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Written by Kadisha Aburub | Edited by Alexandra Erdman


Summer is right around the corner and if you're still thinking about how to keep your kids busy, then don't worry! We have tons of options across SoCal for you and your family!

Climbing has been shown to build confidence, improve focus, and increase coordination and strength in children. Through active instruction and supervised games, young climbers can learn how to problem solve, work in groups, and gain confidence in their ability to reach new heights.

Has your child never tried climbing before and seems scared to do so? Sender City is the perfect place for them to conquer their fears. Sender City is like the IRL Mario Brothers game. With buildings to climb, towers to jump off of, and if they’re feeling really brave… a giant slide!

If you’ve already checked out Sender City but are looking for something fun for your child during summer break? Sign-up for Rock Climbing Camp! Activities include rope climbing, bouldering, games, king swing, slackline, and Sender City.

If your child shows interest they can join our youth programs! Every child before entering a team must complete Climbing Academy. Climbing Academy is an 8-week introductory course is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of climbing: technique, problem-solving skills, basic knot tying & more!

For more information about booking Sender City and/or Summer Camps at Sender One, you can visit SenderOneClimbing.com, select your desired location and go from there! To make it a little easier, here are some quick links 😉

SNA Sender City, Camps & Drop-In Programs

LAX Sender City, Camps & Drop-In Programs

Playa Vista Drop-In Programs & Camps

Westwood Drop-In Programs

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