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Routesetting at Sender One Playa Vista

Our Commitment:

  • New boulder problems every week, of wide-ranging difficulty
  • The average age of a climb is roughly 7-9 weeks before it is replaced with a new, imaginative challenge
  • Every set is unique and subject to the creativity of our routesetters

Latest Boulder Problems

Boulder LocationDate SetGrades# of Routes"Best in Show"Coming Soon
The Back Wall11/8/21v0 - v814Black v3 set by KodyCowabunga Boulder
The Back Wall11/1/2021v0 - v1010Black v5 set by JediMore Back Wall
The Rhino10/18/2021v0 - v912The Back Wall

Meet Our Routesetters

Moses Potter

Director of Routesetting

Marcus LaCavera

SNA Asst. Head Routesetter

Devan Gutierrez

LAX Asst. Head Routesetter

Kris Terry

SNA Asst. Head Routesetter

Jordan Keyes


Christian Medina


David Woo

Intern Routesetter

Mike Rohsler


Astrid Keyes

Intern Routesetter

Jed Ngo


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