New Walls for More Fun! - Sender One Climbing

Last month, after weeks of being closed to the public, Sender City in Santa Ana re-opened with amazing new walls and features to climb! 

Since the beginning, entrants of Sender City were greeted to a variety of challenges, but we all dreamed of more.  It was time to say goodbye to the tall blue curtains in the corner, and hello to fun as we welcomed multiple new walls, and a spiderweb to our SNA facility! 

Not only are the new challenges exciting to climb, but also the growth of Sender City allows for more people to experience Sender City than ever before - making it the perfect place for a party or gathering!  Invite your friends, your family, your coworkers, even your friend’s cousin’s sister-in-law! You name it, everyone will enjoy themselves as they reach new heights at Sender One and Sender City! (Learn more and book a party event here!) 

Check out the new and improved Sender City in the pictures below!  Not only did Sender City get an upgrade, but our bouldering area expanded as well!  Curious about what it looks like? Come by the gym, or check out our Anniversary Party Recap to get a peek!

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