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Yoga & Fitness at Sender One Lakewood

We offer yoga for all skill levels and a fully equipped fitness area for all your cardio and strength-building needs!

All yoga classes are included with active memberships and day-use entry (day passes and punch passes).

Full Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Acro Yoga
Back to Balance Flow
Flexibility Flow
Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is an energy building class linking breath to movement that will build strength, endurance, and concentration. The emphasis is on the flow from one posture to another connected by the breath, and may include creative, advanced sequencing and transitions focusing on alignment, breath, and dynamic movement. Follow the teachers' intuition and creativity as they guide you through a sweaty flow.


Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxation, not stretching. Through the use of props, the body is placed in comfortable and fully supported postures that allow the muscles to completely relax. Postures are held for extended periods of time, allowing you to completely rest the body, mind, and nervous system. This meditative practice helps cultivate a needed balance between body and mind, while also dissolving any mental and physical tension. Restorative yoga strives to help you find peace and calm by providing a respite from a busy lifestyle.

Strength and Stretch

This is a class geared towards creating balance, freedom, and tone in the body. We will build heat in the body through core, legs, and shoulder girdle stability work for 30 minutes. This will be followed by 30 minutes of deep guided stretching, putting our focus on releasing tension in the body as well as finding new length in our muscles. This is a great class to prepare your body for the day or as a pre-climb warm up!


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an evolving form of traditional Hatha yoga that focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. Through flowing sequences, students of our Vinyasa Flow classes enjoy a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, allowing them to reach new levels in their yogic practice. Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with the basic yoga postures, and appreciate a healthy sweat.

  • Vinyasa Flow 1 (Beginner)
  • Vinyasa Flow 1/2 (Beginner)
  • Vinyasa Flow 2 (Intermediate)
  • Vinyasa Flow 2&3 (Advanced)
Yin Yang Yoga (All Levels)

Yin Yang combines the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with dynamic movement sequences and standing postures.

Yin and Yang are relative terms based on the context: we cannot know Yang (sunny side of the hill) without understanding Yin (shady side of the hill) and vice versa. In this class, we will explore these complementary forces as they pertain to a yoga practice that brings balance to the body. The class will flow between Yin-like poses that target our connective tissues and Yang-like movements for strengthening and toning the muscles. In a yin yoga practice the long-held seated poses become opportunities for self-inquiry and awareness: the inherent slowness of yin helps us cultivate our capacity to hear our body's subtler signals and informs us of when, and how, to guide ourselves to our next movement (yang). The class ends in Savasana for an integrated physical and energetic practice.

Yin & Meditation

Yin Yoga is a passive, cooling form of yoga that complements active, warming (Yang) styles of yoga and exercise by stressing the connective tissues—ligaments, tendons, and network of fascia—rather than the muscles. All tissues must be stressed in their appropriate way to maintain or regain health and the purpose of yoga asana is to harmonize the flow of energy in our bodies. Yin specifically targets the larger groups of the body: legs, spine, and hips.

In a yin yoga practice we hold poses for 2 to 8 minutes, and this container of stillness becomes an opportunity for self-inquiry or single-pointed concentration (meditation). The inherent slowness of yin helps us cultivate our capacity to hear our body's subtler signals and informs us of when and how to guide ourselves to our next movement (yang). The end of class will be dedicated to some form of guided meditation, whether that be seated upright or in repose for an extended Savasana in the form of yoga nidra.

Fitness Features

Fitness features

The fitness gym is a full-featured facility designed to support a well-rounded workout, featuring:

  • Freemotion Treadmill
  • Stairmaster Gauntlet
  • Rogue Echo Bike
  • Freemotion Dual Cable Crossover
  • Rogue Monster Lite Rig with pull up bars
  • Bumper Plates up to 600lbs  for Chest Presses and Squat Rack
  • Full set of dumbbells
  • TRX
  • Rings
  • Mats for floor work
Things to Know

What should I wear?
A shirt that’s a little bit fitted works best for yoga.  Any comfortable exercise pants or shorts will do.  No shoes or socks.

Do I need to bring a mat?
If you’re headed to your very first class, don’t worry about bringing a mat if you don’t have one — we offer free rental mats!  As you keep going to class, or if you’re practicing at home, you may want to invest in your own mat.

Do you have showers?
Yes, we do! Our towel service will be coming soon, so don't forget your towel!

Do I have to reserve a spot online?
As class size is limited, it is highly recommended that you reserve your space for your class in advance through our online booking platform. However, you are welcome to "walk-in" and check in with the front desk to see if a class has spots open. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early! 

Studio Etiquette & Late policy
  • Please silence cell phones or turn them off
  • Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class to allow time to check-in
  • If you arrive more than 7 minutes late to class, you will be asked to participate in a later class for your own safety
  • Please keep conversation low when another class is in session
  • Every student is required to check-in at the front desk
  • Please remove shoes prior to entering the studio
  • Please wipe down mats at the end of class, but leave them out to dry
  • Please replace all props and blankets to their proper cubby
Cancellation Policy

All cancellations for yoga and fitness classes can be made through the RGPro Connect App or by contacting our Customer Experience staff. If you cannot make a class, please cancel in advance to free up a spot for someone else.

Meet the Instructors

Laura Horvath

Having grown up in Huntington Beach, Laura has always been able to take advantage of outdoor as well as indoor activities. Sailing, ballet, gymnastics, backpacking, and surfing has kept her busy throughout her youth. In 2010 Laura began taking yoga classes beginning with Bikram Yoga. Then through a random Groupon was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga. The Vinyasa style of yoga offered a fluid flow along with the option to step-it-up with the more powerful strength moves. Besides improving the athletic aspects of life such as surfing (balance), sailing (strength) and backpacking (breath control /stamina), yoga provided an inner contentment, patience, and bliss. In 2012 she decided that she needed to share that joy with others and received her 200Hr. certification along with the extensions program, and level 2 teacher training. "Yoga can open up a whole new world in which patience, strength, and balance live in harmony." By teaching yoga Laura has been able to see that path open for others and watch that joy blossom within their lives.

Michelle Wu

Embarking on my yoga journey in 2016, I was immediately drawn to its transformative power. I delved deeper, completing my 200-hour Teacher Training in 2018. It was a pivotal moment, driven by a desire to share the remarkable effects of yoga with others. I find immense joy in guiding others along their own paths to physical and mental wellness, As a perpetual student, I am continuously learning and evolving, striving to deepen my understanding. My yoga philosophy is centered around exploration and growth. I believe in infusing a sense of playfulness and encouraging my students to embrace new movements and perspectives with open hearts and curious minds.

Rebecca Fink (Sub)

Rebecca Fink, E-RYT500, has been teaching yoga to climbers since 2013 at Sender One Climbing, CA. She has enjoyed guiding and watching her yoga students grow in their asana practice, and always loves hearing their feedback about how yoga has improved their climbing skills. The enjoyment of fitness, the great outdoors, and the exploration of the union of breath and movement has inspired her to embark on a new journey of self discovery—through climbing. Now it all makes sense. Since beginning both a personal gym climbing practice and an exploration of natural rock climbing outdoors, she has first-hand discovered the innate connection between yoga and climbing. Many of the techniques used in yoga, such as personal body awareness and discipline of breath, are crucial in advancing climbing skills and avoiding injury. The mind and body connection can be accomplished on the wall, rock and mat, and in life. And, Rebecca is thrilled to be able to guide you on this path.

Stephen Aldaco (Sub)

Stephen started his movement career when he studied dance in college with dance teachers such as Marie Del La Palme, Raul Cruz, Miriam & Leonardo to name a few. He found himself in his first yoga class for the mobility yoga offered and stayed after he fell in love with the spiritual, calming and meditative aspect of yoga. He completed his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Core Power Yoga in Tustin. Stephen quickly made a name for himself in the O.C. area teaching Acroyoga & compassionate, fun yoga classes. His passion for movement allows him to teach from a place of deep understand and tradition while making the classes fun & challenging for all levels. His classes are fun, light hearted guiding each student to advance within their own body, mentally, and spiritually.

FAVORITE YOGA MOVE: Revolved Big Toe Pose (Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana)

HOW HAS YOGA BENEFITED YOU THE MOST: Yoga was the reason I quit a life style of partying and drinking. (It’s hard to do yoga when your hung over!) yoga has allowed me to fully accept love the person that I am in the body I am in. It has also allowed me to see the good in everyone I meet & understand that at some level we are all deeply connected.

REASON STARTED DOING YOGA: I wanted to be more flexible in dance this practice started solely physical for me. Over the years of practice yoga turned into medicine to keep my mind & body in shape to live a life of service & happiness.

5 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOUR TEACHING STYLE: Goofy. Happy. Unique. Empowering. Uplifting

Katherine Hypes

My yoga story starts in my 20s when I was first exposed to the style of Ashtanga, or Power Yoga, as an undergrad at UC Davis. Until 2012, yoga was my form of stress-relief and physical exercise. Toward the end of one of my favorite nightly Power Yoga classes, the teacher guided the class into a pose I wasn't familiar with. The time held in this pose was also longer than usual and the subtle tears that flowed down my face startled me but never left me. I was touched by the experience and asked the teacher about the pose afterward; she informed me that this was a "Yin" pose and I immediately knew that one day I would share the practice with others once I better understood it for myself.

The practice of Yoga Nidra became known to me during my 200-hour training, and in a similar way, was also an immediate source of my curiosity that I would dive into years later.

Since receiving my initial 200-hour Hatha Yoga certification in 2013, I have since completed specific trainings to deepen my understanding of the anatomical and energetic components of the practice. I've had the honor of studying Yin Yoga from Bernie Clark & Diana Batts (2016), and Paul & Suzee Grilley (2018); Yoga Nidra with Jana Roemer (2019), and Rod Stryker (2020); Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine through Emperor’s College (2020); biomechanics and mobility of the spine as it pertains to yoga from Stuart McGill (online) and Advanced Functional Anatomy with Bernie Clark once more (2024). Since 2016 I have been teaching workshops, group classes, and pop-up experiences throughout California and in Berlin, Germany (2018–2020).

As a rock climber who loves my vertical puzzles, I have equally loved discovering how mindfulness and grounding body-based yogic practices spill over onto a rock face, imitated or real.

On the weekends I get to facilitate outdoor rock climbing and hiking & yoga classes as a Day Guide for the REI Experiences team. I am also a freelance copy editor, proofreader, and avid reader. I take piano classes at the city college and my dream is to one day compete in a 2 v 2 beach volleyball tournament (just for fun).

Ryan Martinez (Sub)

Ryan started practicing yoga back in college as an alternative workout on rest days. Soon after he started to realize not only the physical but the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. From there he spent many years practicing a variety of styles including vinyasa, yin, Iyengar, Hatha, and acro yoga. Curious to learn more for his personal growth and to lead others, Ryan pursued his 200 RYT certification. He truly believes that yoga is for everyone and hopes students leave his class feeling strong, balanced, and inspired.  When he is not on his mat, he can be found climbing the torch or outdoors exploring nature.

Imari Meyer
Starting her yoga journey in August of 2014, Imari originally came to yoga as a form of exercise and flexibility training. After taking her first class at a local yoga studio, she immediately fell in love with the meditative quality yoga harnesses, as well as the mind-body connection it gives the practitioner. Imari completed her 200 hour Power Yoga training in April of 2015 and is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance. She is well-versed in multiple styles of yoga and body mechanics to best serve her students. Imari has led many teacher trainings to facilitate practitioners’ growth and is enrolled in programs for continued education to offer up-to-date yoga asana technique, cueing, hands-on assists, and injury management/prevention. Visit her on instagram @imarimeyer to stay connected and be a part of her mission to ignite others' souls as a gateway to freedom!
Novid Atrchin
Novid started practicing yoga at 19 and took her first teacher training at 24, primarily to deepen her understanding of yoga without intending to become a teacher. What began as curiosity soon became her lifestyle. By May 2011, at 25, she started teaching yoga, and by January 2014, she opened her own yoga studio, Atre Mehr Yoga. The studio served for almost a decade before transitioning completely to an online presence after Novid moved to the US in July 2023. Initially trained in the Shivananda yoga style, Novid pursued several additional teacher training courses, including Yoga Coaching, Ashtanga, Acro Vinyasa, and Prenatal Vinyasa. She also completed various training programs ranging from human anatomy and physiology to Ayurveda. To Novid, yoga is like an ocean: you can simply wet your feet or dive deeper into its depths. Either way, there is immense enjoyment to be found, as shown in her practice of several styles of yoga over the years, including Shivananda, Satyananda, Iyengar, Acro, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga. While Novid began teaching yoga with Shivananda and then Hatha yoga styles, she has primarily taught Vinyasa and Ashtanga for years. Additionally, Novid teaches prenatal yoga. She believes yoga is an essential part of life and should be a lifelong companion, regardless of other physical activities one does. Novid appreciates the variety of yoga styles available, believing that this diversity allows everyone to find a style they enjoy. However, she believes in the importance of maintaining the integrity of yoga in every style, as its teachings extend good feelings off the mat.

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