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Sender Spotlight: Meet the Setters | Devan Gutierrez

One of our very own setters, Devan Gutierrez, sits down to tell us all about how he got into climbing, his favorite crag snack, and more! Come by either our Los Angeles or Santa Ana location to check out his sets and hopefully climb with him! share this...

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Fall Activities for the Family

Here at Sender One Climbing, we have been recognized for our awesome climbing opportunities and exciting new activities.  This fall, give our Los Angeles rock climbing gym or our Orange County rock climbing gym a try as a family! From our classic...

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The Connection Between Climbing and Yoga

Sweat begins to form drops on your forehead as you control your breath.  Your arm muscles swell as they are stretched to comply with your requests.  Your core body is engaged as it maintains your balance, keeping you from falling.  Whether you are hanging...

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Climbing as Therapy: What Research Shows

Words and Climbing Images by Jane Chin, Ph.D. Website:   "Therapeutic bouldering for depression"? Yes -- bouldering therapy is a thing! A 2015 research study of 47 participants showed that 8 weeks of bouldering therapy improved...

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Sender One Member Spotlight: Cliff Torrijos

Interview By: Brianne Schaer (@brianneschaer) Images from Cliff Torrijos (@eatsleepclimbthings) If you climb at Sender One LAX, you may have seen Cliff Torrijos crushing his training while with his five-year-old son, Bishop isn’t too far away. ...

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The Benefits of Yoga

With all of the conflicts and stress in today’s world, there is no better time to find an avenue or process to combat these negative energies. Millions of people across the world have turned to yoga to do just that. While some consider yoga as just another...

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Routesetting: Behind the Scenes Video

Words and Video by David Lee Instagram: @s0obs Music: Hyukoh - Burning Youth Midweek I come in to the gym more excited than usual because often a new set of boulder problems is put up. The fresh holds without grease from caked up chalk and shoe rubber are...

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The Dawn Wall | Movie Review

Words by Madeline Cronin Instagram: @madcrow19 In January 2015, climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson set off to climb the Dawn Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite, CA.  The ascent of the Dawn Wall would end up taking them 19 days to complete and captivate...

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Sender One SNA Walk Through

Take a look at Sender One's original location in Santa Ana, California. Sender One SNA offers a beautiful world-class climbing gym, Sender City, an interactive center for climbers of all ages, and our brand new Yoga and Fitness Center, offering fitness,...

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