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Written by Hailey McFelia & Khristina Rhead

Updated 1/29/2024

We're excited to be opening our doors in February 2024!

As we prepare for the opening of our newest Sender One gym, we wanted to take the time to tell you about the historic building that Sender One Westwood will call home.


The building was originally designed by Russell Collins as a Ralph's grocery store in 1929. After more than 40 years of serving the community as their staple food venue, in 1970, it was transformed into a theater. The United Artist Theater sat 595 total, 494 downstairs, and 101 in the balcony. 

One of the events the theater was known for was the initial L.A. engagement of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." The show ran from September 26 through December 11, 1975. On the 12th of December it moved to the nearby UA Cinema Center and was replaced at United Artist Theater by Gene Wilder's 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother."

Though it stayed a theater throughout the years, the building went through several ownership and name changes. Eventually, the building retired as a theater in 2009, later to become a new source of entertainment, a bouldering gym. Sender One is working with the city  to preserve some of the features that make this historic building so unique. Sometimes those preservation can lead to a few setbacks, but don’t you worry, your new bouldering gym is coming soon to an old theater near you.


We look forward to opening our doors and making our own history in this building with you. To keep up with the latest updates give us a follow on our Instagram: @senderone.westwood.

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