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SENDtember $1 Initiation Sale! 9/1-9/30

All September long: Initiation is only $1 when you sign-up for a month-to-month membership!

Make the most of your first visit to Sender One

Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned pro, we offer unique experiences for all climbers!

Visiting Sender One for the first time?

To welcome you to Sender One Playa Vista, we'd like to offer you 50% off your day pass on your first visit!

Stop by and talk to our staff for more information. This special offer only applies to our Playa Vista location.  If you're visiting with kids ages 13 and under please be sure to join us during Kids Hours.

First Time Climbers (Ages 14+)

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without a rope on shorter walls. All you need are a pair of climbing shoes and chalk if desired. No experience is necessary, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Warm up properly.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and those climbing around you.
  • When you're done with a boulder problem, either climb down (recommended) or if you decide to jump away from the wall, tuck your arms in and land on your bottom while rolling onto your back in one motion.
  • Have fun!

Intro to Bouldering

Designed to provide first-time climbers with the tools they need to have a successful day on the wall. This class will go over climbing basics such as how to use your climbing shoes effectively, how to avoid over-gripping, establishing efficient movement, and basic body positioning techniques.

No experience necessary! Please book a class in advance.

5-Punch Pass w/ rentals

First-time visitors or Intro to Movement students only. Limit 1 per person.
  • Only available for purchase on the day of your first visit or after your first Intro to Climbing class
  • Expires 60 days from the purchase date
  • Waives initiation fee ($59) when you sign-up for a membership
  • Non-transferrable, non-refundable

Experienced Climbers

If you're new to Sender One, but not to climbing, here are some tips to help get you on the walls right away!

General House Rules

  • Climbs follow the same colored holds
  • Boulder problems finish with two hands on the last hold
  • Holds under the tag are fair game
  • Volumes are on only if they are the same color as the climb
  • Aretes are on and cracks are off unless otherwise noted on the tag

Discover and connect with other climbers!

Looking for new climbing buddies?

Kids Offerings

 Sender One Playa Vista offers Kids Hours which are perfect for drop-in climbing sessions, and Climbing Academy for young climbers who are looking to grow their skills as they connect with others. 

Kids Hours

A drop-in offering that provides the opportunity for kids ages 13 and under (and their families) to join us for a session of fun on our bouldering walls.

We offer dedicated sessions for kids to climb while our staff is available to assist with supervision, while sharing climbing tips and activities as they explore the gym!

Climbing Academy 

An 8-week introductory course led by a Sender One coach is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of climbing while participating in interactive lessons & climbing games!

This course is available for kids ages 6 and up

Online Waiver

Everyone who enters the facility must fill out an online waiver.
Complete the waiver ahead of time and save time at check-in.


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