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11223607_296012807189339_751767124949555470_nLast season: through chaos and fire, only one team rose from the ashes--Team Killabeez on the Swarm. The Spring 2015 champions have had their names etched into time itself, displayed permanently upon the Sender One Bouldering League championship belt. But the time is nigh for a new champion to arise (or will Team Killabeez on the Swarm be crowned again?); it's the return of Bouldering League.

This team competition is the only 6-week bouldering battle royale that evens the playing field, making it possible for jug-hauling newbies to hold their own against the teams of ripple-backed crimp cruisers who have been climbing for years. It's a competition that scores progress, not prowess and each climber is encouraged to try their best for the sake of the team.




How to Sign Up: 10987474_287847058005914_989749946643809543_n


6 weeks starting Sept 15 (Tues Division) or Sept 16 (Weds Division) from 5pm-10pm; Finals on Thursday, October 22nd

Teams consist of 5 participants.  Only the top 4 scorecards per team will be counted each week, so it’s ok if 1 person can’t make it on any given week.  Teams are assembled by the participants themselves.  Individuals may also sign up as Free Agents!

Team Registration Dues: $80 per team. Each competitor must either:

  • Be a Sender One member,
  • Use a Sender One punch card for each visit,
  • Or purchase a day pass for each visit.


Sender One Bouldering League FAQ

How do I sign up?

1) First collect a team of five boulderers. Come up with an awesome team name (there will be a prize for the best team name).  If you don’t have a team, you can sign up as a Free Agent and the league administrator will assign you to one (Free Agents should still help pay team dues).

2) Come to the front desk, fill out a registration form, and pay your team registration dues of $80. That’s right, only $16 per person to participate for six weeks! There will be t-shirts for participants and finals prizes for the winners. You can also pay on our website but you still have to register your team at the front desk. All teams must be registered by September 12th. Once you register, make sure to “Like” our Sender One Bouldering League Facebook Page where we will be posting scores and updates.


11025767_287847061339247_3040238481204602131_nHow does it work?

Every Tuesday & Wednesday for five weeks, we will have a bouldering league competition; the finals on week six will be combined. Our lovely setters will put up fresh problems for the competition. The goal as an individual is to try to flash or redpoint problems at or above your handicap to garner the most points. Handicap you say? Here’s how it works:

Each climber is assigned a handicap based on their ability level. We want to know what the hardest grade you can climb in a single bouldering session. You can usually get up at least one V5 in a session? Great, then that’s your handicap! Handicaps can also change throughout the competition. If you have a breakthrough and start climbing harder than before, then your handicap will be adjusted. As for sandbaggers, our league commissioner will adjust your handicap if you are caught consistently

Each competitor will have five hours (5-10pm) to send their top three boulder problems. A competitor will receive full points fora problem redpointed at the level of their handicap. Flashing a problem earns you extra points, while climbing below your handicap will cost you points.  If you climb above your handicap, then you receive bonus points.

This makes it so really strong climbers can team up with novice climbers. Everyone will be pushing their limits no matter what grade they climb. This system rewards personal achievement while prioritizing teamwork and camaraderie.

11021061_287847064672580_3038709994597850565_n What happens on comp day?

On competition days, teams will be responsible for handling their own scorecards and keeping track of what problems they have climbed.  If your team does not turn in its scorecard at the end of the night, they will receive 0 points for that week. We will beusing the honor system, so please be honest when you mark down your sends. Remember sandbaggers will be severely punished!




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