How to Care for the Crag - Sender One Climbing

One of Sender One's proud initiatives is a program called Care for the Crag. As climbers we like to seek national parks, campsites, deserts, mountains, etc., to send out projects. As you go out more, you'll notice pieces of trash lying around the campgrounds that people may have previously left behind. It can range from pieces of litter to human waste. Here are a few things to consider to Care for the Crag:

Dispose of Trash/Waste Properly
Keep a trash bag at your campsite or on you at all times. Make sure that before you leave a campsite to pack all of your belongings and dispose of all litter, food and anything to make the campsite cleaner than when you came.

When you got to go, you got to go. In that case, dig a hole at least 8 inches deep and 200 feet away from any river, stream, lake, etc. Make sure to cover up the hole when finished.

If you've seen Emperor's New Groove, you know Kuzco's famous line is "No touchy!" This applies to all wildlife (plants, trees, animals, rocks, landscape, even a twig on the ground). If you see something that you like, take a picture instead! If you see any animals, please respect them by keeping your distance and NEVER attempt to feed them.

Be Considerate to Others
When out climbing, camping, hiking, etc. there are bound to be others enjoying the outdoors as well, so it is important to be considerate by not playing loud music, having pets on leash at all times, respecting quiet hours and treating others the way you want to be treated.

Are you interested in helping out? Sender One will be working with Access Fund at Point Dume on January 20th from 8:30-3:00 PM! We will be working to mitigate eroded social trails and grooming existing trails as directed by the State Park representatives who will be onsite throughout the day. We will also be clearing the summit of loose rock that could easily fall on people below.
Meet us there to care for our crags and help us prevent corrosion and damage to plant life. 

For more information and to sign up click here!

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