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Chalk is in the Air: Event Recap

Chalk is in the Air: Event Recap

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On Saturday, we celebrated our very FIRST Adidas sponsored event: the adidas Ticket to Rockstars! We were stoked to see hundreds of excited and tenacious climbers at Sender One LAX to face numerous bouldering challenges while rocking out to awesome music! 

We started the day off with our youth bouldering jam, and were met by a sea of green adidas shirts and upbeat attitudes. We were blown away by all of the energy and excitement that these little (and crazy strong!) senders brought to the competition and we want to give a very special THANK YOU to all parents for spending the day and bringing their kids to enjoy their very own Ticket to Rockstars event! It’s amazing to see so many supportive and proud parents with a huge smile on their face as their kids test their skills on new routes and share their excitement with new people! These kid crushers are the future of rock climbing, so it’s safe to say: we are in good hands!

As the Open Jam began, we were met with an even bigger sea of red adidas shirts! Climbers of all levels gave it their all while continuing to rock out to great music.  No matter if you are an experienced climber or a beginner, our gym and competitions are always going to cater to everyone. Even if you didn’t feel like climbing, there was a relaxing lounge area filled with bean bags, corn hole, and a selfie booth with fun props! 
Congratulations to first place winners, Simon Benkert and Kylie Cullen! Good luck and have fun competing in Stuttgart, Germany! 
In case you couldn’t make it to this event, check out the video re-cap and get psyched for the next time adidas Ticket to Rockstars returns to Sender One!

Special thanks to our vendors who helped support our very first Adidas Ticket to Rockstars competition! 

Static Climbing, Harle Hands, Access Fund, Reef Point, Dynamite Starfish, Angel Lopez, Kind Snacks, Climb Pain Free, Southland Physical Therapy, Tentera Coffee, Tiny Holds, Beyond Meat, Joshua Tree Friends, Three Weavers and DJ PRODEEZY!

Photos by Angela Payne and Gavin Lively
New Walls for More Fun!

New Walls for More Fun!

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Last month, after weeks of being closed to the public, Sender City in Santa Ana re-opened with amazing new walls and features to climb! 

Since the beginning, entrants of Sender City were greeted to a variety of challenges, but we all dreamed of more.  It was time to say goodbye to the tall blue curtains in the corner, and hello to fun as we welcomed multiple new walls, and a spiderweb to our SNA facility! 

Not only are the new challenges exciting to climb, but also the growth of Sender City allows for more people to experience Sender City than ever before - making it the perfect place for a party or gathering!  Invite your friends, your family, your coworkers, even your friend’s cousin’s sister-in-law! You name it, everyone will enjoy themselves as they reach new heights at Sender One and Sender City! (Learn more and book a party event here!) 

Check out the new and improved Sender City in the pictures below!  Not only did Sender City get an upgrade, but our bouldering area expanded as well!  Curious about what it looks like? Come by the gym, or check out our Anniversary Party Recap to get a peek!

Sender One Climbing | Gym to Crag

Sender One Climbing | Gym to Crag

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At Sender One, one of our core values is to share our passions with others.  Our biggest passion is (you guessed it!) rock climbing!  It is an activity that has impacted each of our lives in different and meaningful ways, and we are psyched every day to share our space and love for climbing with you all! 

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When thinking about all of the amazing people we share climbing experiences with, we recognize that we have an awesome opportunity to use our platform to highlight some of the best practices for when anyone takes their passions outdoors.  While hiking to your projects, sending your favorite climbs, photographing your adventures, and more, there are so many ways you can make sure you and your crew are leaving a minimal impact on the areas you visit.  This has always been an important topic, but is increasingly so as more people come to enjoy these outdoor spaces. 

From here on out, we are excited to be making information more accessible to all who walk through our doors, or follow our online platforms.  Here's what we are up to, and what to keep an eye out for:




Keep an eye out for our Gym to Crag Logo on blogs that cover information related to conservation and Leave No Trace principles.  Share these with your friends and family to help spread the word!


Partnerships and Crag Cleanups


As a member gym of the Access Fund, we are excited to be hosting the Access Fund's Conservation Team, as well as hosting local crag cleanups throughout the year! Keep an eye out for event announcements in our newsletters, and around the gym!


Athlete Clinics


We have some really exciting clinics in the works!  We'll be bringing in athletes to share tips and guidance on their craft, while also encouraging best practices outdoors! Stay tuned on our events calendar (LAX and SNA) and social media for dates and details!




Over the course of the year we have several fundraisers on deck to support organizations such as the Access Fund, and other local climbing conservation groups.

To say we are excited is an understatement!  Many of us are frequent outdoor travelers, and we often see the places we love not being taken care of as best as they could be.  We are excited to help spread awareness regarding outdoor best practices, and can't wait to share our stoke with you throughout the year!

Five Bouldering Games to Spice Up your Next Session

Five Bouldering Games to Spice Up your Next Session

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Words by Brianne Schaer (Instagram: @brianneschaer)
Images by Crystal Tan (Instagram: @madambackwords)

Bouldering games are a creative way to let loose and have some fun with your friends at the gym.  Games can create a fun and casually competitive environment where you can push yourself beyond just trying to climb at the next v-level.

Sender One has some of the best setters around, and while the bouldering area is full of engaging problems, sometimes you want to shake it up and play by your own rules, so grab some friends and read over this list of our favorite bouldering games to spice up your next session! 



Number of people: 2+

Rules: This game begins when the first climber selects two start holds and makes a single move.  The next climber must repeat the same move, and add another.  This process continues with each climber adding an extra move to the climb.  If you fall, you're out!  The game ends once everyone has fallen, when someone tops out, or when you run out of wall space. 


  • You can allow climbers to use any foot holds or you can specify which foot holds are on/off. 
  • Extend the length of each game by doing the moves in reverse order/down-climbing.



Number of people: 1+

Rules: Pick a route that everyone in your group can easily climb.  The first player climbs the route, skipping one hold.  The skipped hold is now off limits for both hands and feet. The next climber must climb the route, skipping that hold, as well as skipping an additional hold of their choice.  The game continues until there is only one player left standing!



Number of people: 3-5

Rules: Climbers stand in front of a wall section that has four different colored holds.  Just like in the party game of the same name, one person will call our the move (e.g. right hand blue) and the climbers will have to make that move.  You can do this by simply by having one person call out the moves, or if you want to get more technical, you can download a twister spinner app to your phone.  If you fall, you're out!  Play continues until there is only one player left on the wall.



Number of people: 2+

Rules: Find a portion of the wall with lots of varied holds.  One person (or group of people) stands on the ground and points out the next hold the climber must use.  Use a pointer or if you don't have one, then simply point with your finger and call out the hold name.  See who can stay on the wall the longest as you and your friends call our the moves. 


Simon Says

Number of people: 3+

Rules: This classic schoolyard game can also be fun on the climbing wall!  One person stays on the ground while the rest of your group finds a place on the wall.  The person on the ground will call out moves (e.g. Simon Says, right hand on blue).  You are out if you fall, are unable to make a move, or make a move without the 'Simon Says' command. 

Bonus Games!

If you have less time, less wall space, or just a shorter attention span, these easy mini-games can still make your session different and fun! 



Have some fun practicing dynos.  Find a spot where you can dyno from one hold to the next.  Then, try to dyno to a higher hold!  See who can make it the furthest from the original holds. Add to the challenge by seeing who in your group can complete the most dynos in the gym.  (Hint: The setters sometimes set a route that has fun dynos in it -- look for 'DYNO' on the route tag!) 

Follow the Leader:

Pick one person to lead your group on a traverse.  Each person must hold the same hols as you move across the wall.  Take turns being the leader as you make up new moves each round.  (Just be mindful of your surroundings and that you aren't climbing underneath anyone or cutting off anyone from starting their project!) 


Choose two problems that are next to each other and similar in difficulty.  See who can make it up their problem the fastest, then switch problems and race again.  You can also try to beat the clock when you're climbing alone - pick a problem that you can comfortably onsight, and climb it quickly!  Time yourself to see how fast you can send it, and if you can beat your personal best! 


Pick a problem below your usual grade and climb it without using your feet.  Play with a group of friends to see who can make it the furthest, or send the problem first.  If a full campus isn't in your wheelhouse, then you can also play by using only one foot, or one hand!  Get creative! 

These bouldering games can spice up your next gym session by adding variety and excitement.  While some of the games are just for fun, others can work on specific training elements, like stamina, onsight ability, or power!  Of course, while spicing up your bouldering routine, please be aware of your surroundings and respectful of other climbers trying to send their projects around you! 

If you have any bouldering games that you like to play, share them on our facebook community pages (SNA) (LAX)!


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Sender One SNA is Expanding!

Sender One SNA is Expanding!

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About a year ago, Sender One SNA expanded our yoga and fitness program. We opened up two brand new yoga studios and grew our fitness and aerial silks program - right next door! However, we weren't going to just stop there. With our fitness and yoga moving next door, we needed to transform the empty space into something really awesome. 

Coming to you late Spring 2019, we are introducing over 2200 sf. of more bouldering and adding a MoonBoard. In addition, Sender City will have even more fun walls to climb on! We cannot wait to give our community more climbing space.

Take a look below at the renderings of what's to come, and stay tuned for updates! 

Sender One Celebrates 1 Million Visits!

Sender One Celebrates 1 Million Visits!

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We have been a little quiet on the blog since the holidays, but we are SO excited to break that silence with a celebration!  With everyday that has passed since we first opened back in 2013, we have enjoyed the countless smiles and conversations we have had with all of our guests and members in both Santa Ana, and Los Angeles.  One thing we can count, however, is the number of people that come through our door, and we are super excited to say that we have just hit our...

1 Millionth Check In!!!


Sender One was visited for the 1 millionth time by the one and only, Charles Landis!  We are really excited to share this milestone with him, as he has been a long standing member of the Sender One Community, and was kind enough to tell us a bit about why he keeps coming back to Sender One -- 1,224 times (and counting) so far!

Charles Landis, Sender One's 1 Millionth Visitor!

How has climbing impacted your life? 

Climbing has reconnected me with the passion I had in my earlier days. 

When did you first start climbing at Sender One?

It was 6 months after the gym opened.  I don't recall what year that was, but I started climbing in December of that year. (December 2013!) 

Why do you climb at Sender One? 

I climb at Sender One because of the people.  It is a great atmosphere and a wonderful community, but it is not just the climbing, it is also the yoga and fitness.  I really like the yoga classes.  They are real yoga and not the corporate routines that have become so prevalent these days.  It also doesn't hurt Sender One has the best climbing walls in SoCal!

What is your favorite thing about the Sender One Community?

The community and the people are the best thing about Sender One.  It is such and open and fun place.  Everyone is really committed to what they are doing and they seem to be having fun.  I cannot think of a place I would rather be!  

While Charles was our 1 millionth check in, we clearly could not have reached that without our amazing members, the guests they bring in, the kid crushers who celebrate their birthdays with us, or are a part of our youth programs, and all of our amazing yoga goers and fitness fanatics!  You are what makes Sender One so special, and we cannot wait to continue to be your favorite Southern California climbing gym!


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