by JordanCone & Dark Side
Dihedral Cathedral2023-05-185.7 - 5.12b8Orange .11b set by Marcus
Tower of Power2023-05-175.8 - 5.12a10
Harmonized Wall & Arch2023-04-205.9 - 5.12c8Arch
Harmonized Wall2023-04-195.6 - 5.12a7Arch
Speed Wall, Dihedral Cathedral2023-04-135.9 - 11b5
Exit Wall, Crane wall2023-04-065.8 - 12a15White 11c Derek, Yellow 12a StevenExit Wall, Crane Wall, Tall Slab
Ice Cream Cone2023-03-275.10b - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by JordanExit Wall & Crane Wall
Arch2023-03-225.6 - 5.13b7Yellow .11c set by AstridArch & Dark Side
Intro Wall2023-03-015.5 - 5.10d9Comp Setting
Arch2023-02-235.7 - 5.11d7Top Ropes
Arch2023-02-225.10b - 5.12a5Yellow .12a set by JonArch
Speed Wall Corners2023-02-165.8 - 5.11d6Orange .11a set by DerekArch
Harmonized Wall2023-02-135.9 - 5.11d5Blue .11a set by JonSpeed Wall
Harmonized Wall2023-02-085.9 - 5.12a5Green .11c set by DerekSpeed Wall
Crane Wall2023-02-015.10a - 5.12c5Black .12c set by AstridTall Slab
Crane2023-01-265.10a - 12b5
Crane Wall2023-01-245.9 - 5.12c8Corners
Ice Cream Cone2023-01-125.10a - 5.13d6Black .12d set by DLIce Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone2023-01-105.8 - 5.12b6Green .11b set by MarcusIce Cream Cone
Dihedral Cathedral2023-01-055.7 - 5.12a12Black .11c Set by MarcusIce Cream Cone
Tower of Power2022-12-215.6 - 5.11d6Black .11d set by JonTower of Knowledge
Arch2022-12-155.11a - 5.13c6Between the Towers of Power and Knowledge
Intro Walls2022-12-145.5 - 5.10d9Blue .10c set by StevenThe Arch
Arch2022-12-125.10a - 5.11c3Green .11c set by JonArch & Shorty Walls
Arch2022-12-085.7 - 5.12d7Pink .12d set by MarcusArch
Arch2022-12-075.10b - 5.12b6Black .11b set by StevenArch & Harmonized Wall
Harmonized Wall2022-12-015.9 - 5.12a7Black .11d set by JonHarmonized Wall & Arch
Corners & Harmonized Wall2022-11-305.6 - 5.11c6Green .11a set by AstridHarmonized Wall
Speed Wall2022-11-235.10b - 5.13a4Yellow .12b set by AstridHarmonized Wall
Speed Wall2022-11-215.10c & 5.12a2Speed Wall
Crane Wall & Tall Slab2022-11-165.10b - 5.12b5Green .11c set by JonTall Slab & The Corners
Crane Wall2022-11-085.8 - 5.12a6Orange .11a set by JordanTall Slab
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2022-11-035.9 - 5.12b8Orange .12b set by DerekCrane Wall
Dark Side & Exit Wall2022-11-025.10a - 5.12c5Black .12c set by MarcusExit Wall
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2022-10-275.10c - 5.13a9Pink .12a set by MosesDark Side & Exit Wall
Ice Cream Cone2022-10-265.10d - 5.13a4.11d set by AstridIce Cream Cone & Dark Side
Ice Cream Cone2022-10-245.11b - 5.12c4Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side
Ice Cream Cone2022-10-205.10a - 5.13b5Ice Cream Cone
Dihedral Cathedral2022-10-195.8 - 5.12a5Blue .11c set by StevenIce Cream Cone
Arch2022-09-295.7 - 5.13c7Blue .12a set by JordanTop Ropes
Top Ropes2022-09-285.5 - 5.10c8Yellow .10c set by JonArch
Arch & Dark Side2022-09-205.9 - 5.11a3.5Arch
Arch2022-09-155.9 - 5.12b8Orange .11b set by JonArch
Harmonized Wall2022-09-145.9 - 5.11d6Orange .11d set by StevenArch
The Corners & Harmonized Wall2022-09-085.8 - 5.12a7White .11b set by StevenHarmonized Wall
Crane Wall2022-08-315.10b - 5.11d5Blue .11d set by StevenCrane Wall & Tall Slab
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2022-08-175.9 - 5.12b5Yellow .11c set by JonCrane Wall
Ice Cream Cone2022-08-165.10c - 5.13b7White .11c set by DerekExit Wall & Crane Wall
Dark Side/Exit Wall2022-08-105.10d - 5.11d5Orange .11b set by MarcusIce Cream Cone
Top-ropes & Ice Cream Cone2022-08-095.10a - 5.12b9Dark Side & Exit Wall
Dihedral Cathedral2022-08-045.7 - 5.11d8White .10d set by JonTop-ropes & Ice Cream Cone
Arch & Top Ropes2022-08-025.6 - 5.12b10Blue .10d set by DerekTop Ropes
TLC2022-07-275.5 - 5.10a6Yellow .9 set by MarcusArch
Arch & Cone Right2022-07-215.8 - 5.11d6Green .11d set by JonArch
Harmonized Wall2022-07-195.9 - 5.12b6Yellow .12b set by MarcusArch
Dark Side & Arch2022-07-145.9 - 5.12c4Harmonized Wall
Dihedral Cathedral & Dark Side2022-07-135.8 - 5.11d7Yellow .11d set by AstridDark Side & Arch
Harmonized Wall2022-06-295.9 - 5.12a4Green .10b set by Astrid & Orange .12a set by StevenLeft & Right of Cone: Comp!
Left Speed Alcove2022-06-235.8 - 5.11a3Black .11a set by MarcusHarmonized Wall
Speed Alcove Right2022-06-165.9 - 5.11a3Pink .10b set by DerekHarmonized Wall or Arch
Tall Slab & Speed Wall Corner (Left)2022-06-085.8 - 5.11c3Speed Wall Corner (Right)
Tall Slab2022-06-075.8 - 5.12a8Yellow .12a set by JordanSpeed Wall Corners
Crane Wall2022-06-015.9 - 5.10b3Pride Route!Crane Wall & Tall Slab
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2022-05-265.10a - 5.12b6Crane Wall
Exit Wall2022-05-255.10b - 5.11d3Yellow .11d set by AstridExit Wall & Crane Wall
Ice Cream Cone & Darkside2022-05-195.10a - 5.12c3Blue .12c set by DLExit Wall
Ice Cream Cone & Darkside2022-05-175.10c - 5.12a4Blue .12a set by JKIce Cream Cone & Darkside
Ice Cream Cone & Darkside2022-05-125.10c - 5.13b4Pink .11d set by StevenIce Cream Cone & Darkside
Ice Cream Cone & Darkside2022-05-115.10a - 5.13d4Blue .12b set by AKIce Cream Cone & Dark Side
Ice Cream Cone & Darkside2022-05-035.10d - 5.12d4Yellow .12d set by JordanIce Cream Cone & Darkside
Dihedral Cathedral & Cone Left2022-04-267Blue .12c set by KrisCone Left
Dihedral Cathedral2022-04-255.9 - 5.12a4Yellow .12a set by JordanDihedral Cathedral & Cone Left
Sender Slab and Tower of Power2022-04-205.6 - 5.12b8Black .11c set by StevenTower of Power & Dihedral Cathedral
Tower of Knowledge2022-04-135.8 - 5.11a6Orange .10d set by MarcusSender Slab & Arch
Arch2022-04-065.7 - 5.12a4Black .11c set by KrisArch & Top Ropes
Arch2022-03-305.10a - 5.12a4Orange .11b set by KrisArch
Sender Slab to Dihedral Cathedral2022-03-285.11d - 5.12d5Youth C&D Comp RoutesArch
Harmonized Wall & Arch2022-03-245.9 - 5.12d5Yellow .11a set by JordanArch
Harmonized Wall2022-03-235.10a - 5.11d4Harmonized Wall & Arch
Speed Wall Corners2022-03-175.8 - 5.12d8Black .11c set by BenHarmonized Wall
Tall Slab2022-03-165.10b - 5.12b6Black .11a set by AstridSpeed Wall Alcoves
Crane Wall2022-03-105.8 - 512a6Green .12a set by JordanTall Slab
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2022-03-095.10b - 5.13a5Blue .10b set by StevenCrane Wall
Ice Cream Cone & The Dark Side2022-03-035.9 - 5.13a5Black .11a set by BenThe Dark Side & Crane Wall
Ice Cream Cone & The Dark Side2022-03-025.10a - 5.11d4The Dark Side
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2022-02-235.11b - 5.12c5White .11d set by MarcusDark Side
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2022-02-225.10c - 5.13d7Orange .13a set by KrisIce Cream Cone & Dark Side
The Dihedral Cathedral2022-02-165.8 - 5.12d6Pink .11c set by KrisIce Cream Cone
Shorty Wall, Dihedral Cathedral2022-02-105.8 - 5.12b8Black .10b set by JordanIce Cream Cone
Sender Slab, Tower of Power2022-02-095.7 - 5.12b7Pink .11d set by Kris
Arch & Top Ropes2022-02-035.6 - 5.13c10Black .10d set by BenSender Slab
Arch2022-01-275.10c - 5.13d5White .11d set by KrisArch, Top Ropes
Arch (Dark Side)2022-01-195.7 - 5.12b8Orange .11d set by MarcusArch (Overhang)
Harmonized Wall & The Arch2022-01-135.9 - 5.12b5White .11d set by KrisThe Arch
Harmonized Wall2022-01-125.10a - 5.11b5Black .10d set by MarcusHarmonized Wall
Speed Wall2022-01-065.8 - 5.11c5Pink .11c set by JordanHarmonized Wall
Speed Wall2022-01-055.8 - 5.12d3White .10d set by AstridSpeed Wall
Speed Wall2021-12-235.11a - 5.13c3Blue .13c set by KrisHoliday Break!
Tall Slab2021-12-225.10a - 5.10d2Orange .10d set by KrisSpeed Wall
Crane Wall & Tall Slab2021-12-135.10b - 5.11b3Tall Slab
Crane Wall2021-12-085.9 - 5.12c6Black .12a set by JordanTall Slab
Exit Wall2021-12-075.10b - 5.11c3Yellow .11c set by KrisExit Wall & Crane Wall
Dark Side & Exit Wall2021-12-025.9 - 5.13a6Black .11c set by KrisExit Wall & Crane Wall
Dark Side2021-12-015.10b - 5.12a4Black .10d set by JordanDark Side
Ice Cream Cone2021-11-295.10b - 5.12c4Green .10c set by JordanDark Side
Ice Cream Cone2021-11-245.11b - 5.13a3Yellow .11b set by KrisIce Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone2021-11-115.12a - 5.12c2Ice Cream Cone
Dihedral Cathedral & Ice Cream Cone2021-11-045.10c - 5.13c5Pink .10d set by KrisIce Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone2021-11-035.11b - 5.12b3Green .11d set by KrisIce Cream Cone
Dihedral Cathedral2021-10-275.8 - 5.12c6Orange .11c set by EduardoIce Cream Cone
Tower of Power & Dihedral Carthedral2021-10-215.8 - 5.11b5Green .11a set by MarcusDihedral Cathedral & Ice Cream Cone
Sender Slab & Tower of Power2021-10-205.9 - 5.12a8Black .11c set by Marcus
Tower of Knowledge2021-10-125.6 - 5.11c9Black .7 set by JordanSender Slab & Tower of Power
Harmonized Wall & Arch2021-10-115.10d & 5.11d2Sender Slab
Shorty Wall2021-10-065.5 - 5.10a6Green .7 set by MarcusShorty Wall & Tower Of Knowledge
Arch2021-09-285.10b - 5.13b8Green .12c set by MarcusTop Ropes
Arch2021-09-275.7 - 5.12b4Yellow .12b set by MarcusArch Overhang
Arch2021-09-235.9 - 5.12b6Green .10d set by KrisArch
Speed Wall & Harmonized Wall2021-09-205.8 - 5.12b4Orange .12b set by JordanThe Arch
Speed Wall2021-09-165.10a - 5.146Yellow .12b set by KrisHarmonized Wall
Crack Alcoves & Harmonized Wall2021-09-155.8 - 5.11d4Pink .10b set by EduardoSpeed Wall
Crack Alcoves2021-09-095.10a - 5.12a5Yellow .10d set by KrisSpeed Wall
Crane Wall, Tall Slab2021-09-085.10a - 5.12a5Green .10a set by KrisCrack Alcoves
Exit Wall, Crane Wall2021-09-025.8 - 5.11d4Blue .11d set by KrisTall Slab
Exit Wall & Crane Wall2021-08-315.10d - 5.12b3Blue .11d set by KrisCrane Wall
Dark Side & Exit Wall2021-08-265.11d - 5.12c2Crane Wall
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2021-08-255.10b - 5.13c5Yellow .11c set by EduardoExit Wall
Ice Cream Cone2021-08-195.11c - 5.13a4Black .13a set by JordanDark Side
Ice Cream Cone2021-08-175.10d - 5.13b7Yellow .11b set by JordanIce Cream Cone
Dark Side and Exit Wall2021-08-125.9 - 5.12a6Black .12a set by KrisIce Cream Cone
Ice Cream Cone2021-08-105.10.b - 5.12d5Black .12a set by JordanIce Cream Cone
Dihedral Cathedral2021-08-035.7 - 5.12a10White .10c set by KrisIce Cream Cone
Sender Slab & Tower of Power2021-07-285.8 - 5.12b8Green .11d set by JordanDihedral Cathedral
Tower of Knowledge & Sender Slab2021-07-275.6 - 5.11c11Yellow .11c set by JordanSender Slab, Tower of Power
Tower of Knowledge2021-07-205.5 - 5.10a6Between the Towers of Knowledge and Power
Arch2021-07-145.10b - 5.12d5
Arch2021-07-065.6 - 5.11c4
Arch2021-07-015.10s - 5.11d4Pink .11d set by Kris
Arch2021-06-305.10a - 5.11c3
The Harmonized Wall2021-06-235.9 - 5.13a3Pink .10c set by Eduardo
Harmonized Wall2021-06-225.10b - 5.12b3Orange .11a set by Kris
Ice Cream Cone2021-06-085.12c - 5.14a3Blue .12c set by Eduardo
Tall Slab & Left Speed Wall Crack2021-06-025.8 - 5.10d3Yellow .10d set by Marcus
Crane Wall & Tall Slab2021-06-015.9 - 5.12b7Rainbow .10a set by Kris
Dark Side & Crane Wall2021-05-275.8 - 5.12a6Orange .10d set by Devan
Dark Side2021-05-265.10b - 5.12b2Blue .12b set by Eduardo
The Dark Side2021-05-245.11d1
The Dark Side2021-05-195.7 - 5.11a2Green .7 set by Eduardo
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2021-05-185.10c - 5.12c6Yellow .12c set by Jordan
Ice Cream Cone2021-05-135.10b - 5.13a4White .10b set by Devan
Ice Cream Cone2021-05-115.10c - 5.12d6Blue .11b set by Eduardo
Ice Cream Cone2021-05-055.10b - 5.13b4Green .12b set by Marcus
Left of the Ice Cream Cone2021-04-285.8 - 5.12a4Blue .12a set by Kris
Tower of Power2021-04-275.7 - 5.11c12.10d set by Jordan
Sender Slab2021-04-215.7 -5.12a4
Tower of Knowledge2021-04-145.9 - 5.11d4
Speed Wall Cracks2021-03-315.11b - 5.11c2
Top Ropes2021-02-165.5 - 5.10a6
Arch2021-02-095.6 - 5.12a4
Arch2021-01-265.10c - 5.12d4
The Arch2021-01-195.11a - 5.12c4
Arch2021-01-125.10a - 5.11c2
Crane Wall2021-01-055.10b - 5.12c2
Tall Slab & Crane Wall2020-12-165.8 - 5.12a4
Crane Wall2020-12-155.10a - 5.11c3
Crane Wall2020-12-085.9 - 5.12c4
Exit Wall2020-12-025.10d - 5.11d3
Exit Wall2020-12-015.9 - 5.12b2
Dark Side2020-11-255.10c - 5.13d2
Dark Side2020-11-245.10a - 5.11d2
Cone2020-11-185.10d -5.12b4
Cone2020-11-175.10b - 5.12c3
Cone2020-11-125.11c - 5.13a3
Dihedral Cathedral2020-11-115.8 - 5.11d4
Tower of Power2020-11-045.7 - 5.11c6Green .8 set by Kris
Tower of Power2020-10-285.10a - 5.11a2
Arch & Top Ropes2020-10-215.6 - 5.12b5White .11a set by Eduardo
Speed Wall & Arch2020-10-145.9 - 5.13b5
Dark Side & Crane Wall2020-10-135.7 - 5.12c8Black .11c set by Kody
Top Ropes & Ice Cream Cone2020-10-085.6 - 5.12b6Black .11c set by Marcus
Speed Wall Alcove & The Arch2020-10-065.9 - 5.13c6Orange .13c set by Kody
The Dark Side, Crane Wall, Arch2020-10-015.10a - 5.12a5Pink .11c Set By Kody
Exit Door & Crane Wall2020-10-015.10a - 5.12a5Pink 11c set by Kody
Ice Cream Cone & The Dark Side2020-09-305.7 - 5.13b6Orange .11d set by Eduardo
Top Ropes2020-09-245.6 - 5.10d6Pink .6 set by Devan
Top Ropes2020-07-095.6 - 5.10c4Blue .8 set by Kris
Speed Wall & Arch2020-07-085.10c - 5.13a5Green .11c set by Kris
Ice Cream Cone to Exit Door2020-07-015.11b - 5.12c4Green .11b set by Jordan
Tower of Knowledge & Sender Slab
2020-03-125.5 - 5.12d20Blue .12a set by Randy
Arch2020-03-055.6 - 5.12a6Yellow .12a Set by Marcus
Arch2020-02-275.10c - 5.13b8Blue .12b Set by Kris
Arch2020-02-265.10b - 5.12b4Green 12b Set by Jordan
Arch2020-02-205.7 - 5.12a5Green .12a set by Eduardo
Speed Wall and Harmonized Wall2020-02-125.9-5.12b7Green .11d set by MP
Corners Left & Right2020-02-065.8 - 5.12b10Orange .9 set by Kris
Corners Left & Speed Wall2020-02-055.9 - 5.12a10Blue .11c set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2020-01-315.10d - 5.11b2
Crane Wall & Tall Slab2020-01-305.8 - 5.12c8Blue .8 set by Marcus
Tall Slab and Crane Wall2020-01-295.9 - 5.12c8Orange .10b set by Marcus
Dark Side2020-01-245.10a1
Ice Cream Cone & Dark Side2020-01-235.8 - 5.13a6Blue .13a set by Marcus
Ice Cream Cone2020-01-225.11a - 5.14a4Blue .13d set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2020-01-175.11b - 5.11c2Blue .11b set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2020-01-165.10a - 5.13a6Black .12a set by Marcus
Dihedral Cathedral2020-01-155.8 - 5.12b3Pink .12b set by Eduardo
Tower of Knowledge & Dihedral Cathedral2020-01-095.7 - 5.11a12Pink .10a set by Marcus
Between the Towers of Knowledge & Power2020-01-085.6 - 5.12b10.12b set by Marcus
Shorty Wall & Tower of Knowledge2020-01-035.5 - 5.10d9Yellow .10d set by Eduardo
Sender Slab2019-12-275.6 - 5.11c5
Arch2019-12-195.6 - 5.13c8Yellow .13c set by Kris
Arch2019-12-185.7 - 5.11d4Blue .10a set by Marcus
Arch2019-12-125.10b - 5.13a8Green .10d set by Randy
Arch2019-12-115.8 - 5.11d6Black .10b set by Marcus
Speed Wall & Harmonized Wall2019-12-055.10c - 5.12b8White .11b set by Kris
Harmonized Wall2019-12-045.9 - 5.12b7Yellow .11c set by Randy
Speed Wall2019-11-275.10b - 5.13c3Pink .13c set by Randy
Speed Wall and Corner2019-11-215.10a - 5.12a5Green .10a set by Kris
Tall Slab2019-11-205.8 - 5.12b4Blue .12b set by Marcus
Crane Wall2019-11-135.9 - 5.11d8Blue .10d set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-11-055.10b - 5.12a7Green .11b set by Eduardo
Dark Side2019-10-315.9 - 5.12b5Green .11a set by Kris
The Dark Side2019-10-305.9 - 5.12c8Orange .11d set by Jordan
Ice Cream Cone2019-10-245.10d - 5.14b4Pink .12c set by Jordan M
Broken Column2019-10-215.8 - 5.12b10Orange .11a set by Jordan
Dihedral Catherdral & Ice Cream Cone2019-10-185.8 - 5.13a8Blue .12b set by Jordan M
Ice Cream Cone2019-10-175.11c - 5.11d2Yellow .11d set by Randy
Tower of Knowledge2019-10-155.8 - 5.11d12White .11a set by Marcus
Tower of Knowledge2019-10-115.8 - 5.10a2
Between the Towers of Knowledge and Power2019-10-105.6 - 5.12b10Blue .12b set by Randy
Tower of Knowledge2019-10-095.5 - 5.11c14Orange .9 set by Marcus
Arch2019-10-045.7 - 5.11b2
Left Leg of the Arch2019-10-025.6 - 5.11c5Green .10b set by Jordan K
Speed Wall & Harmonized Wall2019-09-275.11a - 5.12a2
Arch2019-09-265.10b - 5.13b8Yellow .11c set by Randy
Arch2019-09-255.7 - 5.13a10
Speed Wall2019-09-205.10b - 5.13c3Black .13c set by Devan
Harmonized Wall2019-09-195.8 - 5.12a9Pink .11b set by Jordan
Speed Wall2019-09-175.9 - 5.12d10Blue .12b set by Randy
Tall Slab and Left Corner2019-09-125.8 - 5.11d10
Left of The Torch2019-09-055.10a - 5.12c4Blue .12c set by Devan
Cone, Darkside, Exit2019-09-045.10b - 5.12d8Black .12a set by Jordan
Left of The Torch2019-09-045.9 - 5.11d6Yellow .10c set by Kris
Ice Cream Cone2019-09-035.10d - 5.13c9Blue .13b set by Randy
Cone2019-08-305.10a - 5.12a2Yellow .12a set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2019-08-295.10b - 5.13a8Green .12c set by Jordan M.
Exit Wall2019-08-295.8 - 5.12a8Blue .10b set by Kris
Broken Column2019-08-285.8 - 5.11d7Black .8 set by Devan
Darkside Wall2019-08-275.9 - 5.12b6Orange .11b set by Jordan
Shorty Wall, Left of Cone2019-08-235.7 - 5.12c6Blue .10c set by Randy
Shorty Wall, Tower of Power2019-08-215.7 - 5.11d11Blue .11d set by Jordan
Between the Towers of Knowledge & Power2019-08-125.7 - 5.10c4Green .10c set by Kody
Arch2019-08-095.10b - 5.11a3Orange .10c set by Randy
Shorty Wall, Tower of Knowledge2019-08-085.6 - 5.12b9White .11a set by Randy
Shorty Wall, Tower of Knowledge2019-08-085.6 - 5.12b9White .11a set by Randy
Shorty Wall2019-08-075.5 - 5.10a6Green .10a set by Kody
Arch2019-08-025.10a - 5.11b3Green .11b set by Kody
Arch2019-08-015.8 - 5.13a8Blue .12a set by Randy
Corners, Speed Wall, Harmonized Wall2019-07-315.8 - 5.11d6Black .8 set by Kody
Arch2019-07-255.7 - 5.12b8Orange .10c set by Randy
Harmonized Wall2019-07-235.8 - 5.11d8Black .11c set by Kody
Tall Slab, Speed Wall2019-07-165.10a - 5.12c6Green .12a set by Kody
Speed Wall2019-07-125.10d - 5.13a3Black .11b set by Devan
Crane Wall2019-07-105.8 - 5.12b4Green .12b set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-07-035.10a - 5.11b2Orange .11b set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-06-265.10b - 5.12a6Green .10d set by Jordan K.
Ice Cream Cone2019-06-145.10b - 5.13a2
Ice Cream Cone, Darkside2019-06-135.10c - 5.12d8White .12a set by Jordan M.
Darkside2019-06-125.9 - 5.12b3Blue .12b set by Kody
The Cone, Darkside2019-06-115.10a - 5.12a8Rainbow .10a set by Jordan K. & Green .11a set by Kris
The Cone2019-06-075.11b - 5.12d3Blue .11d set by Devan
Cone2019-06-065.9 - 5.13c7Pink .12a set by Randy
Shorty Wall, Cone2019-06-055.7 - 5.11c6Yellow .11a set by Moses
Short Wall2019-05-315.8 - 5.11a5
Tower of Knowledge, Tower of Power2019-05-285.6 - 5.12c11Black .12c set by Kody
Shorty Wall2019-05-245.7 - 5.12a5White 12a set by Randy
Shorty Wall2019-05-235.5 - 5.11c5Blue .11c set by Kody
Arch, Shorty Wall2019-05-215.6 - 5.12d8Blue .12c set by Marcus
Arch2019-05-175.7 - 5.11b4Blue .11b set by Randy
Arch2019-05-165.10c - 5.12a5Yellow .11a set by Kody
Arch2019-05-105.10d - 5.11b2
Arch2019-05-095.10c - 5.12b6Black .10c set by Randy
Close Leg of the Arch2019-05-025.10c - 5.11c4Pink .10d set by Randy
Harmonized Wall2019-04-305.9 - 5.12a6
Speedwall2019-04-265.10b - 5.11d2
the corners2019-04-255.8 - 5.11c6Randy's Black 11c
Tall Slab2019-04-235.10a - 5.11b3White .10a set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-04-175.10b -5.10d2Green .10d set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-04-155.11c1
Crane Wall2019-04-115.10a - 5.11d4Black .11d set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-04-105.10a - 5.11c4Black .11c set by Marcus
The Exit Wall2019-04-045.10a - 5.11b4White .10d set by Randy
Dark Side2019-04-035.10b - 5.13a65.12a set by Randy
Dark Side of the Cone2019-03-285.10a - 5.12c6Blue .12b set by Devan
Cone2019-03-205.7-5.13a6Black 13a set by Moses
Dihedral Cathedral2019-03-195.10b - 5.11a3
Dihedral Cathedral & Ice Cream Cone2019-03-185.10a - 5.12c2
Tower of Power & Ice Cream Cone2019-03-145.6 - 5.13a6White .13a set by Devan
Tower of Power and Ice Cream Cone2019-03-135.9 - 5.12b6Blue .11a set by Jordan
Shorty Wall & Tower of Knowledge2019-02-285.7 - 5.11d12Yellow .11c set by Randy
Arch & Shorty Wall2019-02-265.6 - 5.13a10Black .12c set by Randy
Arch2019-02-215.7- 512b6Black .11b set by Randy
Arch2019-02-205.9-5.12b9Blue .12a set by Kody
Right Corner2019-02-135.8 - 5.11c5Black .10b set by Jordan
Tall Slab2019-02-075.8 - 5.11d6Green .11d set by Randy
Crane Wall2019-02-065.10a-5.12d7Black .11a set by Kody
Ice Cream Cone2019-01-295.8 - 5.13a16Orange .12a set by Jordan
Cone Zone2019-01-245.10d - 5.13a4Blue .11b set by Devan
Ice Cream Cone2019-01-235.9 - 5.13b105.12d set by Kody
Dihedral Cathedral2019-01-175.6 - 5.11d9Green .11a set by Jordan
Between the Towers of Knowledge & Power2019-01-155.6 - 5.12a11Pink .10b set by Marcus
Tower Of Knowledge2019-01-105.5 - 5.11c12Yellow .11c set by Marcus
Arch2019-01-025.10c - 5.12c6Yellow .12 set by Randy
Harmonized Wall2018-12-215.10d - 5.11d2
Arch2018-12-195.7 - 5.12a7Green .10d set by Kody
Harmonizer Wall2018-12-185.8 - 5.12b8
Speed Wall2018-12-145.10d - 5.11c3
Speed Wall & Right Corner2018-12-135.7 - 5.12d7Orange .12a set by Trevor
Tall Slab, Left Corner and Speed Wall2018-12-125.8 - 5.13a10Orange .13a set by Adriel
Crane Wall2018-11-295.9 - 5.11c8Black 11a set by Marcus
Exit Wall2018-11-275.9 - 5.12b6Green .11d set by Marcus
Ice Cream Cone2018-11-085.10b - 5.12c8.12c set by Marcus
Ice Cream Cone2018-11-065.10d - 5.13d9Blue .11b set by Jordan
Towers of Knowledge & Power2018-10-175.6 - 5.11d10Orange 10d set by Kody
Tower of Knowledge2018-10-115.6 - 5.11c8.11c set by Jordan
Arch & Shorty Wall2018-10-105.6 - 5.11a9Green .7 set by Jordan
Arch2018-10-045.8 - 5.11d8.10b set by Devan
Arch2018-10-035.10b - 5.13b8.13b set by Moses
Harmonizer Wall2018-09-275.9 - 5.12a
9Green .12a set by Devan
Speed Wall2018-09-265.10c - 5.12c9
Tall Slab
2018-09-205.7 - 5.12b8Pink .12a set by Marcus
Dark Side & Crane Wall2018-09-145.11c - 5.12b2
Dark Side2018-09-125.10b - 5.13c6Green .13c set by Kody
Ice Cream Cone2018-08-295.10d - 5.13b4White .13b set by Randy
Dihedral Cathedral2018-08-165.7 - 5.11d9Pink .11d set by Randy
Tower of Power2018-08-155.10a - 5.11d7
Tower of Knowledge2018-08-095.5 - 5.12a8Green .11c set by Randy
Tower of Knowledge2018-08-085.11a - 5.11b2
Shorty Wall & Tower of Knowledge2018-08-075.5 - 5.10c9White .10a set by Jordan
Harmonized Wall & Arch2018-08-025.8 - 5.12c8Black .10d set by Marcus
Arch2018-08-015.6 - 5.12d8Green .10a set by Moses
Arch2018-07-315.7 - 5.13a10Orange .12a set by Kris
Speed Wall and Corners2018-07-265.9 - 5.13a8Green 13a set by RC
Speed Wall2018-07-255.8 - 5.12c7
Tall Slab2018-07-195.8 - 5.12a8Orange .9 set by Jordan
Crane Wall2018-07-185.9 - 5.11d8
The Dark Side2018-07-115.9-5.12b8
Ice Cream Cone2018-07-03510d - 5.12d8
Ice Cream Cone2018-06-285.10b - 5.12b8
Left of the Cone2018-06-275.7 - 5.12c8White .12c set by Moses
Between the Towers of Knowledge & Power2018-06-135.6 - 5.11b12Yellow .9 set by Kody
Tower of Knowledge2018-06-075.8 - 5.12a12Yellow 11a set by Marcus
Left Leg of the Arch and Shorty Wall2018-06-055.5 - 5.11b6Yellow .11b set by Marcus
Crane Wall & Tall Slab2018-05-305.9 - 5.12b8White .9 set by Kris
Arch2018-05-245.10b - 5.12b6Green .11d set by Jordan
Speed & Harmonizer Wall2018-05-225.10a - 5.12a6
Crane Wall & Arch2018-05-175.10a - 5.11d6
Darkside & Arch2018-05-165.7 - 5.11c8
Cone2018-05-155.10c - 5.12a8
Cone2018-05-145.9 - 5.12a8
Dihedral Cathedral2018-05-035.6 - 5.12b4
Shorty Wall2018-04-195.6 - 5.11b6
Shorty Wall2018-04-175.6 - 5.93
Arch2018-04-125.7 - 5.12d8Green .11c Set by Jordan
Harmonized Wall2018-04-055.7 - 5.12a8Orange .11d set by Marcus
EXIT Wall2018-03-145.10a - 5.12a5Orange 5.10d set by Moses
Dihedral Cathedral & Ice Cream Cone2018-03-015.9 - 5.12d8
Between the Towers of Knowledge and Power2018-02-085.5 - 5.11d12Pink .11b set by Devan
Shorty Wall2018-02-065.6 - 5.11a9
Close Leg of the Arch2018-01-255.8 - 5.12c8Black .10c set by Jordan
Speed Wall2018-01-245.8 - 5.12d14White .11b set by Devan
Corners2018-01-185.7 - 5.11c11Black .11b set by Randy
Exit! & Crane Wall2018-01-115.10a - 5.11c8Yellow .11a set by Moses
The Dark Side2018-01-045.9 - 5.12a10Black .11b set by Kris
Dihedral Cathedral2017-12-145.8 - 5.12a7Black .10b set by Randy
Between the Towers of Knowledge and Power2017-12-075.5 - 5.12a12Green .11c set by Randy
Shorty Wall2017-12-065.7 - 5.11b6Orange .11a set by Kody
Harmonizer Wall2017-11-225.9 - 5.12c8Black .10c set by Kody
EXIT!2017-11-015.9 - 5.12a10Orange .10d set by Moses
Darkside2017-10-265.10a - 5.11d
6Black .11d set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2017-10-255.10c - 5.13b10Pink .11a set by Devan
Ice Cream Cone2017-10-195.10d - 5.12c6Yellow .10c set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2017-10-185.9 - 5.13a10Yellow .10c set by Devan
Dihedral Cathedral2017-10-125.6 - 5.12a13Black .11b set by Randy
Tower of Power2017-10-115.7 - 5.11d12Black .11d set by Kody
Tower of Knowledge2017-10-055.7 - 5.12a12
Far Leg of the Arch & Tower of Knowledge
2017-10-045.5 - 5.12c12Green .11c set by Kris
Arch2017-09-205.10a - 5.12c6Pink .11c set by Devan
Speed Wall2017-09-135.9 - 5.12d8Blue .11c set by Kris
Harmonized Wall2017-09-075.7 - 5.12c11 Blue .11d set by Marcus
Crane Wall2017-09-055.9 - 5.12a6Yellow .11b set by Marcus
Exit!2017-08-315.10a - 5.12a4Pink .10c set by Randy
Exit Wall2017-08-305.9 - 5.11b4Green .9 set by Jordan
Dark Side2017-08-245.10a - 5.13a10Orange .13a set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2017-08-235.10c - 5.12d6Green .10d set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2017-08-175.10c - 5.12d7Blue .12c set by Randy
Left Side of the Ice Cream Cone2017-08-105.10c - 5.13a9White .11c set by Marcus
Dihedral Cathedral2017-08-085.8 - 5.11d9Green .11b set by Jordan
Between the Towers of Knowledge & Power2017-08-035.6 - 5.12a12Yellow .8 set by Jordan
Tower of Knowledge2017-07-275.5 - 5.11b9Pink .10d set by Kody
Speed Wall2017-07-265.10b - 5.12b8Green .11b set by Kody
Close Leg of the Arch2017-07-195.10a - 5.13b7White .11c set by Kris
The Close Leg of the Arch2017-07-135.8 - 5.12d8Yellow .10b set by Randy
Harmonized Wall2017-07-125.7 - 5.12b8White .11a set by Kody
Corners2017-07-055.7 - 5.11d6Black .11d set by Kris
Dark Side, Crane Wall, & Tall Slab2017-06-295.9 - 5.13d10Black .10c set by Johnny
Crane Wall2017-06-285.10a - 5.12a8Black .11a set by Kody
Dark Side of the Cone2017-06-225.8 - 5.12c8Yellow .11c set by Johnny
Ice Cream Cone & Sender Slab2017-06-215.10a - 5.13c10Pink 11c set by Moses
Ice Cream Cone2017-06-155.10a - 5.12d9White .12a set by Randy
Dihedral Cathedral2017-06-135.8 - 5.11a6Yellow .10a set by Nathan
Tower of Power2017-06-065.8 - 5.11a
6White .10a Set by Nathan
Sender Nook2017-06-015.7 - 5.12b6Blue .12b set by David
Tower of Knowledge2017-05-305.5 - 5.12a11Green .10b set by Kody
Arch2017-05-245.10a - 5.12c7Blue .11b set by Kris
Harmonizer and Close Side of the Arch2017-05-175.9 - 5.12a6Orange .10b set by David
Harmonizer Wall2017-05-045.9 - 5.12b6Yellow .10c set by Jordan
Corners2017-05-025.8 - 5.11d6Black .11d set by David
Tall Slab2017-04-265.6 - 5.12a9Black .12a set by Randy
Tower of Knowledge & Arch2017-03-095.5 - 5.10c5Yellow .9 set by Moses
Arch2017-03-075.9 - 5.12b6White .10d set by Chad
Arch2017-03-025.10a - 5.12c6Green .12c set by Chad
Arch2017-03-015.7 - 5.11d5Orange .11d set by Kody
Harmonizer2017-02-235.7 - 12a4Green .12a set by Randy
Corners, Harmonized Wall2017-02-225.9 - 5.11a4Green .10d set by Kody
Corners, Speed Wall2017-02-155.7 - 5.12a5Orange .10d set by Kris
Speed Wall2017-02-145.9 - 5.12c6
Tall Slab2017-02-095.8 - 5.11d4Green .10c set by Chad
Crane Wall2017-02-085.9 - 5.11d7Blue .11b set by Kody
Dark Side2017-02-025.9 - 5.13a10Yellow .10d set by Moses
Ice Cream Cone2017-01-265.10c - 5.12c4Black .12b set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone

2017-01-255.10d - 5.13a6White .11c set by Moses
Ice Cream Cone2017-01-195.9 - 5.12c11Blue .12a set by Moses
Dihedral Cathedral & Ice Cream Cone2017-01-175.8 - 5.12d10Orange .11a set by Kris
Towers of Knowledge & Power2017-01-125.6 - 5.11c14White .10d set by Kody & Randy
Arch & Tower of Knowledge2017-01-115.6 - 5.11b13Orange .10 set by Kody
Arch2017-01-065.6 - 5.11b2Green .11b set by Randy
Arch & Harmonized Wall2017-01-055.7 - 5.11d9Blue .10c set by Kody
Speed Wall2016-12-155.7 - 5.12d6Black .10d set by Michael
Tall Slab2016-12-085.8 - 5.12a4Black .12a set by Randy
Crane Wall2016-12-075.9 - 5.12a10Pink .12 set by Randy
Dark Side of the Cone2016-12-015.9 - 5.11b
8Yellow .11a set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2016-11-295.10b - 5.13a12Yellow .12a set by Kody
Ice Cream Cone2016-11-175.10c - 5.13a8
Dihedral Cathedral2016-11-105.8 - 5.12c10White .10d set by Kris
Tower of Power2016-11-035.7 - 5.12a9Yellow .10b set by Chad
Tower of Knowledge2016-10-185.6 - 5.118Blue .10c set by Kody
Left Leg of the Arch2016-10-135.10a - 5.11b4Yellow .10b set by Randy
Right Leg of the Arch2016-09-285.10c - 5.13b9
Harmonized Wall and Right Leg of the Arch2016-09-225.9 - 5.11a7Pink .10b set by Kody
Harmonized Wall2016-09-215.8 - 5.12b8Orange .12b set by Chad
Speed Wall2016-09-155.10a - 5.12c8Orange .10a set by Chad
Tall Slab and Corner2016-09-145.7 - 5.11c9Yellow .10a set by Randy
Crane Wall2016-09-085.8 - 5.12a8Blue .11c set by Brian
Crane Wall2016-09-075.10a - 5.12a8Blue .11a set by Moses
The Dark Side2016-09-025.10b - 5.12c8Green .12c set by Brian
Ice Cream Cone2016-09-015.11a - 5.13a7Green .12b set by Kody
Dark Side2016-08-265.9 - 5.11a2Green .9 set by Randy
Left Leg of the Arch2016-08-255.7 - 5.12b6Orange .12b set by Randy
Arch2016-08-195.10d - 5.12b8Green .11d set by Moses
Right Leg of the Arch2016-08-185.9 - 5.12b7Black .10d set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2016-08-125.11a - 5.13a6White .11d Set By Randy
Ice Cream Cone2016-08-115.10a - 5.12a6Green .12a set by Randy
Tower of Power & Dihedral Cathedral2016-08-055.7 - 5.12a9Green .11b set by Brian
Tower of Power2016-08-045.7 - 5.11d9Pink .10d set by Brian
Towers of Knowledge and Power2016-07-295.6 - 5.12a6Black .12a set by Randy
The Tower of Knowledge2016-07-285.5 - 5.11a13Yellow .10c set by Kody
Harmonized Wall2016-07-225.9 - 5.12d10Orange .11a set by Chad
Speed Wall and Corners
2016-07-215.8 - 5.13a8Black .11a set by Randy
Speed Wall2016-07-155.10b - 5.12b4Blue .11a set by Chad
Ice Cream Cone, Dark Side, Corners2016-07-145.8 - 5.12a8Blue .10c set by Brian
Crane Wall2016-07-085.8 - 5.11d6Orange .11d set by Moses
Dark Side, Crane Wall2016-07-075.9 - 5.12a8Black .10a set by Kody
Tower of Power2016-07-015.7 - 5.11b12Green .11c set by Randy
Tower of Power, Ice Cream Cone, & Dark Side2016-06-305.9 - 5.12d9White .9 set by Brian
Ice Cream Cone, Arch2016-06-225.10a - 5.12c8Yellow .12b set by Kody
Shorty Wall, Ice Cream Cone, The Dark Side, Arch2016-06-215.10b - 5.11d8
Shorty Wall, Ice Cream Cone, The Dark Side, Arch2016-06-185.12b - 5.13b13
Tower of Knowledge2016-05-265.6 - 5.12c6Black .12c set by Randy
Tower of Knowledge2016-05-255.5 - 5.10d8Black .10d set by Brian
Arch2016-05-205.7 - 5.11a6Yellow .11a set by Kody
Arch2016-05-195.9 - 5.12d6Orange .11d set by Randy
Harmonized Wall2016-05-135.7 - 5.12b10Green .11c set by Brian
The Corners2016-05-065.9 - 5.12a6Green .11b set by Kody
Tall Slab2016-05-055.8 - 5.11b6Yellow .8 set by Nicole
Crane Wall2016-04-285.10b - 5.11d2
Crane Wall & Tall Slab2016-04-225.10a - 5.11d8Green .11b set by Brian
Crane Wall2016-04-215.9 - 5.11c5Yellow .10c set by Chad
Cone & Dark Side2016-04-155.10a - 5.13c10Black .12a set by Chad
Tower of Power & Dihedral Cathedral
2016-04-085.6 - 5.11d10Green .11d set by Randy
Towers of Knowledge & Power2016-04-075.7 - 5.11d
8Blue .10c Set By Chad
RIght Leg of the Arch & Harmonizer2016-03-315.10a - 5.12b8Green .12a Set by Brian
Cone & Left Leg of the Arch2016-03-305.10a - 5.12d8
Everywhere2016-03-255.8 - 5.13b30
The Tower of Knowledge2016-03-185.6 - 5.10d4Orange .10d set by Randy
Crane Wall2016-03-105.9 - 5.12b6Yellow .12b set by Randy
Crane Wall2016-03-045.10b - 5.12c7Pink 10b set by Moses
Dark Side2016-03-035.10c - 5.11c3Blue .11c set by Kody
The Cone & the Dark Side2016-02-265.10a - 5.13d8Green .10b set by Moses
Ice Cream Cone2016-02-255.11b - 5.13a6Black .12d set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2016-02-185.10d - 5.12b3Blue .12b set by Chad
Right Side of the Cone2016-02-125.7 - 5.13b10Blue .12d set by Chad
Dihedral Cathedral, Ice Cream Cone2016-02-115.8 - 5.12b9Blue 5.10c set by Moses
Tower of Power2016-02-055.6 - 5.11d11Green .10d set by Brian
Tower Of Knowledge2016-01-285.8 - 5.11c11Orange .11a set by Randy
Tower of Knowledge & Arch
2016-01-275.6 - 5.11b8White .11a set by Kody
Arch2016-01-215.10b - 5.12d10Blue 5.11b set by Brian
Arch2016-01-205.6 - 5.11c8Black 5.10d set by
Harmonize Wall & Right Leg of the Arch2016-01-145.7 - 5.11d10Black .11d set by Brian
The Corners2016-01-135.8 - 5.11c6Green .11c set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone & Tall Slab2016-01-075.7 - 5.13d
10Black .11a set by Moses
Crane Wall2016-01-065.9 - 5.11d8Black .11a set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2015-12-175.10a - 5.12c8Green .12b set by Brian
Dihedral Cathedral
2015-12-165.8 - 5.11d4Black .11d set by Randy
Ice Cream Cone2015-12-1012/10/201510Black 10d set by Moses
Everywhere2015-12-055.7 - 5.13b25Everything
Tower of Knowledge2015-11-195.6 - 5.11b9
Tower of Knowledge2015-11-185.6 - 5.11a11Orange 5.10c Set By Kody
Left Leg of the Arch2015-11-055.7 - 5.12a9
Right Leg of the Arch2015-11-045.10b - 5.12c7
Right Side of the Arch2015-10-205.9 - 5.11c6
Harmonizer Wall2015-10-155.8 - 5.12a8
Speed Wall & Corners2015-10-145.8 - 5.12a8
Tall Slab, 1 on Cone, & 1 on Dark Side2015-10-085.9 - 5.13a7
Crane Wall2015-10-075.8 - 5.12a
The Dark Side2015-09-305.9 - 5.11c4
The Dark Side2015-09-295.10a - 5.11d12
The Dark Side2015-09-245.10b - 5.12c9
Ice Cream Cone2015-09-235.10d - 5.13b5
Left Cone2015-09-175.10d - 5.13b10
Dihedral Cathedral2015-09-165.9 - 5.11b7
Tower of Power
2015-09-105.6 - 5.11b12
Between the Towers of Knowledge & Power2015-09-095.6 - 5.12a11
Tower of Knowledge2015-09-035.5 - 5.11d11
Left Leg of the Arch2015-09-025.8 - 5.12b5
Both Legs of the Arch & One on the Harmonized2015-09-015.8 - 5.12d10
Right Leg of Arch2015-08-275.9 - 5.13b10
Harmonized Wall and Speed Wall2015-08-265.6 - 5.11d10
The Right Corner2015-08-205.10a - 5.11d4
Left Corner & Speed Wall2015-08-195.7 - 5.12c7
Tall Slab & Crane Wall2015-08-135.8 - 5.12a9
Crane Wall2015-08-125.9 - 5.11c7
Crane Wall2015-08-065.10c - 5.13b7
The Dark Side2015-08-055.9 - 5.12b7
The Dark Side2015-07-305.11a - 5.12d6
Ice Cream Cone2015-07-155.10c - 5.14a14
Ice Cream Cone2015-07-095.11a - 5.12d6
Shorty Wall2015-07-085.9 - 5.11d11
Shorty Wall, Dihedral Cathedral2015-07-025.7 - 5.12d15
Shorty Wall2015-07-015.5 - 5.11b15
Arch2015-06-175.8 - 5.12a7
Corners2015-06-165.8 - 5.12b8
Crane Wall2015-06-115.7 - 5.12a10
Arch2015-06-105.8 - 5.11d8

Latest Boulder Problems

Boulder LocationDate SetGrades# of Problems"Best in Show"Coming Soon
New School2024-06-18v0 - v1125Yellow v6 set by StevenPipeline
Moon Wall & New School2024-06-11v0 - v717White v6 set by StevenNew School
Monster Boulder & Learning Corner2024-06-04v0 - v1020Blue v7 set by StevenMoon Wall
Arch Boulder & Top Out2024-06-03v0 - v1112Yellow v5 set by EliMonster Wall
Top Out2024-05-16v1 - v69Orange v3 set by PhoebeArch Boulder & Monster Boulder
Top Out2024-05-14v0 - v719Green v5 set by StevenTop Out Fill-In
Training Center2024-05-13v0 - v916Blue v7 set by Marcus
Vert Wall, Slab & Hulk2024-05-07v0 - v1222Yellow v2 set by DerekTop Out Wall
Training Center2024-04-29v0 - v810Black v4 set by StevenNew School
Pipeline & Vert Wall2024-03-24v0 - v919Vert Wall & The Hulk
Pipeline Left and Right2024-03-05v0 - v1121Yellow v6 set by JonPipeline and Vert Wall
New School2024-02-13v0 - v1121Partner Climb set by Derek and StevenPipeline
New School2024-02-06v0 - v1020Green v9 set by DerekNew School
Monster Boulder & TLC2024-01-30v0 - v1222Orange v6 set by JonNew School
Top Out & Arch Boulder2024-01-24v0 - v919Green/Yellow v4 set by JonArch, Monster, TLC
The Hulk & Top Out2024-01-16v0 - v1220Orange v6 set by JohnTop Out
The Hulk2024-01-09v0 - v1118Blue v0 set by JonThe Hulk & Top Out
SNATC2024-01-08v1 - v98The Hulk
Vert Wall2024-01-02v0 - v714Blue v5 set by StevenHulk Slab & The Hulk
Vert Wall // Kody's Korner2023-12-27v0 - v77Kody's Korner
Monster Boulder, Learning Corner, Left of Moonboard2023-11-21v0-v1020Green V10 set by Prez
The Hulk & Top Out2023-11-07v0 - v921Green v5 set by DerekTop Out & Arch Boulder
Kody's Corner, Vert Wall2023-10-24v0-v822Green v8 set by DerekHulk Slab and Hulk
Pipeline2023-10-10v0 - v822
New Skool, Vert Wall, Left of Moonboard2023-10-03v0-v1117Yellow V5 set by SV
New School2023-09-27v0 - v1223Blue v8 set by StevenNew School and Moon Wall
The Hulk, Top Out, Arch Boulder2023-09-06v0 - v922Monster Boulder
Pipeline & The Hulk2023-08-30v0 - v1021
Pipeline & Vert Wall2023-08-29v0 - v825Pink v7 set by Marcus
New School2023-08-28v0 - v827Black v8 set by Marcus
Monster Boulder & TLC2023-08-01v0 - v1221White v6 set by StevenSummer Send Off!
Hulk & Top Out2023-07-25v0 - v823White v7 set by MarcusArch Boulder
SNATC2023-07-24v0 - v1011Top Out
Kody's Corner & Vert Wall2023-07-11v0 - v823Orange v4 set by MarcusVert Slab & The Hulk
Pipeline2023-06-27v0-v1021Yellow v6 set by SilasPipeline
SNATC2023-06-26v0 - v617Pipeline
New School2023-06-19v0 - v815Pipeline
New School2023-06-13v0 - v1122Blue v4 set by MarcusNew School
Monster Boulder & Moon Wall2023-06-12v0 - v79Pink v3 set by JordanNew School
Hulk, Top Out, Arch Boulder2023-05-29v0 - v?26
The Hulk2023-05-23v0 - v1022Blue v9 set by JordanTop Out
Pipeline2023-05-09v0 - v1225Black v4 set by JordanVert Wall
New School2023-05-02v0 - v620Yellow v4 set by JonPipeline
New School & Pipeline2023-04-27v0 - v1044League Finals!New School
Monster Boulder & Moon Wall2023-04-18v0 - v?22Boulder League Week #3New School & Pipeline
Hulk & Arch Boulder2023-04-11v0 - v?22Boulder League Week #2Monster Boulder & Moon Wall
The Hulk & Top Out2023-04-04v0 - v?25Boulder League Week #1The Hulk , Top Out, Arch Boulder
Vert Wall2023-03-28v0 - v1025Blue v5 set by JordanHulk Slab, Hulk, Top Out
Pipeline2023-03-21v0 - v1125Black v6 set by MarcusKody's Corner & Vert Wall
New School and TLC2023-02-28v0 - v926Green v5 set by StevenPipeline
New School & Moon Wall2023-02-21v0 - v1029New School
Top Out2023-02-07v0 - v816Orange v6 set by MosesArch Boulder & Monster
The Hulk2023-01-31v0 - v1127Black v6 set by Jordan & Blue v7 set by MosesTop Out
New School & Pipeline2023-01-09v0 - v108Pipeline
Pipeline (Left)2023-01-03v0 - v1023Yellow v8 set by JordanPipeline (Right)
Moon Wall & New School2022-12-22v0 - v820Orange v8 set by MosesNew School
Arch Boulder & Monster Boulder2022-12-13v0 - v1025Yellow v4 set by DerekMoon Wall & New School
The Hulk & Top Out2022-12-06v0 - v1028Arch Boulder & Monster Boulder
Hulk Slab & The Hulk2022-11-29v0 - v1228Green v4 set by JordanThe Hulk & Top Out
Kody's Corner & Vert Wall2022-11-22v0 - v930Orange v3 set by AstridHulk Slab & The Hulk
Pipeline2022-11-15v0 - v1020Black v5 set by JonKody's Corner & Vert Wall
Pipeline2022-11-09v1 - v914White v7 set by DerekPipeline
Pipeline2022-11-05v0 - v1018Black v5 set by JonKody's Corner/Vert Wall
New School2022-11-01v0 - v1120Blue v7 set by MarcusPipeline
SNATC2022-10-31v0 - v915New School
Moon Wall & New School2022-10-25v0 - v831Black v6 set by JonNew School
Arch Boulder & Monster Boulder2022-10-18v0 - v923Blue v4 set by JordanMoon Wall & New School
The Hulk & Top Out2022-10-13v0 - v1125Black v7 set by StevenTop Out & Monster Boulder
Pipeline Right & Vert Wall2022-09-22v0 - v822Pink v4 set by JK
Pipeline & Top Out2022-09-20v0 - v1025Vert Wall
New School (left)2022-09-13v0 - v920Blue v6 set by StevenPipeline
Pipeline (left)2022-09-12v0 - v910Blue v5 set by JordanNew School
Moon Wall & New School2022-09-06v0 - v1026Yellow v4 set by JonNew School
SNATC2022-09-05v1 - v1110Moon Wall
Monster Boulder & TLC2022-08-30v0 - v818Monster Boulder & Moon Wall
SNATC2022-08-29v2 - v88Monster Boulder
Arch Boulder2022-08-15v0 - v815Orange v4 set by JordanMonster Boulder & Moon Wall
The Hulk & Top Out2022-08-11v0 - v1027Yellow v5 set by StevenTop Out & Arch Boulder
The Hulk2022-08-01v1 - v1115Black v5 set by JordanThe Hulk & Top Out
Vert Wall2022-07-27v0 - v926Pink v7 set by MarcusBlack Slab & The Hulk
SNATC/Kilter Board2022-07-25v0 - v8+10+Vert Wall
Pipeline2022-07-20v0 - v1024Blue v3 set by AstridVert Wall
SNATC2022-07-18v1 - v811pipeline
Pipeline2022-07-12v0 - v1120Green v5 set by AstridPipeline
Arch, Monster, & New School2022-07-07v0 - v1118Black v4 set by Marcus, Blue v7 set by JordanPipeline (Left)
New School2022-06-28v0 - v1019Green v2 set by DerekNew School
New School2022-06-21v0 - v810Blue v3 set by DerekMoon Wall & New School
Monster Boulder & Moon Wall2022-06-09v0 - v1015Black v8 set by JonMoon Wall & New School
Top Out2022-05-31v0 - v823Blue v5 set by AstridMonster Boulder
The Hulk & Top Out2022-05-24v0 - v1021Green v8 set by JordanTop Out
Hulk Slab & The Hulk2022-05-18v0 - v1014Blue v6 Set by JordanHulk & Topout
Vert Wall2022-05-10v0 - v821Blue v5 set by AstridHulk Slab & The Hulk
New School & Pipeline2022-05-04v0 - v1117Black v5 set by AdrielVert Wall
TLC, Moon Wall, New School Right2022-05-02v0 - 513Fill-In
Pipeline2022-04-28v0 - v1127Boulder League FinalsFill-In
New School2022-04-27v0 - v1017Boulder League FinalsFill-In
Moon Wall & New School2022-04-19v0 - v1022Boulder League Week 3New School & Pipeline
SNATC2022-04-18v3 - v54Moon Wall & New School
Top Out, Arch Boulder, Monster Boulder2022-04-13v0 - v1022Boulder League Week 2Monster Boulder, Moon Wall, New School?
Kody's Corner, Vert, Hulk, Top Out2022-04-05v0-v1022Boulder League Week 1Top Out, Monster Boulder
The Hulk2022-03-29v0 - v1120Blue v5/7 set by KrisTop Out + (Boulder League!)
Vert Wall2022-03-22v0 - v1020Blue v7 set by KrisThe Hulk
Pipeline & Kody's Corner2022-03-15v0 - v923Orange v3 set by JordanVert Wall
Pipeline2022-03-08v0 - v1017Blue v7 set by KrisPipeline
New School2022-03-01v0 - v1219Blue v5 set by KrisPipeline
Moon Wall and New School2022-02-24v0 - v922White v5 set by KrisNew School
SNATC2022-02-21v3 - v96Moon Wall
System Wall, Monster Boulders, TLC2022-02-15v0 - v1118Black v4 set by AstridMoon Wall
Hulk, Top Out, and TLC2022-02-08v1 - v1018Blue v4 set by KrisSystems, Monster, and TLC
SNATC2022-02-07v1 - v68Arch Boulder & TLC
Top Out2022-02-01v0 - v819Orange v5 set by JordanSNATC
SNATC2022-01-31v2 - v87Top Out
The Hulk2022-01-25v0 - v1126Blue v4 set by Kris, Blue v6 set by JordanTop Out
Vert Wall & Top Out2022-01-18v0 - v1028Yellow v7 set by MarcusThe Hulk
Kody's Corner & Vert Wall2022-01-11v0 - v912Yellow v5 set by AstridVert Wall
Pipeline2022-01-10v0 - v68Blue v3 set by KrisKody's Corner
Pipeline2022-01-04v1 - v1114Blue v8 set by MarcusKody's Corner
Pipeline2021-12-28v2 - v64
Pipeline2021-12-27v1 - v85
New School & Pipeline2021-12-21v0 - v912Orange v6 set by MarcusPipeline
New School2021-12-14v1 - v1013Orange v6 set by AstridNew School & Pipeline
New School2021-12-09v0 - v1018Blue v5 set by Jordan & Blue v6 set by KrisNew School
SNATC & Kilter2021-12-06v3 - v54New School
Monster & Moon Wall2021-11-30v0 - v1118Blue v5 set by KrisSNATC & Kilter
Monster and The Learning Corner2021-11-23v0 - v910Moon Wall
Arch Boulder2021-11-10v1 - v811Black v5 set by AstridMonster Boulder
Top Out2021-11-02v0 - v813Green v4 set by AstridArch Boulder & Monster Boulder
SNATC2021-11-01v2 - v127Top Out Boulder
The Hulk & Top Out2021-10-28v0 - v1122Yellow v5 set by JordanSNATC
The Hulk2021-10-26v0 - v1121Orange v11 set by EduardoTop Out
Vert Wall2021-10-19v0 - v1024Blue v7 set by EduardoVert Slab & The Hulk
Pipeline2021-10-14v0 - v1018Yellow v5 set by KrisKody's Corner & Vert Wall
SNATC2021-10-13v0 - v48N/APipeline
Pipeline2021-10-05v1 - v1113Pink v4 set by MarcusSNATC
SNATC2021-10-04v1 - v69N/APipeline
Pipeline2021-09-30v0 - v810White v3 set by KrisSNATC
SNATC2021-09-22v3 - v814N/APipeline
New School2021-09-21v0 - v919Orange v6 set by JordanSNATC
New School2021-09-14v0 - v1018Blue v9 set by JordanNew School
Monster Boulder, TLC, Moon Wall2021-09-07v0 - v823Blue v4 set by JordanNew School
SNATC2021-09-01v1 - v918Monster Boulder
Monster Boulder2021-08-27v4 - v104Blue v8 set by KrisSNATC
Top Out2021-08-24v0 - v1021Green v4 set by JordanMonster Boulder
The Hulk & Top Out2021-08-11v0 - v1123Blue v8 set by KrisTop Out
Hulk & Top Out2021-08-05v0 - v1221Orange v2 set by MarcusTop Out
Vert Wall2021-07-29v0 - v920Blue v5 set by Devan
New School & Pipeline Right2021-07-19v0 - v58Pink v5 set by Astrid
Pipeline Right2021-07-14v0 - v811Blue v8 set by Marcus
Pipeline Left2021-07-08v0 - v1017Orange v6 set by Kris
New School & Pipeline Left2021-07-05v3 - v63
New School and Left Pipeline2021-06-29v0 - v718Yellow v5 set by Kris
Soccer Ball2021-06-21v2 - v129White v3 set by Kody
Moon Board Right & New School Left2021-06-03v0 - v1116Black v6 set by Kris
Top Out, Monster Boulder, & Moon Wall2021-05-25v0 - v922Orange v7 set by Marcus
Top Out2021-05-20v0 - v610Green v5 set by Devan
The Hulk & Top Out2021-05-17v0 - v1210Black v6 set by Marcus
The Hulk2021-05-12v1 - v811Orange v8 set by Marcus
Vert & The Hulk2021-04-21v0 - v1022
New School & Pipeline2021-04-13v0 - v1022
New School & Pipeline2021-04-06v0 - v1022
Vert, Top Out, Monster, Moon Board2021-03-31v0 - v1022
Top Out2021-02-17v0 - v812
Top Out2021-02-10v0 - v812
The Hulk2021-02-03v2 - v1011
The Hulk2021-01-27v1 - v137
Fill-In (Entire Gym)2021-01-13v0 - v710
Pipeline & Vert Wall2021-01-06v0 - v1110
Pipeline2020-12-23v0 - v99
New School2020-12-09v0 - v119
Hulk & Top Out2020-12-01v0 - v1214
Hulk & Top Out2020-11-10v0 -v1021
Pipeline2020-10-27v0 - v1221Orange v8 set by Eduardo
Monster Boulder & New School2020-10-20v0 - v1117Green v0 set by Kris
Vert, Hulk, & Top Out2020-10-15v0 - v1016
New School and Left Pipeline2020-10-07v0 - v915Black v7 set by Marcus
Hulk & Top Out2020-09-29v0 - v1014Pink v10 set by Kody
Pipeline Right & Vert2020-09-22v0 - v1214Orange v7 set by Marcus
New School & Pipeline Left2020-09-17v0 - v916Yellow v8 set by Jordan
All Areas2020-07-07v0 - v1223Blue v7 set by Moses
All Areas2020-06-30v0 - v1222Green v8 set by Kris
Hulk and Top Out2020-03-10v0 - v1128Yellow v9 Set By Kris
Vert Wall and Hulk Slab2020-03-03v0 - v917Black v7 set by RC
Sun Wall & Pipeline2020-02-11v0 - v1020White v4 set by Randy
Sun Wall2020-02-04v0 - v1018Yellow v3 Set by Marcus
Monster Boulder, Learning Corner and Moon Wall2020-01-28v0 - v1128Yellow v5 set by Jordan
Top Out2020-01-21v0 - v1127Blue v6 set by Eduardo
The Hulk & Top Out2020-01-14v0 - v1023Green v4 set by Kris
Slab & The Hulk2020-01-10v1 - v1110Green v11 set by Kody
Pipeline Slab, Kody's Corner, Vert Wall, Devan's Den2020-01-07v0 - v923Black v7 set by Randy
Pipeline Slab and Kody's Corner2019-12-31v0 - v811White v6 set by Eduardo
Pipeline, Top Out2019-12-20v0 - v45
Pipeline2019-12-17v0 - v1225Blue v4 set by Randy
Sun & Moon Walls2019-12-10v0 - v1125Black v9 set by Moses
Sun & Moon Walls2019-12-06v2 - v910Yellow v4 set by Devan
Sun & Moon Walls2019-12-03v0 - v917Green v4 set by Marcus
Monster Boulder & TLC2019-11-26v0 - v914Yellow v4 set by Marcus
Top Out2019-11-20v1 - v612Pink v2 set by Kris
Pipeline Slab - Top Out2019-11-14v0 - v1025White v6 set by Kris
Sun Wall & Pipeline2019-11-12v0 - v1226Yellow v6 set by Kris
Sun Wall2019-11-08v2 - v611
Pipeline, Hulk, and Top Out2019-11-07v0 - v1020Yellow v6 set by Eduardo
Sun Wall & Pipeline2019-11-06v0 - v1020Orange v5 set by Jordan
The Hulk & Top Out2019-10-29v0 - v1022Blue v10 set by Kris
Vert Wall & The Hulk2019-10-22v0 - v1022Orange v8 set by Kris
Pipeline & Kody's Korner2019-10-18v0 - v922Black v5 set by Kris
Sun Wall & Pipeline2019-10-08v0 - v1022Orange v7 set by Eduardo
Sun Wall & Pipeline2019-10-01v0 - v922Yellow v5 set by Jordan K
Monster Boulder & Moon Wall2019-09-24v0 - v1127Yellow v9 set by Jordan K
The Hulk & Top-Out2019-09-18v0 - v1024Orange v6 set by Randy
Vert Wall, The Hulk2019-09-06v1 - v107Blue v4 set by Randy
Vert Wall, The Hulk2019-09-05v0 - v1120White v5 set by Kody
Pipeline & Vert Wall2019-08-27v0 - v923Orange v5 set by Chrstian
Pipeline2019-08-20v0 - v1029Green v8 set by Christian
Sun Wall2019-08-06v0 - v1023Blue v4 set by Christian
Moon Wall and Sun Wall2019-07-30v0 - v827Pink v5 set by Kody
Top Out Boulder2019-07-26v0 - v716Green v5 set by Randy
Monster Boulder2019-07-24v2 - v108Yellow v7 set by Kody
Top Out2019-07-18v0 - v921Yellow v5 set by Marcus and Jordan M.
Vert Wall, The Hulk, Top Out2019-07-11v0 - v1018Yellow v9 set by Kody
Vert Wall, The Hulk2019-07-09v0 - v1116Blue v11 set by Randy
Pipeline, TLC2019-07-02v0 - v1226White v2 set by Moses
Sun Wall. Moon Wall2019-06-25v0 - v1018Pink v10 set by Moses
Everywhere2019-06-22v0 - v1260
Sun Wall, Moon Wall2019-06-04v0 - v1222Blue v5 set by Randy
Pipeline2019-05-29v0 - v99Black v8 set by Randy
Pipeline2019-05-22v2 - v1012Blue v5 set by Moses
Monster Boulder, Pipeline2019-05-14v0 - v1117Green v7 set by Christian
Top Out2019-05-07v0 - v923Black v4 set by Kody
Top Out2019-05-03v3 - v86
Top Out2019-05-01v0 - v818Pink v4 set by Randy
Vert Wall and Devan's Den2019-04-26v3 - v66
Vert Wall and The Hulk2019-04-24v0 - v1123Green v6 set by Cuz
Pipeline & Kody's Korner2019-04-18v0 - v86
Pipeline Slab, Kody's Korner, & Vert Wall2019-04-16v0 - v918Blue v6 set by Randy
Pipeline2019-04-15v2 - v96
Pipeline2019-04-12v1 - v118
Pipeline2019-04-09v2 - v910
Monster Boulder and TLC2019-04-02v0 - v1011Green V5 set by Christian
Top Out and Monster Boulder2019-04-01v1 - v118
Top Out2019-03-26v2 - v87Black v7 set by Christian & Randy
Hulk Out2019-03-12v0 - v99Pink v6 set by Christian
Devan's Den & Hulk2019-03-05v0 - v1024Black v6 set by Kris
Pipeline Slab and Vert Wall2019-02-27v0-v825Blue v8 set by KS
TLC, Pipeline, & Pipeline Slab2019-02-19v0 - 1222Pink v2 set by Kris
Hulk & Top Out2019-01-22v0 - v923Green v5 set by Jordan
Vert Wall, Devan's Den, & Hulk2019-01-16v0 - v1029Black v3 set by Adriel
Pipeline2019-01-03v0 - v1013White v5 set by Jordan
Monster - TLC - Pipeline left2018-12-20v0 - v1020White v4 set by Marcus
Arch Boulder2018-12-11v0 - v1024Orange v6 set by Marcus
Pipeline & System Wall2018-11-28v0 - v1112Orange v6 set by Randy
Monster, Pipeline, & Kody's Korner2018-11-20v0 - v618Blue v4 set by Marcus
Pipeline2018-11-07v1 - v815Green v6 set by Jordan
Monster Boulder and TLC2018-09-19v0 - v1015Green v6 set by Kody
Vert Wall, Devan's Den, & The Hulk2018-08-28v0 - v928
Monster Boulder, TLC, & Pipeline2018-08-08v0 - v815Black v7 set by Randy
Arch Boulder2018-07-24v0 - v816
Top Out2018-07-20v0 - v68
Top Out2018-07-17v0 - v911
The Hulk2018-07-10v0 - v1021
Vert Wall & Devan's Den2018-07-05v0 - v921Green v2 set by Marcus
Vert Wall2018-07-02v0 - v67White v5 set by Randy
Pipeline2018-06-26v1 - v1021
TLC & Left Pipeline2018-06-12v0 - v915Blue v4 set by Jordan
Arch & Monster Boulder2018-06-06v2 - v1112White v6 set by Jordan
Arch Boulder2018-06-02v0 - v89Orange v5 set by Devan
Top 0ut Boulder2018-05-29v0 - v820Orange v5 set by Randy
The Hulk2018-05-26v0 - v1119Blue v5 set by Kris
Vert Wall2018-05-08v0 - v811Orange v6 set by Randy
Learning Corner & Pipeline2018-05-01v0 - v820Pink v5 set by Jordan
The Hulk & Top Out2018-03-29v0 - v1015
Vert Wall2018-03-14v0 - v817Blue v4 set by Jordan
Monster Boulder, TLC, & Pipeline2018-02-21v0 - v1122Green v2 set by Kody
Arch Boulder2018-02-13v0 - v1013Pink v5 set by Randy
Vert Wall2018-01-23v0 - v822Blue v5 set by Moses
Pipeline, Kody's Korner, Vert Wall2018-01-17v0 - v716Black v6 set by Kody
Pipeline2018-01-09v1 - v1016Orange v8 set by MP
Arch Monster2017-12-19v0 - v1019Blue v8 set by Marcus
The Hulk, Top Out Boulder2017-12-13v0 - v1031Green v5 set by Marcus
Hulk2017-12-05v0 - v916Black v6 set by Marcus & Randy
Pipeline & Vert Wall2017-11-21v0 - v1130Black v5 set by Moses
Pipeline2017-10-03v0 - v820White v2 set by Devan
Pipeline2017-09-28v1 - v912Black v4 set by Kris
Arch Boulder & Pipeline2017-09-12v0 - v1020Blue v6 set by Kody
HULK OUT!2017-08-29v0 - v926Blue v6 set by Kody
Vert & Hulk!2017-08-22v0 - v1120Black v8 set by Nathan
Vert Wall2017-08-15v0 - v817White v6 set by Marcus
Pipeline2017-08-09v0 - v1123White v4 set by Jordan
TLC & Pipeline2017-08-02v0 - v1123Yellow v3 set by Jordan
Arch Boulder2017-07-25v0 - v1015Pink v6 set by Jordan
Hulk Out!2017-07-18v0 - v1025Yellow v4 set by Jordan
Vert Wall Corner & Hulk2017-07-11v0 - v920Blue v6 set by Jordan
Kody's Korner2017-07-06v0 - v819Blue v5 set by Johnny
Pipeline2017-06-27v0 - v1217Black v4 set by Randy
Pipeline2017-06-23v1 - v87White v7 set by Randy
Monster Boulder & TLC2017-06-16v0 - v78Yellow v6 set by Randy
Monster Boulder, TLC, & Pipeline2017-06-14v0 - v1022Orange v3 set by Kris
Arch Boulder2017-06-08v0 - v915Orange v3 set by Nathan
Top Out2017-05-31v0 - v1230White v5 set by Kody
Hulk2017-05-26v3 - v107Blue v6 set by Randy
Vert Wall & Hulk2017-05-23v0 - v1124Orange v7 set by Moses
Kody's Korner & Vert Wall2017-05-19v0 - v713Orange v6 set by Randy
Pipeline2017-05-16v0 - v1022
Pipeline2017-05-03v0 - v1120Green v4 set by Kris
Pipeline2017-03-08v2 - v1114Blue v3 set by Kris
TLC & Pipeline2017-02-28v0 - v1021Orange v9 set by Moses
Arch Boulder2017-02-21v0 - v922White v6 set by Chad
Top Out2017-02-17v0 - v716White v5 set by Randy
Hulk!2017-02-07v0 - v918White v4 set by Randy
Vert Wall2017-01-31v0 - v824Yellow v0 set by Chad
Pipeline Right2017-01-30v0 - v716Green v5 set by Randy
Pipeline Center2017-01-24v0 - v1021Pink v8 set by Randy
Pipeline2017-01-23v2 - v1010Orange v7 set by Randy
Monster, TLC, System, & Pipeline2017-01-18v0 - v1023Black v8 set by Randy
Arch Boulder2017-01-16v1 - v99Green v5 set by Kody
Top Out2017-01-10v0 - v819Blue v6 set by Randy
Top Out & Hulk
2017-01-09v0 - v820Yellow v5 set by Randy
Hulk2017-01-03v0 - v1123White v6 set by Randy
Pipeline Slab2016-12-16v0 - v814Orange v4 set by Randy
Pipeline2016-12-13v0 - v1023Pink v4 set by Chad
Monster& Pipeline2016-12-09v1 - v1112White v6 set by Randy
Arch, Monster, TLC, & Pipeline2016-12-06v0 - v1119Green v4 set by Randy
Top Out & Arch Boulder2016-11-22v0 - v726White v2 set by Randy
Hulk & Top Out2016-11-15v0 - v1127Yellow v6 set by Brian
Vert Wall and Pipeline2016-11-08v0 - v1037Black v7 set by Chad
Top Out, Arch, Monster, & Pipeline2016-11-01v0 - v835White v5 set by Michael
Hulk & Top Out2016-10-11v0 - v1022
Vert Wall2016-10-04v0 - v1022
Pipeline2016-09-27v0 - v1022
Monster, TLC, Pipeline, & Pipeline Slab2016-09-21v0 - v1022Orange v4 set by Randy
Arch Boulder2016-09-06v0 - v928Green v7 set by Moses
Hulk and Top Out2016-08-31v0 - v825Orange v6 set by Randy
Vert Slab & Hulk2016-08-24v0 - v916Black v6 set by Randy
Vert Wall2016-08-17v0 - v921Black v8 set by Randy
Pipeline & Vert Wall2016-08-10v0 - v830Orange v5 set by Brian
Pipeline2016-08-03v0 - v1118Blue v6 set by Randy
Monster, TLC, & Pipeline2016-07-27v0 - v1227Blue v8 set by Randy
Top Out and Arch2016-07-20v0 - v930Pink v4 set by Chad
Top out and Hulk2016-07-13v0 - v1025White v4 set by Chad
Vert Corner & Hulk2016-07-06v0 - v1127Green v5 set by Randy
Pipeline Slab & Vert Wall2016-06-29v0 - v828Blue v3 set by Chad
Pipeline2016-06-23v1 - v1126Blue v11 set by Kody
Pipeline2016-06-08v0 - v1019White v8 set by Randy
Monster and The Learning Corner2016-06-03v0 - v84Blue v0 Set by Kody
Top Out & Monster Boulder2016-06-01v0 - v1026White v10 set by Randy
Top Out2016-05-27v0 - v818Pink v1 set by Brian
2016-05-18v0 - v1018Green v9 set by Chad
Vert Wall2016-05-11v0 - v729Orange v4 set by Randy
Pipeline Slab & Arch Boulder2016-05-04v0 - v1027Green v4 Set by Kody
Monster Boulder & Pipeline2016-04-20v0 - v1122Black v7 Set by Randy
Top Out and Pipeline2016-04-14v0 - v621White v4 set by Kody
Hulk & Top Out2016-04-13v0 - v940Pink v5 set by Chad
Vert Wall2016-04-06v0 - v925Black v6 set by Kody
Pipeline2016-03-17v0 - v1022Black v7 set by Moses
Top Out and Arch2016-03-16v0 - v1022Pink v1 Set by Kody
Hulk & Top Out
2016-03-09v0 - v1022
Vert Wall & Hulk2016-03-02v0 - v1022
Pipeline2016-03-02v0 - v1022
Pipeline2016-02-19v1 - v1018Orange v4 set by Chad
Pipeline, Monster Boulder, The Learning Corner2016-02-17v0 - v1022Green v7 set by Brian
Top Out & Arch Boulder2016-02-10v0 - v1029Green v1 set by Brian
Hulk & Top Out2016-02-03v0 - v1128Orange v5 set by Randy
Vert Wall2016-01-26v0 - v1024Black v5 Set By Chad
Pipeline & Kody's Korner2016-01-19v0 - v923Black v6 Set By Randy
Pipeline & Monster Boulders2016-01-12v0 - v1026White v10 Set By Brian
Monster, TLC, & Pipeline
2016-01-05v0 - v1028White v0 Set for Kidz by Randy
Arch Boulder2015-12-15v0 - v918Black v6 Set By Chad
Top Out2015-12-08v0 - v825Pink v4 By Cuz
Hulk & Vert Dihedral2015-11-24v1 - v1125Blue v6 Set By Moses
Vert Wall2015-11-18v0 - v925Black v1 Set By Kody
Pipeline & Pipeline Slab
2015-11-12v0 - v1023Yellow V6 Set By Randy
Top Out, Monster, TLC & Pipeline2015-11-03v0 - v1136Green v7 on the Monster Boulder Set By Kody
Arch, Monster & Pipeline2015-10-22v0 - v940
Hulk & Top Out2015-10-13v0 - v925
Vert Corner, Hulk, & Top Out2015-10-06v0 - v922
Vert Wall2015-09-28v0 - v922
Pipeline2015-09-22v0 - v923
Left Pipeline2015-09-15v0 - v922
Arch & Monster Boulders
2015-09-08v0 - v1028
Top Out and the Hulk2015-08-25v0 - v1027
Hulk and Top Out2015-08-18v0 - v1125
Vert Wall2015-08-11v0 - v722
Kody's Korner2015-08-04v0 - v920
Pipeline2015-07-28v0 - v711
Pipeline2015-07-21v0 - v915
Monster, Top Out, Arch Boulder2015-07-14v2 - v1017
Top Out2015-07-07v0 - v823
The Learning Corner and the Pipeline2015-06-23v0 - v1134
Vert Wall Right and the Hulk2015-06-09v0 - v1125
Vert Wall Right and Kody's Korner2015-06-02v0 - v933
Left Pipeline2015-05-22v0 - v922Pipeline

Meet Our Routesetters

Moses Potter

Director of Routesetting

Marcus LaCavera

SNA Head Routesetter

Mike Rohsler

LAX Head Routesetter

Devan Gutierrez

Lakewood Head Routesetter.

Jordan Keyes

Jonathan Kennedy

Jed Ngo

Kristin Okamoto

Steven Vanderburg

Derek LaCavera

Dylan Sestak

Evan Daniel

Massimo Pelusi

Bella McNabb

John Hickey

Chris Brey

Eli Tracy

Silas Chang

Harper Nelson

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Sun: 8am - 8pm

Sender City - Reservations Required
M-F: 10:30am - 6:30pm
Sat-Sun: 9:30am - 6:30pm

(last session begins at 5:30pm)


Sender One & Sender City SNA
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