Care For The Crag: Malibu Creek Crag Cleanup | Sender One Blog

Written by Eric Ho | Edited by Alexandra Erdman | Photos by Anthony Juan | Banner Photo by Elias Hardt


What comes to mind when you hear 'Malibu Creek'? Hiking. Climbing. Planet of the Apes. Bikers. THAT traverse. Gorgeous.

If you’re a member of the Sender One community, you’ll also recognize Malibu Creek, along with Pirates Cove and Stoney Point, as one of the three beloved crags that our Cares Program attends to. It is a premiere climbing destination in SoCal; very accessible from both Los Angeles and Orange County. Malibu Creek has something for everybody: bouldering, sport climbing, as well as top rope options.

If you're wondering what Care For The Crag actually means to Sender, here is our definition!

CARE FOR THE CRAG: Our passion for climbing expands beyond our walls and out into our parks and local climbing crags. Sender One one is committed to sharing our knowledge of outdoor climbing etiquette and doing hands-on work at outdoor climbing areas so that they remain available for years and future generations to come.

Why should we care about our crags? Climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts are already familiar with the maxim Leave No Trace. Everything we bring into an existing ecosystem, we want to pack out. We don’t want to introduce foreign bacteria into a delicate environment. That’s also why we stay on hiking trails and why some sections are blocked off: so that the natural flora and fauna can recuperate from various forms of destruction. Respect the local wildlife and leave what you find (unless it's trash, of course).

Sadly, not everyone always adheres to Leave No Trace, but that’s why Sender One hosts regular crag cleanups! Our crew this past weekend found items large and small, from giant metal frames to broken glass and aluminum bottles. A total of 30 members of the community showed up to help and, together, we collected over 160 lbs of trash! A hearty thank you to all our volunteers who came out on an early Saturday morning and shared in their passion for Care for the Crag.

Save the date for our next crag cleanups: Stoney Point in April and Pirate's Cove in July. Keep crushing indoors and helping us keep the outdoors clean and safe!

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