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Latest Boulder Problems

Boulder LocationDate SetGrades# of Routes"Best In Show"Coming Soon
Butter Spout2024-06-20v0 - v913Blue v5 set by Raz
The Cheap Seats2024-06-13v1 - v813Green v8 set by Kiwi
The Cheap Seats2024-06-06v0 - v612Orange v5 set by Haap
The Popcorn Bucket & Concession Stand2024-05-30v0 - v924Green v7 set by Hijo+RazThe Cheap Seats
The Popcorn Bucket2024-05-23v0 - v1115Red v6 set by Dill + Haap
The Popcorn Bucket2024-05-16v0 - v1015Purple v8 set by KiwiThe Popcorn Bucket
The Cinema Slab2024-05-09v0 - v1116Orange v6 set by DillThe Popcorn Bucket
The Projector Wall2024-05-02v0 - v912Purple v7 set by HaapThe Cinema Slab
The Butter Spout2024-04-25v0 - v914Blue v7 set by Kiwi
Cheap Seats and Butter Spout2024-04-18v0 - v817Yellow v1 set by Haap
The Cheap Seats2024-04-11v0 - v610Blue v5 set by Kiwi
The Concession Stand2024-04-04v0 - v713Black v3 set by DillThe Cheap Seats
The Concession Stand2024-03-29v0 - v710Green v5 set by KiwiThe Concession Stand
Full Gym2024-03-21v0 - v58Black v0 set by Mojo+Haap
Full Gym2024-03-14v0 - v1111Yellow v8 set by Kiwi
Full Gym2024-03-07v0 - v12110

Meet Our Routesetters

Moses Potter

Director of Routesetting

Marcus LaCavera

SNA Head Routesetter

Mike Rohsler

LAX Head Routesetter

Devan Gutierrez

Lakewood Head Routesetter.

Jordan Keyes

Jonathan Kennedy

Jed Ngo

Kristin Okamoto

Steven Vanderburg

Derek LaCavera

Dylan Sestak

Evan Daniel

Massimo Pelusi

Bella McNabb

John Hickey

Chris Brey

Eli Tracy

Silas Chang

Harper Nelson

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