Welcome to the New Year! - Sender One Climbing

We hope that you left 2019 with warm memories, project sends and and overall good vibes. But now, it's time to make way for 2020! And you know what that means...New Year's Resolutions. Dun dun DUUN!

Mostly everyone's New Year's Resolution is either getting in shape or getting out of your comfort zone by trying something new. Guess what? You can accomplish both of these with a Sender One membership! Through January 31st, you can get a membership with a $1 initiation, but don't wait up, initiation returns to $59 on February 1st.

Being a member at Sender One allows you to access all Sender One locations (current and upcoming), all of the climbing you can dream of (ropes and bouldering), our yoga studio with a variety of classes, and our fitness area. Sender One is also a great place to make way for the next generation of climbers with Sender City, youth programs and camps! We strive to make our gym to be friendly and cater toward everyone of all ages while helping to take your climbing to the next level; providing challenges, improving your overall fitness and meeting new people that share your interests. Check out what we did in 2019 on our Instagram!

Members! We have so many things coming this year and we are so excited to share them with you. Sender One:


If you are new to climbing, experienced or just getting into it, Sender One is the place for you. We care about the climbing community and we will do whatever we can to make this a place you can grow. We hope to see you on this journey!

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