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Sender One SNA is Expanding!

Sender One SNA is Expanding!

About a year ago, Sender One SNA expanded our yoga and fitness program. We opened up two brand new yoga studios and grew our fitness and aerial silks program – right next door! However, we weren’t going to just stop there. With our fitness and yoga moving next door, we needed to transform the empty space into something really awesome. 

Coming to you late Spring 2019, we are introducing over 2200 sf. of more bouldering and adding a MoonBoard. In addition, Sender City will have even more fun walls to climb on! We cannot wait to give our community more climbing space.

Take a look below at the renderings of what’s to come, and stay tuned for updates! 

Fall 2016 Bouldering League

Fall 2016 Bouldering League

Words and Photos by Crystal Tan_mg_1586

Bouldering League is back!  We are super excited to be hosting this 6-week bouldering battle royale as it is one our favorite competitions to have.  This isn’t just any bouldering competition, it is a TEAM competition with a format that scores progress, not just prowess.  Any level of climber has the chance to be part of the winning team! Who will win the championship belt (yes,there is an actual belt) and be the Fall 2016 Bouldering League Champions?! Sign-ups will continue throughout the first week of competition.

Here’s how to sign-up:
1. Build your team
Each team will consist of 5 people. Don’t forget to pick a team name!

2. Register at the Front Desk
Cost: $100/team or $20/person
Sign-up at the Front Desk or online here.
The cost includes the choice of a free t-shirt or tank top and entry into a weekly raffle for free day passes (full team attendance required to qualify).
3. Pick your division
Teams elect to compete in the Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday division (all teams compete against each other despite different climbing days).

_mg_1890     _mg_1701

Please read this FAQ as we’ve made some changes:

– Either online or at the Front Desk; please pay your dues as soon as possible.

– $100/team ($20/person) If you are not a member of Sender One you must either use a Punch Pass, Day Pass or Guest pass.

– Five. The top four member’s scores are recorded.

– You may sign-up as a free agent. We will assign you a team.

– Team can choose from THREE nights, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Your team will choose one night to climb, and that will be your night to climb throughout the competition until finals week.
Finals week will consist of only one day of competing, Thursday October 20th 4pm-9pm.

– No substitues.

– No. At least try your very best not to split your teams up. Your team will be entered in a weekly raffle if attendance is 100% on the climbing day your team chooses.

– Attendance is not mandatory; only the scores of 4 people from each team will count. However, not attending will not benefit your team.

– Scoring is normalized by your handicap, which may be adjusted during the competition…DO NOT try sandbagging (low-balling your handicap), you will be caught and handicap bumped. Besides, the grades are blind this time. Muaha!
Select your handicap as the highest average grade accomplished during past bouldering sessions. Flashing will earn you extra points, and climbing harder than your handicap will also give you a higher score. Essentially, pick your legitimate handicap, climb your hardest, and have fun!
*Notice: grades will not be presented during climbing nights and the scoring is weighted progressively more each week.

– Yes, yes they do.

– Only one. Thursday, October 20th from 4-9pm. Award will be around 9:30pm.

– We will be having weekly raffles! If you team has full attendance that week, your team name will be entered into a raffle for a chance to get something cool!
– Each participant has a choice between a t-shirt or a tank top!!
– Prizes are given out finals night for best team name and best team plaque design.
– This is a friendly (AND REALLY FUN) competition, so try hard and enjoy yourself!


For updates of scores and to view photos from the competition, follow our Bouldering League Facebook page!

Featured Member: Michael Doan

Featured Member: Michael Doan

Words by Crystal Tan & Michael Doan

Here at Sender One, we value our members and the growing community we climb with. We thought it would be a great idea to start having a featured member each month! You can nominate yourself or someone you think deserves to be featured. Each featured member will get 4 punch passes that never expire and can be used for a friend! A nomination form can be found on the Community Board in the hallway.

The featured member for the month of August went to Michael Doan! Below is a little Q&A with Michael about climbing, yoga, and life outside of the gym.


Photo by Crystal Tan

Why do you love climbing and/or yoga?
“All my life I’ve been into physical activities and involved in team sports like track and water polo. After college, I couldn’t compete or be involved anymore so I started weight lifting. Weight lifting became repetitive and boring, so I found climbing! I love climbing because it is a game/puzzle to me and you get to meet so many people. It is an individual activity, but at the same time you are climbing with other people. I enjoy the physical challenge of it. I always felt like yoga was too feminine, but once I tried it I realized it takes a lot of physical strength and energy. I found that I was lacking flexibility and mobile range. I love yoga because it really calms me down. I’ve found a sense of ease and flow.”13908953_10154074254753153_2377045966162957705_o

What are some other activities you do outside of climbing?
“I work in cosmetics. I’ve always been a very scientific and logic thinker. I formulate beauty products, I’m a chemist!”

Tell us something that would surprise most people.
“I have a hard time answering this question because I’m pretty much an open book. I hide nothing, haha.”

What would your super power be?
“I would be an Earth Bender, because I like climbing on rocks……”


Photo by Crystal Tan




Would you rather be attacked by a bear of stung by a swarm of bees?
“A bear. Yep.”

What products do you use in your hair and how is the miantenance?
“Dove Conditioner Nourishing Oil Care. For shampoo, I avoid anything that contains ingredients that cause lots of bubbling such as sulfate which tend to dry the scalp (LOL). It takes me about 20-30 minutes just to condition and shampoo. I also use coconut oil on my ends before bedtime.”

Check back for September’s Featured Member!

Sender One LAX is Happening!

Sender One LAX is Happening!

Sender One LAX is happening! Plan on visiting? Get to know some familiar faces! Some of our staff members from Sender One SNA will be joining the team in LA. Here’s a little Q&A from the staff themselves:

What got you into climbing?

Jordan Terry:  My husband took me climbing on our very first date 6 years ago. I was hooked immediately! Climbing reminded me of a video game at first, where you work through the game and try to level up, and I wanted to keep working my way up the grading system! After a couple of years my climbing goals transcended the struggle to achieve specific grades and became more about maintaining an overall positive mental outlook, even on the sup