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Written by Kadisha Aburub | Edited by Alexandra Erdman | Photos by Bell Sarian Wong


While some folks in the western world associate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving with miles of food like mashed potatoes and turkey it's crucial to acknowledge the history behind this day. 

Thanksgiving, for Indigenous people, is a day of mourning and protest commemorating the arrival of settlers in North America and the centuries of oppression and genocide that ensued for Indigenous people. We recognize this and honor those who choose to publicly mourn or not partake in festivities. In light of this, we honor and hold space for the Indigenous communities, past and present, who have lived and continue to live on this land. 

As we delve into the significance of these historical truths, we find resonance in the spirit of community and unity. Sender One Climbing Gyms across the region recently united for a unique celebration, blending the joys of climbing with the warmth of shared food. Members also participated in a canned food drive in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club.

As we reflect on these interconnected themes, we invite our community to continue exploring the history of the land you work, live, and recreate on. Let this reflection serve as a foundation for fostering an environment of respect and appreciation for the diverse communities that make up climbing and beyond.

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