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Written by Eric Ho & Keigin Tosh | Edited by Alexandra Erdman


With school breaks fast approaching, you may be wondering: What can my kids do during this down time? Well, we can an answer for you: Rock Climbing Camp!

Camp is a three day experience where kids can learn about the sport of climbing, and the many fun, wacky, and challenging ways to enjoy it! Each of our locations will be offering camp sessions during Fall and Winter Breaks. While activities may vary depending on which location you choose, all 3 camps are equally fun and enticing! Throughout the day, kids will learn how to climb efficiently, understand the lingo, and play climbing related games in an environment that encourages socialization, creativity, and fun! They get to do tons of cool activities, such as crate stacking (only at LAX), slacklining (at SNA & PV), the treadwall (only at PV), and  the KING SWING (at SNA & LAX)! It’s a great way for kids to get some exercise and learn about this awesome sport!

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from Sender One staff who aren’t just camp counselors, but camp experts!

Our different camp counselors all have a favorite apparatus. Coach Andrew likes crate stacking, while Coach Keigin likes the King Swing. Coach Mac likes the slackline because it’s a challenge for both the core AND the mind! Coach Von likes Sender City, an offering exclusive to LAX and SNA. Finally, Coach Jonas likes the treadwall, exclusive to Playa Vista.

Our Fall and Winter camps aren’t just climbing, but also include a variety of games! Here are some recommendations from our panel of expert counselors: Coach Keigin likes ninja ball, which combines fun with climbing technique. Coach Mac likes snaps because snaps is the name of the game, the name of the game is snaps! Coach Von endorses Captain’s Coming because of the high energy. And, Coach Jonas vouches for gym-wide dodgeball (when the space allows).

What is so great about camp, you might ask yourself? Let some of our best camp counselors convince you! Coach Andrew loves both snack time AND open boulder time. Coach Keigin loves the crafts.

Whether it’s your first time camping with us or you’re a returning camper, our counselors have some great advice for you. Coach Andrew says, “Use your feet, stay close to the wall, fight your fears,” and Coach Keigin says, “Trust yourself, you can do way more than you think!”

Depending your ideal location, some locations like LAX and SNA have both morning and afternoon camp sessions to choose from. Coach Mac suggests PM camp for those who aren’t early birds. Coaches Keigin, Von, and Jonas want you to take AM camp because the gym is all yours in the morning; less people means more space to play!


Now let’s hear some of our counselors’ favorite camp memories. Coach Andrew will never forget the obstacle course of 2022 (if you know you know). Coach Keigin cherishes the memory of all the coaches switching their names around, and the kids not believing which names were real. Coach Mac remembers being called Waldo the whole week due to similarities with the guy from “Where’s Waldo?” And finally, Coach Jonas recalls setting up hula hoops on the walls and playing a new kind of basketball with the kids. 

We asked our counselors who their favorite camp counselors were. If your counselor ends up being on this list, pass along the praise! Coach Keigin voted for Coach Summer. Coach Mac voted for Coach Erica. Coach Von voted for Coach Keigin (for their awesome Sender City slide calls). Coach Jonas voted for Coach Dom because "Coach Dom is da bomb". Whether they’re on this list or not, all our camp counselors are here to support you!

There you have it. All the reasons in the world why you should join us at camp this season. Coach Andrew looks forward to chill vibes for the chilly season, and Coach Keigin looks forward to climbing with excitement and wonder!

Here are the links to sign up for Fall AND Winter Camps at any of our open locations:

LAX | SNA | Playa Vista

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