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Written by Hailey McFelia | Formatted by Alexandra Erdman


Instead of letting all the classes and studying crush you, why don’t you crush IT instead! “Crush it” as in 'to accomplish' and, in our case, it means to accomplish a climbing route.
Get ready for more climbing lingo as you immerse yourself in the world of indoor rock climbing. Who knows, maybe outdoor as well! Everyone’s climbing journey is different. Let’s dive into what this sport has in store for you!

As a student, it’s important to stay on top of your mental and physical health. Pulling on synthetic rocks is a great way to do both! This sport is a full body workout that focuses on coordination, balance, and agility. But, it also takes brain power. Taking the time to read the climbing routes and to solve the puzzle can be stimulating for the mind. There’s also the aspect of overcoming the fear of falling or rewiring your brain to push the limits.

If the idea of sending climbs isn’t enough for you (Sending means to ascend, specifically to ascend and finish a climb), then the community that you find in climbing gyms will keep you coming back. Rock climbers come from all walks of life! You’re bound to find your people! Even if you’re not sure how to approach a fellow climber, Sender One has you covered! 

Each gym hosts meetups and special events weekly! Everything from Send with Pride to Emo Night! Each gym has its own “flavor”, but we’d love for you to call Sender One yours. If you need a little guidance we offer fitness, yoga, and climbing classes. Some of these classes are included with your membership! No extra charge. There’s something for everyone at Sender One. 

I know what you’re thinking…. “A new hobby? In this economy?!”

Never fear, Student Discounts are here!

Just bring proof of enrollment (with a course load of at least 6 units) to set up your membership! There’s no initiation fee! Just $89 a month and you can get started!

Hint Hint: If you're looking to get a jump start at Westwood, you can sign up online here!

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