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Kids Hours

Discover the world of climbing during Kids Hours
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Join us for Kids Hours!

Kids Hours provides kids ages 13 and under (and their families) a session of fun on our bouldering walls tailored specifically for them. They can engage their creativity, test their bravery, and discover their inner strength!

Kids Hours Schedule: 

Monday - Friday:

10:00am - 1:00pm

2:00pm - 5:00pm


10:00am - 2:00pm

About Kids Hours

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for the next generation to discover climbing. Kids Hours provides dedicated sessions for kids to climb. 

Our staff will share climbing tips and activities as kids explore the gym! During Kids Hours, while parents and guardians will need to supervise their kids, Sender One staff members will provide additional supervision and support.

Who It's For

Kids Hours are for climbers ages 13 and under who are not current Sender One Members.

To climb at Playa Vista, non-member youth climbers ages 13 and under must make a reservation for Kids Hours unless:

  • They are currently enrolled in a Youth Program or Team at any Sender One location.
  • They are a member and are supervised by an adult.
  • They are visiting on a Member Guest Pass.
  • They are accompanied by an adult member or 10 Punch Pass holder.

In general, we recommend bouldering for kids who are ages 6 and up. 

Pricing & Booking


  • Kids ages 5 and under are free with one paying adult climber
  • $29 for a regular Youth Pass
  • Rentals are included with your visit!

Booking a Session:

  • Participants will book a specific one-hour time slot online but are welcome to stay during the entire session. There are 2 sessions per day Mon-Fri, and a single session Sat-Sun.
  • We highly encourage making a reservation ahead of time.
  • Currently, there are 10-15 spots available in each session - plenty of room to bring friends!
  • We require a ratio of 1 adult for every 2 kids; adults must supervise their children at all times.
Kids Activities

Kid-Friendly Climbing:

  • Sender One Playa Vista provides a kid-friendly bouldering wall that is suited for any age or size!
  • Kids can explore our beginner circuit- a series of labeled climbs designed for all skill levels and ages. These climbs are spread throughout the gym have yellow, happy face stickers on their route tags.  This circuit is great for kids who are naturals and are ready to level-up from the kids wall.

Interactive Games: 

  • Kids can also challenge themselves on our Activity Wheel, which is full of climbing activities that will help guide their climbing session. Who knows which activity they will land on next!
  • Ask our staff about other climbing games you can play with your kids such as Simon Says or Hot Lava.
About Bouldering

Bouldering is a form of climbing where you don’t need a rope or harness to scale the walls. All you need are some climbing shoes, chalk (optional), and the desire to rock climb!

Indoor bouldering typically involves climbing up and down walls that are between 12-16 feet tall, where falls are protected by thick, padded flooring. If you're new to this style of climbing, our staff is happy to demonstrate safe climbing practices at any time, or you can find posters around the gym!

Visit our Climbing With Kids page to review additional safety guidelines and gym etiquette.


How long can my kids climb for?

If you make a reservation during a Kids Hours session, you are welcome to stay for the entire session. Even though you book for a certain time slot, you are welcome to visit at any point during the session. 

For example: If you book an 11:00am time slot, you are welcome to visit at any point during the 10:00am - 1:00pm session. If you book for the 3:00pm time slot, you can visit at any point during the 2:00pm - 4:00pm session. 

Can my kids stay after their Kid’s Hours session?

No. Unfortunately, kids ages 13 and under are not permitted to climb outside of Kid’s Hours. 

However, kids may visit Sender One Playa Vista outside of Kid’s Hours under the following conditions:

  • They are currently enrolled in a Youth Program at  any Sender One gym. 
  • They are a member and are supervised by an adult. 
  • They are visiting on a Member Guest Pass.
  • They are accompanied by an adult member or 10 Punch Pass holder. 

Do you have any climbing classes for kids?

We do! We are currently running Climbing Academy, an 8-week series led by our Sender One coaches. Climbers meet once a week with their coach and learn the foundations of climbing. Climbing Academy is a prerequisite for our youth teams, so once they finish Climbing Academy they’ll be able to move up to one of our Rec Teams! Learn more about Climbing Academy

If you are interested in more Youth Program offerings or camps you can visit our nearby location, Sender One LAX.


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