Introducing the iSWOLation Workout Series - Sender One Climbing

Due to the exponential rate of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to confine within our homes and find alternative means of staying fit. We at Sender One would like to provide you with an alternative way of staying fit for when we are able to get outside and climb together again. This way you'll still be as strong as you were before self quarantine.

Led by our very own LAX Youth Program Comp Team Head Coach Dom Barry, he is set on providing a weekly workout series that is easy and accessible to all households.

This guide is aimed to keep you moving and maintain a baseline of fitness, so no need to strap on your weights for this!

Each week we'll have a new workout for you that will have a variety of exercises to keep your body in shape.

Here are the basics:

  • Warming up - Every workout requires a warmup, and much like climbing, you need to get the heart rate bumping so your warm and ready.

  • Activation/Stabilization - Starting off your workout is maintaining stabilization by activating your muscles through these exercises.
  • Strength - It goes a long way and will help you further your climbing. These exercises are standard and necessary.
  • Core - One of the key essential muscles in climbing is core. These exercises will strengthen your abdominal area so you maintain a good solid core.

  • Mobility/Supplemental - These exercises will help sustain mobility in addition to the previous exercises. Movement is extremely important in climbing and mobility only makes it that much better.

Aim to complete these exercises 3 days per week with 1 day of rest or cross training (a light run with your dog or bike ride around the neighborhood) in between each day you do this work out.

Stay tuned for each weeks workout through our blog or social media (Instagram and Facebook)

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