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Written by Hailey McFelia

Care for the Crag: Pirate's Cove Cleanup & Picnic!

Sunday’s Crag Cleanup was originally scheduled during a heatwave, with 120 people RSVP’d. We lucked out with a lovely overcast morning and a turnout that wasn’t going to overwhelm the beach. Don’t get us wrong, we love that our Sender One community wants to help out and give back by helping us pick up trash. We just don’t ever want to over crowd an outdoor space. With that being said, about 70 people rolled through to help us clean the beach and collect 144 pounds of trash!

For first timers at Pirate’s Cove, our staff took volunteers around the crag while taking the time to educate them on the land and the rock we are climbing on. For example, the type of rock at this crag is called sandstone. It’s a porous rock that, when wet. it gets weaker. For climbers, that means holds can break! Typically, we NEVER want to climb on wet rock. On the beach at Pirate’s Cove where the rock is constantly getting wet because of the tide, though, that rule seems to go out the window. Just proceed with caution. It’s a choss pile, but it’s our choss pile. We mean that with love.



After the cleanup, we had a delightful picnic where we got to take the time to meet with our fantastic community. It was a lovely moment where we all got to admire the work we put in to clean the beach. We want to thank our volunteers and our Sender One community for showing up and helping us clean this beautiful outdoor space!

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