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Take your child’s climbing to the next level with our climbing teams. Climbing is a fantastic sport for both physical and mental growth. The Sender One Climbing Teams build on the foundation of our prerequisite program, Climbing Academy, and are divided into both recreational & competition groups. The Rec Teams are available for those that simply enjoy the many benefits of climbing. The Comp Team is more suitable for those that are motivated to train like athletes and experience competition climbing.

Interested in Teams? Start with Climbing Academy

Climbing Academy is our 4-week prerequisite program that introduces the fundamentals of climbing.

Recreational Teams

Provides a non-competitive space to develop technique, safety skills, and a love for the sport with other young climbers!

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Youth Training Team

For young climbers seeking a more challenging physical and mental routine in a fun, social, and non-competitive environment. 

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Team Sender One (Comp Team)

Our competitive national climbing team builds young athletes with a rigorous (and fun!) curriculum that maximizes performance.

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Recreational Teams

The purpose of these teams is to help climbers develop a love for the sport while teaching the basic techniques necessary to become well-rounded climbers. Climb with fellow young climbers in a social, relaxed environment!

Prerequisite: Climbing Academy

Interested in joining one of our Recreational Teams? Enrollment opens each season for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions.
Contact [email protected] to inquire.


AGES 6-10


AGES 10-13


AGES 13-17

Training Team

Our Training Team is perfect for climbers who are seeking a more challenging training environment and want to become more serious about the sport without the competition aspect. This team promotes a rigorous physical and mental routine, focused on nurturing well-rounded athletes while providing a fun and social climbing experience.

Prerequisite: Placement from tryouts
Seasons: Bouldering (Sept-Feb), Sport (Feb-July)

Interested in joining our Training Team? Tryouts happen twice a year for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons.
Contact [email protected] to inquire.

AGE RANGES: 6-10, 10-13, 13-17

Team Sender One (Comp. Team)

Team Sender One, our competitive climbing team, builds on the rigorous training environment of our Training Team with the addition of competition and mental strategies. This team's training also incorporates lead climbing and a curriculum geared towards maximizing performance. Our competition team members represent Sender One in local, regional, and national climbing competitions hosted by USA Climbing.

Prerequisite: Placement from tryouts
Seasons: Bouldering (Sept-Feb), Sport & Speed (Feb-July)

Interested in joining  Team Sender One? Tryouts happen twice a year for the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons.
Contact [email protected] to inquire for more information.

AGE RANGES: 6-10, 10-13, 13-17


2021-22 Fall/Winter Fees and Tuition

Training Team

Tuition Starts At
  • Monthly installment options are available upon request
  • $1499/season practice 2x/week
  • $1849/season practice 3x/week
  • Groups practice with coaches by age and ability level
  • Rental equipment included during practice only
  • Full access Sender One Membership included
  • 30% discount in our retail shop (excludes food and drink)
  • Additional fees apply for local, regional, divisional, and national competitions

Family Benefits

Team parents and siblings can add-on a Sender One membership for a special price!

  • $69 (1st Parent) and/or $39 (2nd Parent or under 14 years old)
  • Free Intro to Climbing Class (14+)

Membership Benefits

  • Full access to bouldering and rope climbing areas. Must be 14+ to use the fitness area. Yoga classes included.
  • One guest pass per month. This can be used as a day pass or for an Intro Class for a friend or family member. Rentals are not included unless the guest is taking an Intro Class.
  • Special membership pricing for climbing classes and events.
  • $50 off Sender City Annual Pass


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