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Yoga & Fitness at Sender One Westwood

We offer yoga for all skill levels and a fully equipped fitness area for all your cardio and strength-building needs!

Full Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

Acro Yoga
Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxation, not stretching. Through the use of props, the body is placed in comfortable and fully supported postures that allow the muscles to completely relax. Postures are held for extended periods of time, allowing you to completely rest the body, mind, and nervous system. This meditative practice helps cultivate a needed balance between body and mind, while also dissolving any mental and physical tension. Restorative yoga strives to help you find peace and calm by providing a respite from a busy lifestyle.
Core Conditioning
One of the most crucial components to training for climbing is developing a strong core. This 30 minute, quick but intense weekly class will combine traditional core exercises with movements from yoga and pilates to strengthen your body in a challenging, well-rounded workout. Besides preparing you to send your projects, a strong core can also help to prevent injury and maintain good posture.
Early Bird Yoga
This early morning general flow class provides a gentle and invigorating start to your day. The emphasis is for a full-body experience combining stretch and breath work with Hatha (held), Vinyasa (flow), and/or Yin (stretch) yoga poses.
Intro to Strength Training
This is a 60-minute series that occurs for 4 weeks, where every week includes core + gym etiquette tips. This course is designed for people with little or no strength training experience. You will be introduced to basic movement patterns and exercise variations, as well as learn how to use different gym equipment and build your own workout. After completing this course, students will be able to confidently use the fitness area to supplement their climbing at Sender One.
Please Note:
  • You have to sign up for all four dates.  Unfortunately there are no drop ins for certain classes so this is a one-month commitment.
  • This class is not included with Membership, but Members do receive discounted pricing. 
Mat Pilates (All levels)

Mat Pilates is done on the floor using a yoga mat.  Mat Pilates utilizes breathing patterns, specific exercises performed in a controlled, precise manner, and your own body weight as the primary source of resistance to build core strength and spinal stability. Learn to activate your deep core muscles in each movement for optimal strength.  Pilates improves muscle tone, body balance, spinal support, low back health, sports performance, and body-mind awareness.  Pilates is a safe yet highly effective way to strengthen, stretch, and streamline your body and improve performance in your daily life.  Appropriate for all levels, modifications given for beginners, pregnancy, and physical limitations.

Morning Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is an energy building class linking breath to movement that will build strength, endurance, and concentration. The emphasis is on the flow from one posture to another connected by the breath, and may include creative, advanced sequencing and transitions focusing on alignment, breath, and dynamic movement. Follow the teachers' intuition and creativity as they guide you through a sweaty flow.

Strength and Stretch

This is a class geared towards creating balance, freedom, and tone in the body. We will build heat in the body through core, legs, and shoulder girdle stability work for 30 minutes. This will be followed by 30 minutes of deep guided stretching, putting our focus on releasing tension in the body as well as finding new length in our muscles. This is a great class to prepare your body for the day or as a pre-climb warm up!

Stretch for Climbers
Mobility is one of the keys to peak climbing performance, and stretching can aid in recovery and injury prevention for climbers of all levels. Whether you’re trying to climb your hardest or just take good care of your body, this class is for you. We’ll practice stretches for the entire body, focusing on the areas that climbers will benefit from the most, such as hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. No previous yoga experience is required.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an evolving form of traditional Hatha yoga that focuses on integrating breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. Through flowing sequences, students of our Vinyasa Flow classes enjoy a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, allowing them to reach new levels in their yogic practice. Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with the basic yoga postures, and appreciate a healthy sweat.

  • Vinyasa Flow 1 (Beginner)
  • Vinyasa Flow 1/2 (Beginner)
  • Vinyasa Flow 2 (Intermediate)
  • Vinyasa Flow 2&3 (Advanced)
Vinyasa with Inversions
Have you ever thought about changing your perspective and exploring the world upside down?! Or perhaps challenge your idea of what is possible?! This class will help yoga students practice trust, patience, confidence, and inner core strength to achieve various inversions and arm balances.

Inversions and arm balances are a collection of yoga poses that focus on balancing our weight on our hands and arms. We will begin by first going through a simple yoga flow and various drills to create warmth and prepare the body. From there we will progress into a peak inversion or arm balance pose. Each pose will be broken down and explained in depth. Props will be used to support and help students advance their practice. Get ready to build better balance, strengthen your body, and vitalize your mental focus!

Yin Yang Yoga (All Levels)
This is a deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, guided relaxation, yogic breathing, and an extended savasana (which means “final resting pose”). This meditative practice cultivates a necessary balance between one’s body and mind while also dissolving any physical and mental tension. This is a great choice for a student of any level who is seeking to reduce some of the harmful effects of stress.
Yoga Fundamentals (Beginner)
If you are new to the practice of yoga or coming back from a long break, this class will bring you back to the fundamentals. We will explore the basic stretches and sequences as we link breath to movement. This class will be gentle and informative to build to a stronger practice. Let’s begin your journey!
Yoga Sculpt (All Levels)
Yoga sculpt is an all levels, full-body workout that incorporates hand weights, cardio bursts, and core workouts combined with common yoga postures found in traditional yoga classes that will sculpt every muscle group. A perfect balance of mind and body, providing a calorie and fat burning workout and the many mental benefits of yoga. This upbeat and energetic class will get your heart pumping and blood flowing. You will work up a good sweat so make sure to bring a small towel and water.

Fitness Features

Fitness features

The fitness gym is a full-featured facility designed to support a well-rounded workout.

  • Rogue Squat Rack with pull up bar
  • Bumper plates up to 350lbs for squats rack and chest presses
  • Full set of dumbbells
  • Mats for floor work
  • Rogue Power Rack
  • Pull-Up Bars
  • TRX
  • Rings
  • Spin Bikes
  • Rogue Echo Bike (Fan Bike)
Things to Know
What should I wear?
A shirt that’s a little bit fitted works best for yoga.  Any comfortable exercise pants or shorts will do.  No shoes or socks.

Do I need to bring a mat?
If you’re headed to your very first class, don’t worry about bringing a mat if you don’t have one — we offer free rental mats!  As you keep going to class, or if you’re practicing at home, you may want to invest in your own mat.

Do you have showers?
Yes, we do! We also provide towel service, so if you forget one, we have you covered!

Do I have to reserve a spot online?
As class size is limited, it is highly recommended that you reserve your space for your class in advance through our online booking platform. However, you are welcome to "walk-in" and check in with the front desk to see if a class has spots open. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early! 

Studio Etiquette & Late policy
  • Please silence cell phones or turn them off
  • Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class to allow time to check-in
  • If you arrive more than 7 minutes late to class, you will be asked to participate in a later class for your own safety
  • Please keep conversation low when another class is in session
  • Every student is required to check-in at the front desk
  • Please remove shoes prior to entering the studio
  • Please wipe down mats at the end of class, but leave them out to dry
  • Please replace all props and blankets to their proper cubby
Cancellation Policy
All cancellations for yoga and fitness classes can be made through the RGPro Connect App or by contacting our Customer Experience staff. If you cannot make a class, please cancel in advance to free up a spot for someone else.

Arm Balances Workshop with Samantha Reyes

Sunday, July 21st
1:00pm to 2:30pm (Length 90 minutes)

Take your yoga practice to the next level with this workshop designed to prepare your body for poses like crow, eight-angle, firefly, and other arm balance variations. We'll take time to prepare your body for peak poses, answer questions, and ensure you have one-on-one feedback to set you up for success.

Other notes: Please wear pants or bring a towel. Balancing legs on arms can be quite slippery, so the fabric on pants can help.
Participants: 6 Person Minimum
Pricing: $50 for Members and $55 for Non-Members

Reserve your spot on RGPro Connect!

Meet the Instructors

Katie Bay Woodbury
It was in her search for a physical practice that Katie began her journey with yoga. Her background in gymnastics and dance created an immediate connection to the asana practice, but it was the impact yoga had on calming and focusing the mind that really fostered her yoga passion.

Katie completed her 200hr training at Source of Yoga in Los Angeles with Caroline Kliebl and her 300hr training at Zuna Yoga in Bali with Everett Newell.

Her belief is that through yoga we gain strength and vitality, eliminate weakness and train the body and mind to overcome obstacles. When we become more conscious on the mat we take that awareness off of the mat. We start to treat ourselves and others with more respect, a loving energy, and an interconnected spirit.

Samantha Reyes
Sam is an L.A. native, climber, and yogi. Living in the Midwest for a few years proved to be an overwhelmingly drastic change in lifestyle, leaving her struggling to find stress relief and a sense of belonging. She started consistently practicing vinyasa which morphed her practice from purely physical to holistic by incorporating body awareness and meditation into a lifestyle that fostered connection and community. Sam strives for a welcoming atmosphere, with classes that are approachable while packing in a healthy mix of strength and flexibility. Her focus on creative sequencing prepares her students for poses they might even be surprised to get into. She challenges her students while bringing levity to class with playfulness, sweet tunes, and a big sweaty smile. Sam completed her 200-hour RYT with Bare Feet Power Yoga in Chicago, IL.
Nikki Herrera

Nikki discovered yoga over a dozen years ago after being diagnosed with scoliosis—what felt like a mundane routine of stretches turned into something more. She wanted to share the benefits of mindfulness and movement with others and what it has done for her own health.

Coming from a background in gymnastics, playing sports and living an active lifestyle from an early age, she has been guiding students to achieve awareness in their own bodies; while also cultivating an experience filled with moving with intention, a focus on alignment, and supported modified adjustments. Her focus is to be able to help her students incorporate breath work, and connect with both mind and body.

Kelly Smith (Sub)
Kelly is a yoga instructor and general outdoor enthusiast. Passionate about many things, yoga enhances all of her hobbies which include: surfing, sailing, gardening, and playing tug-of-war with her Aussie shepherd Ziggy. She was certified at the Tamal School of Yoga. In her classes, you can expect a well-rounded practice touching on strength, flexibility, yoga philosophy, and meditation. Her hope is that after class, you'll leave feeling like a better version of yourself.
Alex Martynowicz (Sub)

Alex received her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Tamal Dodge at Yoga Salt, after practicing yoga for over a decade. She loves teaching Vinyasa Flow classes that link breath to movement. In addition to teaching yoga, Alex is also an herbalist from the School of the Sacred Wild, as well as a Behavior Analyst by day working with neurodiverse children and families. Alex aims to empower her students in their own yoga practice through intentional adjustments, with a mindfulness-based approach that infuses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Alex’s goal is to teach in a way that builds joy and leaves students having discovered something new about themselves or their own capabilities.

Grace Donohue (Sub)

Grace is a college student who loves doing absolutely anything and everything outside, whether that's running, biking, climbing, hiking, skiing, roller skating or just laying out in the sun. She came to yoga in pursuit of a way to balance high-intensity sports with a restorative form of movement, and received her 200 hour training certification in 2022. The goal of her classes is to cultivate a space that is comfortable and welcoming to anyone who wants a good stretch and is willing to challenge themselves, and hopes that you leave her class feeling rejuvenated and more relaxed than you came into it.

Marie Skubic (Sub)

Marie first fell in love with yoga after living for a short time in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in India. What she discovered was a deep sense of inner peace and joy and has committed her life to the practice of yoga ever since. Marie received her 200 hour Ashtanga yoga teacher certificate under the BNS Iyengar Lineage. She studied Pranayama in Mysore India and later became certified in Yin yoga. She is also an avid practitioner of Vipassana, a Buddhist meditation, for nearly a decade. Marie loves to teach mindful based flows that are strongly rooted in breath with movement. She strives to Offer a safe and supportive environment for students to find new peaks and edges in their practice. Marie’s goal is for her students to leave a class feeling lighter, more connected to their body with a deeper sense of self love and compassion. Marie is also a certified holistic nutritionist and received her BFA from the University of Oklahoma. Currently she works full time at a holistic rehab center where she supports people's journey in recovery. When Marie is not on the mat, she can be found on the stage acting, hiking in nature or sunbathing at the beach.

Alexx Robles (Sub)

Alexx grew up in the Central Coast of California, after graduating from UCLA she moved to San Diego where she first started her personal journey with yoga. She loved the way the practice allowed her to calm her mind while still moving her body. As a way to build community and deepen her practice, she completed her 50hr sculpt certification. She loved the course so much she then completed her 200hr certification. Some of Alexx’s other hobbies include climbing, diving, and surfing.

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