Introducing the Sender One Training Center - Sender One Climbing

Updated 1/14/21

This spring, we're opening the doors to the Sender One Training Center! With climbing continuing to rise in popularity, we wanted to dedicate a space with a purpose to help build climbers for life by gaining strength, learning new skills, and practicing climbing ethics.

The Facility & Location

The Sender One Training Center will feature beautiful bouldering walls provided by Vertical Solutions, including two adjustable climbing boards, competition-focused routesetting and holds, hangboards, campus boards, climbing training tools, and more (note: due to the pandemic, some features may be delayed)! Located only a short walk from our first location, Sender One SNA, at the McFadden Place complex -- 2100 Wilshire Ave Unit B, Santa Ana, CA 92705,  the 7,000 square foot space will also host special events, clinics, and climbing competitions.