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Climbing with Kids

Climbing with kids can be fun and safe for all!
Kids Climbing FAQ

Things to Know When Climbing with Kids at Sender One

We are so excited to welcome kids into Sender One and the world of climbing! But first, we would love to go over some guidelines and FAQ’s to ensure that every climber in the gym is having a fun and safe experience.


Bouldering is a very specific type of climbing in which there are no ropes involved. This means that climbers take a lot of unexpected falls. If other guests in the gym are not paying attention to their surroundings, it could result in serious injury. We recommend that kids are ages 6 or over to try bouldering. 

It is extremely important that parents and guardians follow these safety guidelines while their child(ren) climb: 

  • All kids under the age of 14 need a parent or guardian in the facility at all times
  • Parents/Guardians must stay within 6 feet of their child at all times
  • We have a strict 2:1 ratio policy: There needs to be one adult present for every two kids in the facility
  • Everyone needs to have a waiver completed prior to climbing on the walls (even if you are not climbing)

Please make sure that your child(ren) abide by the following rules and etiquette: 

  • Be courteous to others around you
  • Look out for climbers when walking by a wall or starting a climb
  • Absolutely NO running, roughhousing, tumbling, or yelling 
  • Absolutely NO climbing under/over or too close to other people (if you can touch the person climbing next to you, you are too close!)

These rules are necessary to help keep everyone as safe as possible and they apply to everyone in the facility. If more than two warnings have to be issued to a parent/guardian, the family’s climbing time may be cut short and they will politely be asked to come back another day.


How old do kids have to be to climb?

There is no age limit for climbers! All kids ages 13 and under need to be accompanied by an adult and visit during Kids Hours, with a few exceptions. Anyone ages 5 and under can climb for free with one paying adult climber. Email us at [email protected] for more info.

Does Sender One Westwood have a Sender City?

Unfortunately, this location does not offer a Sender City or rope climbing. However, you can book a Sender City session at our nearby location, Sender One LAX.

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes! You can find more information on our Groups & Parties website page or email our Groups & Parties department at [email protected]


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