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Dads Who Rock

Dads Who Rock

We're wishing a Happy Father's Day to all the climbing dads in our community. Thank you for being our role models and cheerleaders, for the encouragement and support, for being fun and adventurous, and for being here with us. Thanks for being our ROCKS. We hope you enjoy a cold beverage, your favorite meal, and maybe a solid climbing session to celebrate you.

We asked a few dads some questions about fatherhood and climbing. Check it out below!

Happy Father's Day!

Jason Chang

Sender One Member Since 2013

How do you balance fatherhood and climbing?
It helps that I have a kid on the Sender One Climbing Team so I can bring him to practice and get a climbing workout in while he trains. But I also find that I need to have some kind of physical activity as an outlet so I usually make time for 2-3 sessions a week in order to maintain my sanity.

What are some of the biggest challenges of being a climber and father, or being a climber's parent?
Being old and frail. Just kidding. Probably the cost. It's not a cheap activity, especially if your kid travels for competitions. But also being old and frail.

Do you mainly climb with your kids, or do you have your own group of climbing friends?
I climbed with my kid when he was around my ability, but he has since eclipsed me in capability so we don't session together as much. I do enjoy taking him outdoors and supporting him as he works on projects. So, I have a small dad group that I climb with and there's a mom group that I sometimes get adopted by. 

Did you start climbing before your child? If so, how was it introducing them to climbing?
I started first and when my son started climbing it was very obvious that he found something that he was really into. He didn't enjoy mainstream sports when he was younger and then when he started climbing it was amazing to see the difference in passion and dedication to learning.

What is your favorite thing about being a climbing dad?
I love being a climbing dad. One of the best things is seeing your kid grow and develop as a human in the context of being a competitive climber. Being involved with the youth competition climbing community and having great friendships with the families both near and far. Earlier I mentioned the cost but there's also a great reward to having an activity that you share with a son or daughter that gets you active and outside.

Do you have any advice for other climber dads?
You can't force a kid to like something you like. But you can give them opportunities to explore and keep it fun so they're willing to try it and discover if they truly like it themselves.