Fly Through Lakewood | Sender One Blog

Written by Alexandra Erdman


We know you’re all excited for Sender One Lakewood to open. But while our teams are hard at work building the highly anticipated full-service gym, we wanted to give you a closer look into what the gym will actually look like! The video shared below is a rendering of what the gym is expected to look like; it's like we're flying through Future Lakewood!

To recap, Lakewood will be Sender One’s third full-service gym. What exactly does ‘full-service’ mean, you ask? A full-service gym refers to the types of climbing available; sport climbing, bouldering and Sender City, like LAX and SNA. Whereas, Westwood and Playa Vista are considered bouldering-only gyms because of their singular focus on bouldering. On top of the different types of climbing, Lakewood’s amenities will also include yoga, fitness, locker rooms, bathrooms & showers, and a sauna!

Like Playa Vista, Lakewood will be located near tons of shops and restaurants! Within walking distance, you’ll find Lakewood Center Mall, Costco, World Market, Pieology Pizzeria, Subway, Cafe Rio, and Yogurtland, just to name a few!

Similar to LAX, while building out Lakewood from the space we found, we’re also working on raising the roof of the building by an entire 50 feet! Here’s some photos of our progress!


While constructing and opening new climbing gyms is a huge undertaking, we are committed to sending our projects and hope you are as excited about the new gym as we are! Without further ado, here is our latest fly-through video of the space. Enjoy!



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