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Special Hours:

Memorial Day 10am-10pm

Routesetting at Sender One Playa Vista

Our Commitment:

  • New boulder problems every week, of wide-ranging difficulty
  • The average age of a climb is roughly 7-9 weeks before it is replaced with a new, imaginative challenge
  • Every set is unique and subject to the creativity of our routesetters

Latest Boulder Problems

Boulder LocationDate SetGrades# of Routes"Best in Show"Coming Soon
Gym Fill-In2024-05-23v1 - v1011Green v6 set by TeamThe Back Wall
The Long Wall2024-05-09v1 - v814Black CompStyle by Dvang
The Cowabunga2024-05-02v0 - v1117Green v2 set by Dvang
The Rhino & Cowabunga2024-04-25v0 - v915
The Rhino2024-04-18v0 - v1018Red v5 set by Team
The Back Wall & Rhino2024-04-11v0 - v913Black v9 set by Team
The Back Wall2024-04-04v0 - v714Black v6 set by Mojo
The Back Wall2024-03-28v0 - v715Blue v5 set by HijoThe Back Wall
The "L Wall"2024-03-14v0 - v913Black v5 set by Hijo and MojoThe "L Wall" and The Back Wall
Cowabunga & Long Wall2024-02-29v0 - v1122Black v5 set by RAZ
The Rhino & Cowabunga2024-02-15v0 - v1022
The Rhino2024-02-08v0 - v922Yellow v7 set by KiwiThe Rhino & The Cowabunga Boulder
The Back Wall2024-02-01v0 - v922Red v7 set by Hijo
The Long Wall2024-01-18v0 - v819Blue v4 set by Dvang
The Long Wall2024-01-11v0 - v1024Red v5 set by Hijo
Cowabunga Boulder2024-01-04v1 - v1219Orange v6 set by RAZ
The Rhino2023-12-22v0 - v1114Yellow v3 set by Mojo
The Rhino2023-12-14v0 - v916Black v5 set by Shark
The Back Wall2023-12-07v0 - v819Yellow v5 set by HiJo
The Long Wall & Back Wall2023-11-30v0 - v921Red v4 set by RAZ
The Long Wall2023-11-16v0 - v913Green v6 set by Dvang
The Long Wall2023-11-07v0 - v816
The Cowabunga2023-11-02v0 - v1219
The Cowabunga2023-10-26v0 - v78Blue v7 set by Raz
The Rhino2023-10-20v1 - v816Green v3 set by Raz + Mojo
The Rhino2023-10-12v0 - v912Black v5 set by Dill
The Back Wall2023-10-05v0 - v811Red v6 set by Dill
The Back Wall2023-09-28v0 - v715Blue v7 set by Dvang
Long Wall2023-09-21v0 - v920Blue v8 set by Guest
Long Wall2023-09-14v0 - v1116Red v7 set by Dill
Cowabunga and Long Wall2023-09-07v0 - v1221Green v12 set by RAZ
Cowabunga2023-08-31v0 - v1017Blue v6 Dylan
The Rhino Right2023-08-24v0 - v710
The Rhino2023-08-17v0 - v915Purple v6 set by Evan
Back Wall & Rhino2023-08-10v1 - v917Red v6 set by Mikey
Long Wall & Back Wall2023-08-03v0 - v817Black v6 set by Dvang
The Long Wall2023-07-24v0 - v822Black v8 set by Dvang
The Long Wall2023-07-20v0 - v816Black v5 set by Dvang
Cowabunga2023-07-13v0 - v1222Orange v4 set by RAZ
Rhino & Cowabunga2023-07-06v0 - v1217Red v5 set by RAZ
The Rhino2023-06-29v0 - v1020Purple v5 set by DillCowabunga
Back Wall & Rhino2023-06-22v0 - v920Yellow v5 set by Dvang
The L Wall & Back Wall2023-06-15v0 - v817Blue v6 set by Dill
The L Wall2023-06-06v0 - v821Blue v5 set by Shark
The Long Wall & Cowabunga2023-06-01v0 - v1117Blue v3 set by Dvang
The Cowabunga & Long Wall2023-05-25v0 - v1021Black v3 set by Dvang
The Cowabunga2023-05-18v0 - v1214Blue v4 set by RAZ
The Rhino & Cowabunga2023-05-11v0 - v816Blue v2 set by Dill
Rhino2023-05-04v0 - v1115Green v9 set by Dill
Back Wall & Rhino2023-04-24v0 - v919Red v8 set by ED
The Back Wall & Long Wall2023-04-20v0 - v921Red v8 set by Airk
The Long Wall2023-04-13v0 - v1016Black v3 set by AirkThe Long Wall & Back Wall
The Cowabunga & Long Wall2023-04-06v0 - v815Black v6 set by DG
Cowabunga Boulder & Slab Wall2023-03-31v0 - v1017Black v6 set by OSThe Long Wall
The Rhino & Cowabunga2023-03-23v0 - v1125Black v5 set by OS
The Rhino2023-03-07v1 - v810
The Back Wall2023-02-24v1 - v66
The Long Wall, Back Wall, Rhino2023-02-16v0 - v922
The Long Wall & Back Wall2023-02-07v0 - v1022Blue v6 set by Prez
The Long Wall and The Cowabunga2023-01-31v0 - v1022Black v8 set by RAZ
The Rhino & Cowabunga2023-01-24v0 - v922Black v6 set by Dyl
The Rhino2023-01-19v1 - v1117Orange v5 set by Dyl
The Back Wall2023-01-12v0 - v821Blue v2 set by DylThe Rhino
The Long Wall & Back Wall2023-01-05v0 - v820Purple v7 set by DG+Dyl

Blue v5 set by DG
The Long Wall2022-12-22v0 - v1015Purple set by AirkThe Back Wall
Cowabunga and Slab2022-12-15v0 - v817Red v6 set by Olly
Cowabunga Boulder2022-12-08v1 - v1123Black v8 set by Airk
The Rhino2022-12-01v0 - v922Blue v6 set by Dyl
The Rhino2022-11-17v1 - v109Blue v4 set by OS
The Back Wall2022-11-07v0 - v816Orange v4 set by KO
The Long Wall & Back Wall2022-11-03v0 - v819Black v5 set by OS
The Long Wall2022-10-28v0 - v819Blue v5 set by DG
Cowabunga Right & Long Wall2022-10-20v0 - v1023Black v5 set by Raz
Red v9 set by Dyl
Cowabunga (Left)2022-10-14v1 - v1020Black v5 set by RazCowabunga (right) & Long wall
The Rhino & Fill-ins2022-10-06v0 - v1020Blue v3 set by OllyCowabunga Boulder
The Rhino2022-09-29v0-v922Red v7 set by DGThe Rhino
The Long Wall & The Back Wall2022-09-15v0 - v816Purple v7 set by OllyThe Back Wall
The Long Wall2022-09-08v0 - v920Black v6 set by OllyLong Wall & Back Wall
The Long Wall2022-09-01v0 - v613Blue v4 set by OllyThe Long Wall cont.
The Cowabunga2022-08-22v2 - v1111Black v6 set by KOThe Long Wall
The Rhino & Cowabunga Boulder2022-08-18v1 - v918Green v6 set by OSThe Cowabunga Boulder (R)
The Rhino2022-08-11v0 - v1024Green v6 set by RAZThe Cowabunga Boulder
The Back Wall2022-08-04v0 - v918Yellow v5 set by RAZThe Rhino
The Long Wall2022-07-21v0 - v915Yellow v9 by RAZ, Black v5 by TLThe Long Wall
The Long Wall2022-07-14v0 - v810The Long Wall
The Cowabunga Boulder & Learning Wall2022-06-30v0 - v1020Blue v6 set by RAZThe Long Wall
The Rhino & Cowabunga Boulder2022-06-23v0 - v915Green v5 set by AirkCowabunga Boulder
The Rhino2022-06-16v0 - v1015Black v6 set by Mike (RAZ)Rhino & Cowabunga Boulder
The Back Wall2022-06-08v0 - v615Yellow v6 set by KO
The Long Wall2022-05-26v0 - v814Yellow v3 set by TL
The Long Wall2022-05-19v0 - v815Red v7 set by OSThe Long Wall
The Rhino2022-05-12v2 - v1113Purple v4 set by Raz
The Rhino & Cowabunga Boulder2022-05-05v0 - v1015Purple set by TLCowabunga Boulder
The Rhino2022-04-21v0 - v812Yellow v4 set by AirkRhino & Cowabunga
The Long Wall2022-04-14v0 - v818Black v4 set by TLThe Rhino
The Long Wall & Back Wall2022-04-07v0 - v918Green v3 set by TL
The Long Wall2022-03-31v0 - v915Red v5 set by OS
The Long Wall2022-03-24v0 - v713Red v6 set by Theo
The Cowabunga Boulder & Long Wall2022-03-10v0 - v1020Orange v0 set by Raz
The Rhino & Cowabunga Boulder2022-03-03v0 - v614Red v4 set by OS
The Rhino2022-02-21v2 - v714
The Back Wall & Rhino2022-02-14v0 - v922Blue #22 set by Jedi
The Back Wall & The Long Wall2022-02-07v0 - v922
The Long Wall & Cowabunga2022-01-31v0 - v922
Cowabunga Boulder, Long Wall, & Rhino2022-01-24v0 - v922
Cowabunga Boulder2022-01-17v1 - v911Red v5 set by OS
The Rhino2022-01-10v0 - v818Black v6 set by JediThe Cowabunga Boulder
The Back Wall and The Rhino2022-01-03v0 - v818Red v6 set by Jedi and DG
The Back Wall2021-12-20v0 - v710Red v7 set by DevanThe Back Wall
The Long Wall2021-12-06v0 - v715Black v6 set by RAZThe Back Wall
The Long Wall2021-11-29v0 - v617Red v5 set by DGThe Long Wall
Cowabunga Boulder2021-11-22v0 - v1119Black v9 set by DGThe Long Wall
The Back Wall2021-11-08v0 - v814Black v3 set by KodyCowabunga Boulder
The Back Wall2021-11-01v0 - v1010Black v5 set by JediMore Back Wall
The Rhino2021-10-18v0 - v912The Back Wall

Meet Our Routesetters

Moses Potter

Director of Routesetting

Marcus LaCavera

SNA Head Routesetter

Mike Rohsler

LAX Head Routesetter

Devan Gutierrez

Lakewood Head Routesetter.

Jordan Keyes

Jonathan Kennedy

Jed Ngo

Kristin Okamoto

Steven Vanderburg

Derek LaCavera

Dylan Sestak

Evan Daniel

Massimo Pelusi

Bella McNabb

John Hickey

Chris Brey

Eli Tracy

Silas Chang

Harper Nelson

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