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Written by Eric Ho | Formatted by Alexandra Erdman


Sender One Westwood is DAYS away from opening!  We will be soft opening in February and having our grand opening party on April 6th after UCLA students return from Spring Break! We know you’ve been waiting patiently for our next bouldering gym to open. In the meantime, here are some testimonials about the Open House nights, and introductions to some of the staff that you’ll be seeing at Sender One Westwood.

“The outpouring of enthusiasm from the community has been amazing. We are excited to be here, and we are looking forward to providing a great climbing and social space for the folks in and around Westwood Village. It's been a long time coming, but seeing the walls with climbs on them really makes the place come to life, and shows us how close to opening we finally are. This is the social and fitness space that Westwood Village has been waiting for!”

Director of Routesetting

“The open house on 2/10 went pretty well! Our team gave gym tours almost non-stop for the first few hours of the Broxton Nights event. Based on the number of shirts and day passes we gave away, we estimate that we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 visitors that night; many of the visitors were UCLA students who live within walking distance of the gym. There were a lot of folks who were very excited to have a climbing gym opening so close to their home/school. The energy and excitement over Westwood was palpable. I'm sure the WW community is just as excited as we are to open the doors and connect w/ some new folks through rock climbing.”

Training & Development Manager

“At the open house on 2/1, we had over 300 people walk in between 5 and 9pm!  There were tons of students from UCLA and lots of people from the surrounding Westwood community...We are so excited to finally open this gym! We've been trying to open this gym since 2019.  There were delays due to COVID, then delays due to the city permitting issues.  We were supposed to open this past summer but we ran into a major permitting issue half way through construction and we had to stop work, rip out some of our work and re-do a bunch of work.  Now we are finally at the finish line and just DAYS away from opening."

Founder, CEO

Meet The Westwood Staff!


Von is the Westwood Gym Manager! Von has worked with Sender One for almost 5 years! He has been working diligently to get help get the Westwood location up and running and is so excited to see it grow! You'll know Von by his dapper suits and positive energy! If you see him around Westwood, say hi!


Avery has been climbing for almost 9 years, both competitively and casually. She loves bouldering and speed climbing, but will sport climb if peer pressured into it. When she’s not climbing, she’s probably reading a new horror book, thrifting, going to a concert, or planning her next trip. She is so stoked to be working at Sender One Westwood because she loves the LA climbing community, and now has a great excuse to convince her friends to come climbing with her.


Luke is a junior at UCLA studying Sociology with a minor in Labor Studies. He started bouldering at UCLA’s John Wooden Center and fell in love with rock climbing, as well as the community and camaraderie it builds. He is so excited to work at Sender One in Westwood, where he’ll get to meet and climb with my fellow Bruins. Outside of the rock wall, you can find him reading, playing basketball, thrifting, and looking for new music and movies.


Daniel, first year economics student at UCLA, has been climbing for 2.5 years. He recently went outdoor climbing in J-Tree for the first time and absolutely loved it. He is a big reader and loves podcasts. He played volleyball for almost 5 years. He is excited to get to meet new people at the Westwood Gym!


Sophie started climbing at the age of 10 and fell in love with the sport. She competed until she was 16, then took a long break from climbing to find her love for many other outdoor sports such as skiing. She found her way back to climbing here at Sender One where she reconnected with some staff and climbing partners. She is most excited about Westwood to connect with new staff and members, and to show new climbers our amazing Westwood location.

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