Care For The Crag: Stoney Point | Sender One Blog

Written by Kadisha Aburub


Our Sunday crag clean up was a success! We greeted all cleaner-uppers at the big tree by the first boulders of the crag.

We had a lot of folks join us who had never been outdoors to climb, so it was a great way to not only participate in cleaning up the crag but to also check out all the potential boulders you can climb. 

We had 15 participants show up for the event and we even had folks who were just there bouldering participate in the clean up! This is why the climbing community is SO RAD and so passionate about continuing these clean ups, because we know that they are needed and wanted.


Crag clean ups are crucial in ensuring that we keep the crag clean for decades to come. We hope you consider volunteering at our future crag clean up in January at Malibu Creek. 


We packed out over 30 pounds of trash!

We want to thank our volunteers and our Sender One community for showing up and helping us clean this beautiful outdoor space!

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