Staff Appreciation Month | Sender One Blog

Written by Hailey McFelia & Eric Ho | Cover Photo by Vex Media

Here at Sender One we love creating memorable experiences and that wouldn’t be possible without our staff.

There are so many pieces to this puzzle we call Sender One. Most of our members get to know our front desk staff pretty easily. They are always there to help guide you, not just around the gym but they also lend a helping hand on instructing you how to get on the walls. Speaking of instruction, we have passionate coaches, yoga instructors, and private instructors who love taking the time to get you strong and up the walls. 

The walls that wouldn’t be as colorful without our Route Setting Team. They put in such incredibly hard work and creativity to construct the problems that we get to climb every day.

Every so often, you may get to see some of the marketing team at events, putting up new displays at the gym, or snapping photos/videos for new content. Our employee experience team is constantly interviewing for new team members now that we are expanding to Westwood, Lakewood, and Aliso Viejo (click here to apply!). Our training team is providing development for our team members new and old that want to expand into various departments and locations. Our facilities team is putting up new structures and updating existing ones. Now, that’s just what you see! Click the link to see more on the team behind the scenes.   


August is Staff Appreciation Month at Sender One. We are doing a few things to celebrate our staff, but we would like your help! Each Sender One location has a thank you box where you can share how much you appreciate our employees. Whether it’s one person or the team as a whole, please take the time to thank a staff member today.

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