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Written by Hailey McFelia 

Devan Roper, our Fall Merch Concept Designer tells us a bit about herself and her inspirations for her design. Devan is an Oregon State University graduate with a degree in Environmental Science. She enjoys finding different ways to be active outside and recently took up surfing. Now that you know a little bit about this Sender One team member, let’s talk about her climbing journey and design creation. 

Where is your favorite crag and why is it your favorite?

My favorite crag is Black Mountain. It is so remote, quiet, and has really great views. I love the sequoias that are scattered throughout the crag. I have a boulder project up there that would be my first outdoor V3/V4 once I send it. Only downside is the road in is kind of intense and parking at the top can get crowded.

If you could climb anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Probably the Gunks in New York. Although I lived in NYC and worked at a gym there, I never went to the Gunks out of fear for outdoor rope climbing. I want to go back some day and check that crag out. I didn’t really start climbing outdoors until I moved to California. I want a chance to go back and check out some East Coast crags.

What is the story for this design?

My design was inspired by the National Parks tees that showcase all the different parks. I wanted to do something similar, but narrow it down to places that are important to not only myself, but the Sender One community.

Why these crags?

These are crags that are nearby but also frequented by Sender One climbers. I wanted to include some that aren’t as famous, like Stoney Point, since it still is a great crag that has a wealth of climbing history. Malibu was the first place I climbed ropes in California and is one of my favorite places to sport climb. Black, Tram, and Joshua Tree are all popular spots especially for Santa Ana climbers. I didn’t include some crags like Horse-Flats and Pirates cove since I didn’t want the design to be too cluttered, but those are also important places that climbers love to go to as well.

You can grab Sender One’s fall merch designed by Devan and our marketing team after November 11th at any of our open Sender One locations. Feel free to post and tag us in your Sender One merch!


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