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Who is the Kid Crusher?

The Kid Crusher comes in many forms.  They may be new to climbing, and a little nervous, but they are willing to challenge themselves to make it higher and higher up the wall with each try, or they might be the kiddo that is scaling trees the second your back is turned!  Your favorite Kid Crusher might just be the next up and coming professional climbing athlete!  Kid Crushers amaze and inspire us all (and make us adult climbers pretty jealous of their muscle to body weight ratio – it gets a lot tougher to get up the wall as we grow up!)

Not sure what to get your favorite kid climber for the holidays? We’re here to share some of our ideas. (Sender One Elf Hint: Most of these items can be found at both of our locations in Santa Ana, CA and Los Angeles, CA.)


Climbing Chalk + Chalk Bag

Smaller hands doesn’t necessarily mean less sweat.  Your favorite kid climber is likely to want their chalk just as much as the adults!  Gift them some fun chalk and something cute to hold it in!  Many companies even make chalk bags with smaller openings for kid size hands!


Climbing Harness

If your Kid Crusher is all about heights, then they’ll need a climbing harness to get on some ropes!  At Sender One we offer full body harnesses by Edelrid (for the littlest of crushers), as well as Black Diamond harnesses for those who are a bit older.  A harness is a must for climbing the ropes, or having a good time in Sender City, and your Kid Crusher will be stoked to have one of their own! 


Climbing Shoes

Every climber, big or small, enjoys a new pair of climbing shoes! Get them a shoe that will help them soar up the walls better than a sneaker.  You can find shoes for smaller feet at the Sender One Shop! Not sure which ones to get? Pick up a gift card online or at the front desk!  

*Sender One offers size exchanges on unworn gear


Climbing Movies

Not much gets us stoked about climbing more than a good climbing film.  Help share the passion of climbing with your favorite Kid Crusher with movies like: Meru, Valley Uprising, The Dawn Wall, and Free Solo – just to name a few!


Climbing Academy 

Climbing Academy provides beginner climbers with a fun and exciting introduction to rock climbing!  Over the course of 4 weeks, kids will learn the fundamentals of climbing including technique, problem solving skills, basic knot tying & more!  Climbing Academy is a prerequisite to participate in our Climbing Teams. Learn more about Climbing Academy in SNA here, and at LAX here


winter rock climbing camp

Treat  your Kid Crusher to the fun of rock climbing camp!  Rock climbing has been shown to help build confidence, improve focus, and increase coordination and strength in children.  Through active instruction and supervised games, climbers ages 6 to 13 years old, will learn how to problem solve, work in groups and gain confidence in their ability to reach new heights! Sign up for morning camp, afternoon camp, or both for a full day of fun!

View details for Winter Rock Climbing Camp at Sender One Climbing SNA here.
View details for Winter Rock Climbing Camp at Sender One Climbing LAX here.

Sender City | Santa Ana, CA

Sender City | Los Angeles, CA

Sender City Annual Pass

Treat your favorite Kid Crusher to a year of climbing at Sender City! Sender City provides a fun and unique climbing experience with jump towers, speed walls, and a massive slide! It is also a great and super fun location to host birthday parties!

Learn more about Sender City and purchasing an annual pass for LAX here.
Learn more about Sender City and purchasing an annual pass for SNA here




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