Playa Vista's Winter Bouldering League | Sender One Blog

Written by Hailey McFelia | Edited by Alexandra Erdman


Winter Bouldering league feels like it was an event made for our Playa Vista location! This gym was Sender One’s first adventure in a bouldering-exclusive facility. So when it’s time for us to host Bouldering League, it feels like the most wonderful time of the year!

Teams of 4 come together to push themselves and each other to send climbs in order to gain points each week. The team with the most points by the 4th week are the champions! Not sure if you can bring a team together? No sweat! Apply as a free agent and we’ll assemble a team for you. Don’t forget to think of a fun team name. Best team name wins a special prize. Last year, the Playa Vista team was pleased as punch with the “Danny De V2’s”. We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with. 

“Climb Together” is one of Sender One’s core values and Bouldering League provides us with an event that truly (and literally) embodies that. It’s true, you can roll on into the gym on your own time to get in your climbs for the week. Even if you can’t make your schedules align with your team, don’t worry! It will all come together for a spectacular evening during Finals Night. Not only will every participant and team be there, but everyone will only have 4 hours to get their climbs in. The energy in the gym is high and the stoke is on! To add to that excitement we also have a raffle with some fantastic prizes thanks to our sponsors. So even if you’re not set on winning the championship, you can join in the fun and get a chance to win some cool prizes.

We look forward to having you at the 2024 winter Bouldering League! For rules and how to sign up click here!

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